August 2, 2017

An Afternoon Full Of Butterflies

For some reason I rarely post pictures on this blog anytime after our morning walks. So today not only did I take the camera with me but I am also posting the best pictures I took of the butterflies in the field during this afternoon hound walk. I took over 50 very good butterfly pictures and these are the best of those.

Lately the hounds have been breaking away from me as we get near the yard at the end of the walk. Stella likes to come in from the north side of the property and Sadie likes to enter the yard from the middle. Heidi???  She's inside sleeping with the air conditioning on.


  1. Those are great pics!! 👍🏻Who would have guessed Heide would be sleeping? 😂

  2. She usually does this in her winter schedule but she has expanded this year to the hot summer days.