October 11, 2018

Heidi Takes An Afternoon Walk !!


It had been so long since Heidi walked in the field, I actually went back and scrolled through her photos folder to see when that was. April 20, 2018, almost 6 months ago. Today I wasn't surprised when she headed outside with us but I was very curious when she made the left turn into the backyard with Stella and I.

She walked into the yard, stopped and sniffed the air toward the field, then marched on. It was a huge shock to see her not only walking in the field but not lagging behind on her own. At times she was leading the walk.

This is such "a historic event" that I have posted 33 photos of her from start to finish and still did not post all of them. Enjoy ...



  1. Go Heidi!! She probably had to go in for a nap afterwards LOL 😉

  2. She has only gotten up to do a full body shake and go back to sleep.