September 30, 2018

Stella Played Like A Puppy Today

After seeing them in this position for hours at a time last night you would have never expected the energy I saw from Stella this morning. Things she had not done weeks and months if you don't count the couple of minutes two weeks ago. My energy seems to be slipping this year on these football marathons I partake in every Saturday. I am catching myself wanting to turn off the TV and sleep by midnight with some games having another hour or longer to go. I am out of shape this year for my 14 hour marathons. Or it might be game related, who is playing who.

September 29, 2018

I Can Tell Heidi Is Feeling A LOT Better

When I said I had forgot to post the photos of Heidi in yesterday's post but they were on my Wordpress blog located on this blog's sidebar, I also forgot that if you are reading this blog on a mobile device you do not see the blog sidebar unless you click the link to see the 'web version' of the blog. So, here are those photos of her exploring a part of the yard she has not be in for a long time. I can tell she is feeling a lot better since pulling the teeth that were causing an infection.

September 28, 2018

Stella Supervises A Busy Friday

It was cold enough Thursday night after midnight that I had to shut the windows while we slept. The hounds don't like 47°. I left the small kitchen window open just for a little air flow. I forgot today was Friday but with cool temps predicted I had a couple of things on my list I wanted to get finished today. It went so smooth that I was finished by 1:30pm.

September 27, 2018

A Cool And Drizzly Day

Heidi may have been feeling better this morning but that doesn't mean she wanted her photo taken. She had just moved from the dog bed in the bedroom out to the living room to join Stella and I about the time I was getting ready to take the morning walk. More rain was predicted within the next hour right after I published this morning's blog post.

Heidi Explores New Territory


After her surgery yesterday for some dental issues and an infection, she was energized as soon as she woke up this morning. Obviously she was feeling better than she had in a long time. When I didn't see her in the backyard or the southern side yard I had to go outside to see if she wandered off, which she never does.

She was exploring with her nose to the ground in a part of the yard that I cannot remember her ever being in alone. Only those times she took walks in the field, did she walk back in that part of the yard.

Stella & Heidi Had Surgery Wednesday

Sorry for the lack of photos but this is more of an informative post about some unexpected events this week. Last Friday the large lump under Heidi's left eye came back. It had been doing it's disappearing act for a month or so. About the time I would call the vet for an appointment it would disappear or go down in size so I wouldn't call. I just thought it was caused by seasonal allergies ... it wasn't. While on that vet trip to find the cause plus it was time for Heidi's annual checkup and shots, I took Stella with me.

September 21, 2018

The Walks Are Different Without Sadie

For those that don't know, Sadie died early last Saturday morning a little before 9am. I'll not go into the details except to say that her Friday was a normal one with two walks and some sprinting to catch me and Stella up ahead to finish her second walk. Nothing was showing us that Saturday morning would be anything different. She woke up sick barely able to walk and eventually laid down about 30' in the field next to the return path we take.

We did make it to the vet as she was going into shock and by the time we arrived 12 miles away, she was basically gone. Something internal, no signs of pain or discomfort, did not yelp or moan while I carried her to the car. It was painless and very quick. Needless to say our days are much different this week ... it's been hard to believe.