August 16, 2017

It's HOT This Morning !!

We got a late start this morning ... 10am. I glanced to the carport thermometer ... 85° and muggy. I almost didn't take my camera this morning, thinking the light would be better this afternoon. I also didn't (don't) feel like blogging publicly today. It was a good walk, Stella never moved.

The field is growing very fast while the purple buds the butterflies and bees love are dying off. As I walked I wondered if Jim will have them mow and bale the field this fall. The kid that does that cutting told me they do it as a favor to Jim ... something about his fields down by the baseball diamonds. Jim likes it cut twice per year, I think.

2nd day in a row without buffered aspirin. She did not trot or run when I called her. I may have to spend $35 per month for joint supplements and help her feel better.

Sadie only looking for fresh deer scat.

Stella found her scat and she never left this spot while I did the whole walk.

I couldn't believe I saw her through my 200mm lens. I expected her to be over at neighbor's woods.

On the way back I told Sadie "go find Stella" ... she looked in the normal locations, trying to pick up her scent with her nose.

Sadie was looking in the opposite direction. Stella was behind her and at one time only 20' apart and Sadie still did not smell or see her.

When I told her 'over here' then she found Stella.

It's going to be hot today with a chance of some afternoon rain. I don't plan to do anything outside and will spend today just like most days ... playing Mahjong and/or reading a book or online.

I only took 18 photos this morning ... the lowest in a long long time. The past two days without the old blog I took only 33-35 photos all day. Is blogging the reason I take a lot of photos? Will I take less photos now that I will blog less?

It's going to be another good day here today.

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