October 21, 2018

Some Sunday Morning Rambling

I am writing this post this morning from the comfort of the laptop sitting at the kitchen table. This is where I have the best view outside with the large picture window looking out across the highway to the two fields. That Southwest direction also gives me a good idea what the weather will be like for the day and shows me storms before they arrive. This morning it was 27° as Stella and I stepped outside. High winds last night from the West-Northwest just as forecasted. Stella was positive there was some kind of visitor last night around that area ... she wouldn't leave.

I changed my coat for the walk from a Carhartt I had to my Mountain Hard Wear parka. I was surprised that the freezing temps really didn't bother me, with a cold breeze coming out of the north. Those days of upper 80's wearing a t-shirt and cargo shorts are a distant memory. I can't even remember what that feels like.

So yes, late Friday afternoon well into late Friday night I re-opened my old files, jumped on Realtor dot com and looked at houses for sale in Arizona and New Mexico. That always seems to happen with the temps dip below 32°. I find the same results every year. Decent houses cost more than I want to pay and those that need fixing up are overpriced. I know my view is skewed because I have had no mortgage for a lot of years.

Add to that, I can never make up my mind where I would want to move to. Everywhere, even here, has it plus and minuses. So I'll leave it as something I like doing on a cold day or night. Yet ... you never know.

Again as I start writing this, there is no order of my thoughts. Some things I was going to write about I have already forgotten. I hate that. I did find out Saturday just how nice it was not to blog. I once again liked walking with Stella without the camera and no photos were taken yesterday until late last night with my iPhone. You'll see those few photos at the bottom of this post. A friend that blogs told me once, "The best pictures are the ones you don't take."

Don't take offense to my thoughts of not taking photos of the hounds or not blogging. It's not personal and they are the same thoughts I have have had since my first blog post in October 2011. In a way blogging is a trap. Where do you draw the line? Whether I want to or not I find myself always going back and forth between what is too much blogging and what isn't enough. Do other bloggers feel the same way?

Those leaves are dead leaves on the trees, not full of color. Is that a sample of things to come?

Since I am "stationary" and don't travel, my daily routine doesn't change much. Just the way I like it. So to blog daily is hard at times for the same reasons I have written about in the past. Things like the same photos on the same walk and the hounds doing the same thing ... day after day. Other times there is not enough hours in the day to do what I want to do ... then there are times I just don't feel like blogging period.

So I will do what other readers have told me to do in the past ... blog when you feel like it. That is why I am blogging this morning, I felt like it.

In a selfish way, it was good to read that I am not the only one that feels it hard to blog when you are not traveling. Where your routines are pretty close to the same every day and there just isn't that much to write about or take photos of ... RVsue and Al at TheBayfieldBunch have found it harder to blog recently since they are only traveling part time now. Both of them use to blog daily but they were also traveling full-time. The times Al wasn't he, Kelly and Pheebs would be out in their jeep traveling locally in the Southwest, capturing fantastic photos of the area.

I wonder if they have that feeling sometimes "my readers deserve a daily post" and fight that inner battle whether to blog when you don't really feel like it. That might just be the particles called brain cells that make me feel that way. I've never been normal. Ha!

Yes I could take less time to blog but it's just my makeup ... I like editing photos a little, I like deciding which ones to use and I always seem to post more than I plan on or what readers may want to see. Plus as many of you have figured out .. I like to talk ... sometimes too much. That leads to me rambling and typing a longer post than I planned. OR ... my train of thought will move to something entirely different so I write about that.

There is no middle ground for me in most things that I do. It's one extreme or another, like don't blog at all or blog multiple times per day. You have seen both of those take place on this blog. Just like I cannot mow just part of the yard, it's either all or nothing even if part of the yard does not need mowing. Or .. I can't wash just one car, I have to do both at the same time. Just like this interior painting I am thinking about doing.

Could I just paint a room or two???? No way!!! If I do one closet then I have to do a room. If I do one room I have to do the whole house.

So I have a lot of inner battles I have never escaped from. LOL

Here I go right now .... "what was it I was going to talk about???"

I will say it is really nice to have all of those paper files out of my life, recycled or burned and file cabinet drawers empty. I opened the drawer in the bathroom sink cabinet and it was almost empty with only things that I use. All of my closets have been cleaned out, only stuff that is used is still there. Even my 'to do' list is down to cleaning walls and painting inside.

I will go up on the roof on Monday when it's 61° and blow the leaves out of the gutter with my leaf blower. It will take longer to take the ladder out of my shed and expand it from a fold up to one that gets me on the roof than cleaning the gutters. As far as raking the yard ... those high winds yesterday afternoon and last night took care of them. I have only one line of leaves along the back of my house that are left and they will be blown over the side bank on Monday when it's warmer and sunny.

I'm at one of those times of trying to remember what else I wanted to say.

Blogger was having issues with my photos today ... another time consuming thing for blogging.

Speaking of Blogger, owned by Google ... this blog is the only reason I kept my three gmail accounts. One each to log into my three blogs, where two of them are private. For the past 4-5 months I have gotten rid of Facebook, stopped using Google Chrome as a browser, stopped using Google for searches. I have nothing to hide on the internet. It's just the principal of what those two companies do with my data without my permission. I read yesterday that Facebook is right back to doing what they got in trouble for last Spring, by using "Shadow Accounts".

Stella decided to take her own way home this morning. She may have led me to the original return path but it wasn't long she decided she would finish in the northern part of the backyard. That's fine as long as I could see her and that she didn't turn around and head toward the neighbor's yard or woods.

Every morning she looks in the direction of the highway and every morning there is nothing there to see.

There is that daily stare she gives me before she heads to the house.

Yes ... that is ICE you see on my hiking boots. It was 87° in Phoenix late yesterday afternoon.

My old friend that lives in Phoenix and loves all the hot weather he can get, was about to take his Mastiff out for a pre-dawn walk that they do every morning but he heard something outside and it was loud. He thought someone might be getting ready to break into his house but saw it was 10 javelinas with 2 babies. He and his dog decided to delay there walk until this group left their neighborhood. He lives in a residential neighborhood.

My iPhone 8 Plus takes the best photos inside and in low light than any camera I have or have had. None of these next few photos were edited, all straight from the iPhone.

Stella's normal position every night on the couch while I watch a movie or ball games.

Last night between 7pm and 8pm I had more games on that I wanted to watch live, not tape. So one of the reasons I bought the larger tv last summer was to do this. Those are large screens where I can sit 8' away and don't have to squint to read the scores or banners at the bottom of each channel.

While I watched the games ... the hounds slept soundly. You can tell the temps are dropping as they turn their noses into the warm leather couch.

I admit that I eat most of my afternoon or dinner meals on the coffee table while watching a game. Heidi will stand to the right of me and gives me that look that she would love some of my chicken, salmon or steak. What about that crust from the pizza ??? Could you refuse a face like that ??

Stella has adopted those Bloodhound Rules and thinks everything is hers ... including my food. When she doesn't get any or maybe not as fast as she would like ... she pouts. That is her pouting face and she will not move from that pose until I say "here" and hand her something to eat.

As a warning ... everything I said here could be BS as far as plans or blogging thoughts. I live in small windows because I can. Things, plans or ideas can change at a moments notice with me. I am more of an impulse person than a planner. I would be more likely to load the car up with camping stuff and two hounds on spur of the moment to see my friend in Phoenix this winter ... than pull out the maps and make a PLAN to get there.

Just like I might plan a drive to Bloomington 25 miles away but within an hour, 30 minutes or even less ... I could ditch that idea and end up doing something entirely different.

Living in 15 minute windows fits my DNA and my Retirement Policy. At least I am always on time if not early for meeting friends or having an appointment.

It's just above 32° right now but it's sunny, NFL games on later today and Heidi is barking for lunch while Stella joins her request by howling ... I gotta go.

2 hours 1 minute

No Fall this year in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. Love that pouting face!

    Sometimes I wish that I was not blogging. How nice to be free to sit and read a book or to watch something on TV that we keep taping but don't often watch. Our TV is barely on for 8 hours per week. I would really rather rad a book but that hasn't happened in a month. Blogging takes all my time. I have come to dislike sitting at the computer but I do love my posts and I know that when I am old and likely housebound this will make a great diary of my life since 2010 when I started blogging. I wish that I had the time and energy to put my travel journals since 1990 into the blog.

    Meanwhile it is best to just live each day to the fullest and enjoy what you are doing Life is short.

    1. You are right Contessa ... life is short. There might be some time where I am not healthy enough to walk those two hound walks. My tv is only on for ballgames, I have never been a 'prime time tv' watcher. I read 4 books in the last 8 days and will start a new one today. I admit ... I like days where I don't even turn on my computer or look at my email on my phone. Blogging is good for record keeping. My private blog is a good reference for my house maintenance, auto maintenance or hound health.

      Yes that pouting face is pretty amazing. She will look that way for a long time until she gets her way. It's the same pose when she wants mine or Heidi's seat on the couch.

  2. Just remember that your blog and photos are really enjoyed by others.

    1. I do remember that and for me it leads to a feeling of obligation, which I don't want at all. At times a feeling of guilt because I have not posted in 3 weeks or have quite a few times in the past 7 years. Yet, some day I will stop blogging like I have stopped other things ... because I am tired of doing it or all the hounds are gone.

    2. As a long term blogger I have one suggestion for us that follow normally. If you will at least pop in a pic about every four days and say something like "I am still here but not blogging at the moment" it would be appreciated to know everything is OK.

    3. Will do. I'm not going anywhere and will still blog, just not every day.

  3. I do envy your energy. Two or more mile long dog walks daily, mow entire yard, and washing two cars. I must be a lazy slug for sure.

    1. Those were basically examples but I have done all of those on a hot summer day. The walks and mowing the lawn are a regular event. I'm still not in tip top shape but trying to get in better shape with bicycling.

  4. I've been following you for a long time. I'm used to your style and wanderings. I like the suggestion of just popping in every four days to say Hi.

    1. Congratulations of putting up with the insanity over the years. How many RVs that I changed my mind on, did you witness. LOL

  5. "No Fall this year in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana."

    No tropics either! HA

    I never wear cargo shorts but still doing our afternoon walks in a t-shirt. The morning walks require a long sleeved flannel shirt and sometimes a windbreaker. The 10 Day forecast shows all of the high temperatures to be in the mid 80s with the lows in the lower 60s or upper 50s. It is a tough life to live under those conditions but someone has to do it.

    Now if it will just stop raining! HA

    1. You may have spoke too soon about that topic of no tropics. Ive been wearing cargo shorts since 10:30am and it's 66° ... heatwave???

      I like your temperature range, not sure about the rain though.