August 21, 2017

Hounds Prepare For The Eclipse

Stella decided this morning she would attempt her escape from the time she stepped into the backyard. While Sadie and I walked out to the path I did not realize that Stella was walking north, across the yard and out into field, the furthest point from us. Was she getting 'vibes' from the eclipse this early?

I yelled her name over and over ... she ignored me over and over.

Sadie was following the path of the deer and paid no attention to me yelling for Stella.

Total stubbornness.

Sadie took off running away from both Stella and I but I didn't see anything on the horizon, nor any butterflies in the air.

I finally had to walk toward Stella to convince her to come with us. About the time I was next to her, she took off running to catch Sadie. She's a funny bloodhound, great personality.

As I continued my normal path, both hounds wandered around the field while gradually following me. They met me on the path, then took off running again.

They still had time to find stuff before I got there. The morning heat and humidity did not bother them and never does. It was muggy this morning and I was happy to be heading back to the house.

It's a slow process but I can see those 'elephant skin' spots on her hips slowly disappearing as I continue to apply K9 Klear Up cream.

Of course the hounds will be inside the house during the time the eclipse takes place. The peak of the eclipse is estimated to be at 2:24pm local time. I do not have any glasses nor any plans to look directly at the eclipse. I plan to sit in back of my house, facing east to feel and see the changes in the environment while it takes place.

The hounds are well prepared for the excitement of the day. Although the State Police predicted the highway in front of my house would see a large increase in traffic on Sunday and this morning, all heading south. So far I have not seen any increase in traffic on Sunday or so far this morning.

I will not be taking any photos of the eclipse itself but plan to take some from my seat in back of the house. I am not sure what they will show or what the quality will be. It might be time to pull out my tripod and use it.

Cooler temps are headed our way this week in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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