January 27, 2016

The Hounds Can Eat Anything!

The hounds can eat anything they want from now on. After reading comments from Mary and Russ I decided it was only insanity to keep yelling at them for eating stuff that “I” didn’t want them to eat. I tried that once before and forgot how easy it was to stand outside taking photos of them, or even on the daily walk … it just didn’t matter what they decided to eat.

I thought I’d try this new approach right after their lunch. It worked out fantastic. My blood pressure had decreased to normal levels. My pulse rate was slow and the urge to yell or scream “don’t eat that” was not there.

They were happy and I was happy.

With their happiness in being able to ‘eat free’, they came when I called their names. Although Stella was just a bit distracted at the very end.

 The new policy worked so well I thought I’d tried it on our walk. I had to turn my head a few times but it just didn’t matter … ‘eat whatever you want’. With the sun shining bright and the temps feeling warmer than the 38°, you would have thought that spring was just round the corner.

It was a great walk!

The other night on The Bayfield Bunch, Al had mentioned that he and Kelly both liked McDonald’s coffee and they considered it second only to Tim Horton’s coffee. Al had mentioned it before on his blog, so I decided when I was low on coffee, I’d give it a try.

A few weeks ago I forgot to buy coffee and ran out. It was a 25 mile round trip to buy Seattle’s Best Coffee or Starbuck’s or I could drive about a mile away at the Dollar Store and grab a bag of the McDonald’s coffee and check it out.

I was desperate enough to try it and too lazy to drive the 25 miles to buy what I was sure about.

I was pleasantly surprised. McD’s coffee had a good flavor, no after taste, no bite to it. The only complaint I had, it came in a 12oz bag but wasn’t full and only filled up 1-1/2 of my 2 canning jars that I usually pack to the very top with ground coffee. Did I really get 12 oz of ground coffee?

I did a little ‘clean up’ around the blog today. Moved some pages off of the banner, re-wrote some pages that needed updated with current information. I DID NOT LOOK AT ANY TEMPLATES (WP calls them THEMES). I did not even look to change any of the design or the style of fonts.

I agree with a lot of the readers I’ve heard from … this template is easy to read, see the labels, the test on the sidebars and the red banner is a nice way to divide the header and content.

Tomorrow I hope to take the camera with me on our walk. I am awfully close of letting Stella go leash free on the daily walk. Sadie has been leash free on the walk for years. So, my hands would have room for a camera if Stella could stay around without a leash.

I figure it this way. Have we seen deer on our walks this year? No. Is she leash free when I let her outside, even at night? Yes. So I think I’ll take a chance on the walk and see how she handles it. She has always stopped the couple times something has her interest, when I yelled her name.

So hopefully some different photographs tomorrow.

While we walked today, Heidi did her favorite aerobics ….

That’s about all from the “tropics” of Southern Indiana.


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    1. They have ... to the point, they let the residue hang in their drool SOMETIMES just to show their appreciation.