May 26, 2018

This Blog Is Going Out Of Business

I've gone back and forth on this decision a lot in the past months. It probably shows in my writing and photos that this blog has ran it's course. There are a couple of reasons I am going to stop blogging, from being bored with writing the same kind of posts each time and posting photos of the hounds in almost the same positions, the same areas of the field as before ... more importantly I want my time back.

The Hounds Battle Hotter Weather

As the temperatures get hotter every afternoon this week, our routine didn't change much. Fewer photos were taken and there was less interesting things to write about. I continue to be on the fence on deciding a few things. So here are a few photos from the last few days that I didn't blog.

May 22, 2018

Stella Escapes

... from the retractable leash.

I wanted to try something brand new this morning, something I had never done before and I wasn't sure if it would work or not. With Stella wandering to the north almost immediately on our morning walk the past few days, I didn't want to go after her this morning so I thought I'd put her on the 25' retractable leash PLUS take my camera.  (also none of the photos this morning were edited)

May 21, 2018

Perfect Weather In The Tropics

Sunday afternoon was nothing out of the ordinary with the hounds sleeping through the heat, while I watched another miserable Reds baseball game and later some good Indy500 Qualifications. It was one of those days that you have a lot of "I don't know" moments.

May 20, 2018

Some Weird Rambling

For some reason I felt like writing early Sunday morning even before we took our morning walk and by the time I finish this long post consisting of a lot of weird rambling, questions running through my mind and photo commentary ... I might post it now and not wait until later this afternoon or tonight. A fair warning, there are a lot of photos and a lot of content to read on this post. Some of you may think I have lost my mind and am on the road to insanity.  LOL

May 19, 2018

I Walked Alone This Morning

I was told one time that even if the photos all seemed the same to me on the same walk in the same field, each walk really was different as well as the photos. That was never more true than this morning as I left with two hounds but made the majority of the walk by myself because Sadie and Stella never followed me.

It Was Heidi's Day Again

She started by making a left turn instead of a right turn into the yard. I knew then it was below 80° and that she might go for a walk. That walk took her only 100' into the field with her own inspection. She was barking when we returned and tried to run a little until the large bloodhound Sadie took that as a sign to play. She stopped, shook her head and sprinted to the door so she could go back inside.

May 18, 2018

Heidi Barking For Action

Here's Heidi in between her bouts of barking. Since I will never post a video, or a recording, you will just have to take my word for it. In the almost seven years I have had her I have found she barks for only two reasons ... it's time to eat or she is excited more than normal. Today she must have been excited about our return on our morning walk that was done four hours later than normal. I can explain later.

May 17, 2018

Stella Always Surprises Me

This morning was Day Two of Stella's Total Freedom routine. On the way back I had an uneasy feeling about my decision because she was nowhere on the horizon as I scanned from the center of the field to my right to see the woods behind the neighbor. The search was going to have to take place with shoes and feet so wet I could feel the water squishing inside my shoe with each step. Another poor decision choosing the New Balance running shoes with the field so wet.

May 16, 2018

Stella Was On Her Own Today

For various reasons I decided today, on all walks, Stella would be on her own. She could go at her own pace, in any direction she wanted and that Sadie nor I would be a factor in anything she did. I was guessing we would find her by the woods behind the neighbors house or possibly heading north to the woods. Either way we would be able to find her. So why the freedom??

May 15, 2018

What Squirrel?

As some of you may have noticed on my other blog yesterday afternoon, Heidi did something she has never done in the 7 years she has lived here. After a short trip outside right after lunch with Sadie and Stella, about an hour later she walked past me and stood at the door to be let out. What took place in the next 2 hours and 45 minutes was funny, interesting and even a little weird for her.

May 14, 2018

Where Did Heidi Go ??

2018 May 14

With temperatures close to or a little above 90° after their lunch at 11:30am, none of the hounds stayed outside more than few minutes. 30 minutes after coming inside Heidi was standing at the door wanting to go back outside. I figured it would be a quick trip and she would be back at the door wanting in where the rooms were filled with air-conditioned air.

When I looked outside 30 minutes later she was not in her normal spots she likes to lay in the sunshine. So I grabbed the camera not knowing she would be somewhere for the first time ever, in her 7th year living here. You will notice as time passed she would move to keep in the shade ... these photos covered almost a 3 hour time period.


Summer's Officially Here

The air conditioning was turned on last yesterday afternoon as all three hounds started panting with their tongues hanging out of their mouths ... inside the house. That's the official look to turn on the AC for another summer of high temps and high humidity. Who's complaining? Not I, I love hot muggy weather and will take this over those 7° days just a few months ago.

May 11, 2018

Heidi Takes A Wednesday Afternoon Stroll

Wednesday afternoon I heard Heidi jump off the couch, run toward the kitchen barking. Very unlike her normal activity. I had no idea what was happening. I found out as we went outside that she wanted to go for a walk. How did I know that?

May 10, 2018

Heidi Enjoys The Warm Afternoon

2018 May 10 
Yesterday afternoon after Heidi jumped from the couch and started barking, little did I know that not only did she want to go outside but she wanted to take our half mile walk through the field. I did not have time to grab the camera for that historic event. Today right after lunch we headed outside as usual, then a few hours later I thought she was going to take another walk, so I brought the camera. All she wanted was to go outside. LOL

Is It Laziness ??

At first I thought it was just another morning of heavy dew, so did Sadie, but looking at the fields across the highway and the outer edges of the highway I could see the predicted rain took place sometime after 11pm. It's not often we see fog but when it happens it's pretty nice to look at. As far as 'laziness' I call it 'retirement'. Anything not done today can be pushed to tomorrow or weeks, or months ahead.

May 8, 2018

The Typical Sunny Afternoon

2018 May 08 
We always spend some time outside after their lunch to soak up some sun. With it getting hotter by the day you can see that each of them spend their time in their own way. While Heidi stayed close to me, Stella thought about a nap and my hyper 10-yr old Sadie roamed, not able to lay down and relax.

The Hounds Love This Weather

Those scattered thunderstorms in the forecast never showed up over the weekend but it made me, the farmers and even the sparrows busy trying to get things done before it rained. Before I could finish breakfast on Saturday they were preparing the field to plant later that afternoon. So far this spring has not been "wetter than normal", yet I am mowing my yard every 3rd day to keep up.

May 4, 2018

Friday Packed With Activity

You may have noticed some of the recent photos I posted of farm equipment passing by the house. Just like my outdoor schedule, their activity is also based on possible rain. Consequently I mowed the yard this morning a few hours earlier than I planned on, even with the grass a little wet. Luckily I had my camera on Wednesday as I caught this great looking Ford passing by. It's locally owned and is seen on the perfect weather days.

May 2, 2018

Summer Routine Is Back

I always say "it will never happen again" ... but it does. The other day after mowing the yard and trimming along the small brick edging, I sat my lithium battery for the weed eater on my FJ bumper ... again. I do that when I am putting each item back into the small shed that stores my lawn mower. But a few days had passed before I realized that expensive battery had made another 25 mile trip and was waiting for me on the FJ bumper as I returned with a shopping cart full of groceries. Right where I left it on Sunday.