August 4, 2017

The First Wordpress Post Since The Move

This will take a little getting used to since I am moving my main blog to this one. Originally I set this blog up in 2016 to post 6-8 photos and only a paragraph of content. I deleted that one after a few months, only to come back and design it again. Now after 6 months this will be my main blog, with more photos and more content on each post.

I'll be spending today working on adding some of the same pages from the old blog but not all of them. I am going to change this template so I can put my widgets of info on the left or right side instead of the bottom of the blog. I hope to find a theme (template) that has the sidebars but also the short summaries with 'read more', for listing posts on the main page.

We still started our day the same as always. Hounds get their breakfast, while I get my two cups of strong coffee. While they nap I read sports, blogs, twitter and my Feedly account. Usually by 8am we are off for our first of two to three walks per day. The only thing different today at 8am, it felt cold at 68° The strange thing for today, August 4th, the high is predicted to be 71° after a summer of high 80's and mid 90's. I'll take those cool temps but only for a few days.

It looked like rain, felt like rain in the air and it wasn't long before I could feel drops of rain hitting my bare arms. There wasn't any rain in the forecast until Sunday so this was all typical weather here in 'the tropics'. Wunderground is usually pretty accurate.

I have no idea what these flowers are. Are they wild or are they annuals, perennials? Maybe I should move them from the field to my developing flowerbeds in front of the house. The more I look the more I like that all of those Yews were pulled out of the ground and taken away after 5 years of growth.

Stella is starting her 4th day of anti-inflammatory meds. I'll not say what she is taking but they do not have long-term side affects, are not filled with heavy chemicals ... but they seem to be working. You'll see later on that she was running fast enough that the camera caught both of her rear paws in the air at the same time.

Both of them were in the search and identify mode this morning. Noses to the ground most of the way and not a lot of eating that "natural protein" they like to add to their diets.

When I felt rain drops hitting my arms not quite halfway through the walk, I told the hounds "come on, it's raining" ... they both started jogging.  Ha

Ah I found the quick and easy way of making the photos larger while I write. I'll still change the size in the default settings after this post.

Even though those unexpected rain drops were consistent and the skies looked like a storm was seconds away ... that doesn't mean the hounds stop their exploration for the morning. There are still plenty of scents to identify, no matter how fast I want to walk home. Rain probably would not change their plans or their pace.

This is the normal look they have when deer is in the area but I did not see anything on the horizon in any direction. Then I remember that they can hear 4x better than me and their noses are 200x better than mine. Something toward the north had Stella's attention.

Without any warning and without me saying a word, they took off running. This is the fastest Stella as moved in many, many months. Maybe the two doses of meds are working and her hips/lower back are finally feeling better.

Her curled tail is another sign that she is feeling better. I hope you don't mind the 'rear end' photos but many times they are out in front of me because they are always on their own pace ... not mine. So I don't have a choice if I want to take a picture of them trotting or running.

Just because we are getting closer to home does not mean their exploration ends or slows down. They gather info with their noses all the way to the house. What they do with it after that is beyond me. At least they don't watch the news on tv ... all of those channels are blocked by the parental settings that DirecTV offers.

Yes, Heidi is in her normal morning position after her breakfast ... sleeping until lunch is served.

I've always liked that WordPress does not compress my photos when I post them. That means I no longer have to go in and change the HTML for them to be a sharper looking photo. They do have a lot more templates to choose from than Blogger has. WP calls them themes, not templates.

Like I mentioned, this is not a final design. Like always I will spend whatever time it requires to get the final design as soon as possible. Luckily the yard is mowed, laundry and dishes finished with nothing a real priority on my 'to do' list. So that means I can mess around with the blog for as long as I want today.

For those that you that have arrived after getting my email of explanation, I think this will work out well for me. There are a couple of readers of the old blog I have not been able to get in touch with and for reasons I discussed in the email,  I will not be making an announcement on the old blog telling them I have moved. I believe I have received a response for almost all of those that were sent an email invite.

No doubt I will lose some readers in this move, some of them long-time followers. It's sad in a way that I am leaving a place with 6 years of photos, stories and information but it is still accessible, just not convenient to go back and forth. Clicking a link on the side is much faster.

Speaking of links, I will not be including a Blog List on this blog. In fact I may delete some of the links at the bottom of the pages, soon to be moved to either the right or left side of the blog.

Let me know if you find or have any quirks on your tables or phones when looking at the blog. Here with just a click of link in a down menu I can see what the post will look like in desktop, tablet or phone mode.

The easiest way to keep track of posting is probably signing up to follow by email, especially if you do not have a WordPress dot-com account or blog. I may at times post more than once per day.

Well it's time to start my ice tea drinking early and get to work finding the right blog design and do a little tweaking. Yet, it's cold enough for coffee instead.

I can see it's going to be another great day here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. The new site is looking good Steve!! Also glad to hear that Stella seems to be feeling better.

  2. Thanks JD. Thought I'd let you know that I really like the progress you have made with your new home. How do you ever get that monster up those roads to your boondocking locations? HA

  3. I like it, Steve. It should make your life a little easier not having to keep up two blogs.
    Always love to see the pictures of the hounds. Glad the weather is cooling off a bit for you. Sure wish it would do that here. Oh, it is!! Supposed to be down in the 90's today. That will almost feel cool compared to what it's been.

  4. Whatever happened to that Oregon weather?? HA I admit that I do like the WP format and templates much better. Hopefully it will keep the 'problem children' away.

  5. Enjoy your walks in the cool weather, Summer is not over yet.

  6. Ah yes, I remember finishing my house painting outside, labor day weekend in 2010, and 98°

  7. I found you and will be following. Thanks for writing.

  8. Thanks for following and stopping by.

  9. Remember in the movie 'Avatar' when the helicopter thing picked up the research lab and moved it into the mountains? That's about what I do with my drone!! :-)

  10. I need to get one of those. Yes, I do remember that scene in 'Avatar'.