August 31, 2017

Feels Like A Friday -- It's Thursday

I guess you can call it my new routine ... normal computer, coffee, morning hound walk ... then 2-egg sandwich with tv news turned on since the hurricane hit SE Texas and then flooding in Houston. Luckily tonight the IU vs OSU game is on at 8pm ... college football is here !!!!

August 30, 2017

Today Was Productive

I didn't know it this morning when we headed out for our walk, but today turned out to be very productive with dishes finished, house vacuumed, laundry done, shower and shave. I'll dust a little tonight and might wash walls tomorrow. We still got two hounds walks in and almost a third.

August 29, 2017

Heidi Went On A Walk Today

Today started like all the others. It's hard to blog when my days rarely change and I am not going to start looking for things to do or pictures to take just to blog. I cannot complain about the weather, especially after see all the people in the SE Texas area. It's just hard to imagine where all those people will go and how much they have lost due to the Hurricane and floods.

Stella's Condition Update

It's been about 6 months since Stella started losing a lot of weight, getting down to 65 pounds in April. Since that time she has gained some weight but could gain more. Kelly commented on the public blog a few weeks ago that she thought Stella looked good. Stella's energy is normal. Her water intake and appetite have never changed ... they are normal.

August 28, 2017

Stella Is Not A Hunter

The bloodhound breed is used for different kinds of tracking. Some are trained to track missing people, criminals attempting to get away or finding deer that have been shot and need to be retrieved. In Stella's case she would never be able to walk with deer hunters and help them find their deer ... because she fears the sound of gunshots.

August 27, 2017

A Deer The Hounds Never Saw

After Saturday's 'excitement' with Stella it would be hard to imagine something out of the ordinary happening on the Sunday morning walk. I was still going to let Stella run free but if needed, I would be 'herding' her in our direction and not letting her stay behind on her own.

August 26, 2017

Stella Disappears

I was going to blog about Stella's disappearance on the public blog up until the time I downloaded the pictures into my iMac. I did not blog about her disappearance before, when she did this exact same thing last spring. I had to ask myself why blog about it? Am I just wanting to generate blog traffic? Am I wanting to see what kind of response I get or the comments it receives? Why am I blogging every day publicly anyway? So ... I came here to document the disappearance.

August 24, 2017

Sadie And Stella Run Away

This morning's walk started out like all other daily walks. When they took off running I didn't realize they would not stop and run out of sight. Evidently we had just missed deer in the field.

August 23, 2017

Deer Sighting

The weather forecasts were correct, it was 60° this morning as we started our morning walk. As I write this a little before 10am, it's 64° and hard to believe for August weather in this location. It will take all day to get up to 79° but that is still cool enough for the hounds to get 3 walks in today ... hopefully Heidi was join us.

August 22, 2017

Hounds Will Deal With Rain Today

I guess with all the eclipse excitement yesterday someone is allowed to yawn while they do their morning stroll. Or was it that I had a different sleep schedule last night, where the hounds moved from the living room to their bedroom spots around 5am. I'll get to that story later. In the meantime they just finished their morning walk this morning five minutes before it started raining.

August 21, 2017

The Full Eclipse in 2017

The max time for the eclipse where I live was between 2:21pm - 2:28pm. These photos were taken during that time period while sitting in a chair on the backside of the house facing east. Any photos of across the highway were taken from the carport or just a step outside because the sun was right above the Sycamore tree and I had NO eye protection from the eclipse.

Hounds Prepare For The Eclipse

Stella decided this morning she would attempt her escape from the time she stepped into the backyard. While Sadie and I walked out to the path I did not realize that Stella was walking north, across the yard and out into field, the furthest point from us. Was she getting 'vibes' from the eclipse this early?

Get Detailed Eclipse News Here

I just found this link today ... scroll down and type in your zip code for detailed eclipse information for your location.

Click Here

August 20, 2017

Another Afternoon Of Sleep

After the hounds had lunch at 12:15pm, we all went outside as usual. It didn't feel that hot but it was muggy enough that I knew I didn't want to spend too much time outside. I needed to water the bank by the corner of the house with rain in the forecast only once in the next ten days.

Heidi Enjoys Hot Weather

While I was doing some mid afternoon watering Heidi decided she would soak up some of that 90° sunshine. Once I turned the garden hose off she sprinted for the house ... that was enough time outside for her.

We Continue To Hibernate

With the "Feels Like" temp above 90° before noon again today, our plans will not be any different from the past week. We do anything we need outside before 9:30am and our 2nd walk of the day occurs after 6pm. All the hounds agree with that while Heidi refuses to leave the air conditioning inside the house.

August 19, 2017

A Normal Saturday Morning

This morning started no different than the other 6 mornings of the week. I'll not list the routine since it has been listed before. I always have plans the night before for the next day but they rarely happen. Today I hope to drive down and spend some time at Lake Greenwood. I need to get out of the house more often then I do.

Summer Is Ending

As it happens every August, plants, crops, flowers change and show the end of summer is near. The bees and butterflies disappear until next year. I caught a couple of insects in these photos that I did not see when I took the picture of the flowers. It was cool this morning but will be hot today and hotter tomorrow. Will September be our "payback" month and be hotter than normal?

August 18, 2017

It's Friday !!!

As if it makes any difference ... it's Friday. Years ago this use to be one of my favorite days of the week. Work was usually slow every other Friday since a lot of the government workers had the day off. I think today is one of those days because traffic is lighter than normal today. Not much planned today, just to enjoy the weather.

Not A Lot Of Hound Activity

I am not sure if it was the "muggy" feeling outside or the August average temperature that zapped the hounds this week ... they had less energy than I did. Heidi has all but disappeared for social life and being photographed. The bloodhounds and I have still been able to squeeze in a couple of walks per day. With college football only two weeks away, things are looking up here in 'the tropics'.

August 16, 2017

It's HOT This Morning !!

We got a late start this morning ... 10am. I glanced to the carport thermometer ... 85° and muggy. I almost didn't take my camera this morning, thinking the light would be better this afternoon. I also didn't (don't) feel like blogging publicly today. It was a good walk, Stella never moved.

August 15, 2017

The Hounds Adjust To Hotter Weather

Those cool August temps were nice while they lasted. This week we are headed back to the normal high 80's. Therefore all three hounds made some adjustments to their schedules yesterday. Heidi slept more than ever. Sadie didn't bother me for an afternoon walk until early evening and both bloodhounds found the kitchen tile to be the coolest place to sleep the afternoon away.

August 14, 2017

It's Gonna Be A Good Week

For some reason I like this picture of the field and watching it how it changes throughout the year.

August 13, 2017

Stella's Birthday Was Yesterday

Even with a calendar reminder, plus the App "Reminders", someway I forgot to notice Stella's 8th birthday was last Wednesday. We made up for that yesterday with a hand full of treats and a manicure for her. She seemed pretty content as she, Sadie and I stood under the Mahogany trees in the backyard late Saturday afternoon enjoying the shade.

August 12, 2017

Stella Had 8th Birthday Last Wednesday

I took this picture today of Stella and it turned out to be my all-time favorite picture of her. This look on her face is an accurate picture of her, fits her personality. I missed her 8th birthday last Wednesday and did not blog about it. She is only a couple of weeks away from celebrating her 2nd year living here.

The Hounds Start Another Weekend

It's like all other weekends, even most week days ... the hounds started another weekend like they do any other day. The deer scent was extremely strong this morning. With a strong breeze from the NW and the temps not even touching 70°, we took off into a wet field looking for deer.

August 11, 2017

The Hounds Prepare For Rain

Where we live in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana, we are teased a lot. Not in the way of making fun of us, but hanging that 'carrot' out in front of us. Warning us of thunderstorms, snow storms, tornadoes, and possible rain ... a lot of it misses us on a consistent basis ... too consistent if you ask me. So needless to say, the hounds and I are a little skeptical of the prediction of thunderstorms happening at 2:54pm today. We'll see.

August 10, 2017

Sadie Shows Stella How To Chase A Butterfly

The temperatures were borderline on whether to leave all the windows open or close all of them and turn on the AC. Not quite hot enough outside but the house retains heat from the sunshine up until 11pm. We chose to leave the windows open with a few fans turned on low. After their first walk of the day and then lunch ... all three hounds have done nothing more than sleep, sleep and more sleep ... with the windows open.

Stella Runs For First Time In 6 Months!!!

I have a busy day planned, that includes Heidi getting a bath and manicure. So I cannot go into details but I couldn't wait to show pictures of Stella running on our morning walk for the first time in at least 8 months if not longer. I'll post later today go into detail what has changed and what she is chasing with Sadie. These pictures do not show just how fast she was running ... she was sprinting!!

August 9, 2017

Walk #2 Was Diverted

In a short period of time this afternoon we had a lot of things going on. Nothing extraordinary by any means but a lot of different pictures and a surprise I remembered I had bought myself only on Monday. We tried to take our walk but plans changed midstream. There is still time for walk #3 a few hours from now.

The Hounds Have A Late Start

It doesn't matter what time the crew gets up and starts the day, the routine is always the same. It just means that everything happens an hour or two later. Sadie let me know I needed to skip my two cups of coffee I have before the morning walk ... that rarely happens. So she took a nap while she waited.

August 8, 2017

Butterflies Dominate Afternoon Walk

Heidi may have cutback on her outside activity today but that didn't mean she didn't get outside to wander a bit. Just after lunch all of us went outside. While I went down the hill to the mailbox the hounds didn't even move out into the field. That's different.

Heidi Takes A Break

It was perfect sleeping weather with the windows open and the temps in the low 60's. What that led to was me putting on a sweatshirt for our morning walk. The old thermometer needle in the carport was barely touching 60°, so I decided the worst that could happen would be that I'd get to hot on the walk. I found out it was needed.

August 7, 2017

Sadie's Butterfly Chase Started Early

Sadie's morning started really fast as she sprinted as soon as her paws hit the driveway. I don't know what she had seen but whatever it was by the time I focused the camera, she thought she had it surrounded. She was beside herself with excitement ... chase butterflies ... or track strong deer scent? Might be too many photos this morning ... 29. Plus a little rambling at the end of the post.

August 6, 2017

Heidi Makes History

I would have to do some deep digging back through Heidi's folder of pictures to see when the last time she made two complete walks in the field on back to back days. I know my short term memory might be on shaky ground at times but I am positive it's been YEARS since Heidi did two walk in a row. Today she even led the walk.

It's Almost Too Quiet Today

Living on a hill a hundred feet from a major highway you get use to the traffic noise after residing here for 20 years. It's not evident until Sunday mornings, where it is so quiet around here that you could hear a pin drop. This morning was one of those days with a light rain mixed in.

August 5, 2017

Heidi Joins Us For The Walk

For reasons unknown it's now a rare event when Heidi decides she wants to do the complete .45 of a mile walk through the field. Today was a surprise around 4pm when she cruised through the backyard and never stopped. Maybe it was the great weather with no humidity that had her in the mood for walking.

Heidi Explodes With Energy

While I was out front watering the plants, both bloodhounds had headed to roam the field. Heidi was enjoying the sunshine until I walked into the back with my camera. She barked at me, trotted toward the middle of the yard for some Saturday morning exercises. She tried to get Stella to play, no response ... but Sadie wasn't interested.

An Early Start To Saturday

As we started our walk this morning I thought it was a little bit nippy while I wore my normal shorts and t-shirt. The North Face snow boots have become my summer, keep my feet dry boots. After our return I found out why it felt cold ... 58° on August 5th ... 8am.

August 4, 2017

The New WordPress Blog Working Out Great

While looking at the field it 'looks' much hotter than it is ... the old wall thermometer tells the real temp.

The Hounds Close Another Week

The pace the basset hound or bloodhounds live is pretty fast at times. They never know when the next chase of deer, squirrels, cats or even butterflies will take place ... so in the meantime they will fill their days with eating, sleeping and taking walks during the day. It's rough but someone has to do it.

The First Wordpress Post Since The Move

This will take a little getting used to since I am moving my main blog to this one. Originally I set this blog up in 2016 to post 6-8 photos and only a paragraph of content. I deleted that one after a few months, only to come back and design it again. Now after 6 months this will be my main blog, with more photos and more content on each post.

August 3, 2017

The Hounds Enjoy Their Walk

It's a great time to walk in the morning with the temps in the high 60's. While Stella took her normal time, Sadie bolted ahead. She was excited to see what she might find today. Stella went her way with Sadie and I going our way. They always meet up by the end of the walk.

August 2, 2017

REMC Tree Crew Shows Up

The tree crew from the local utility company showed up mid afternoon on Monday. Sadie and Stella let me know that something big was backing up the driveway with that loud piercing beeping sound that probably drove the hounds insane. I was very surprised that they cut more than I thought they would and was happy with their job.

An Afternoon Full Of Butterflies

For some reason I rarely post pictures on this blog anytime after our morning walks. So today not only did I take the camera with me but I am also posting the best pictures I took of the butterflies in the field during this afternoon hound walk. I took over 50 very good butterfly pictures and these are the best of those.

A Cool Morning To Walk

While Heidi slept in her new favorite spot, curled up in the corner of the living room, the bloodhounds and I took off for our morning walk with the temperature at 67°. Nice.

August 1, 2017

Heidi's Gotcha Day Was On Saturday

I did not forget the day for Heidi but I did not blog about it. 6 years ago last Saturday I drove up toe Merrillville and picked up Heidi in my 2010 Toyota Camry.

She really has been a great basset hound.

She came with a reputation of a 'runner', had to 'be leashed at all times'. Not here. She does not even wear a collar except when we go to the vet. She had meds to take and skin allergies. She did have a couple of years with terrible skin that 4 different vets could not figure out.

She has been healthy this past year, gained her lost weight back. She is back to being a basset hound again. She was really depressed in the 2016 spring. Could it have been Winston's death that bothered her?

No pictures and not long post but I wanted to mentioned for the record (to me).

It was 6 years ago on June 30.

The Hounds Have A Full Day Of Activity

We started our day under overcast skies. It felt like rain was on the way but after checking the radar and Wunderground any storms that we might have were iffy. Stella didn't hesitate in getting a little jogging in this morning a little faster than she has been trotting. Both bloodhounds had total freedom this morning. As long as the grass is short in the field, it's easy to keep track of them.

Hounds Relax On Sunday

Sunday afternoon after their lunch kibble all the hounds went outside to enjoy another great day in 'the tropics'. It was cool enough yet warm to sit outside for as long as we wanted ... so we did. When Heidi walks toward the backyard on her own I know she wants to spend some time soaking up the rays.

Hounds Take A Ride

As much as I like to have a spotless car most of the time, if not all the time, I thought while the temps were cool on Saturday afternoon that it was time for the hounds to have their first ride in the FJ. They were very familiar with the vehicle so all three of them assumed their normal seating. I lifted Heidi up to the drivers seat and she climbed over the console to take her co-pilot position. Sadie and Stella have no problem sharing the back with the back seats folded down.