October 18, 2018

Stella Likes The Colder Weather - Heidi Doesn't

I dressed the same this morning for cold weather. The carport thermometer said 40° but it felt colder as I stepped outside. When I left Heidi she was sound to sleep with no intentions of waking up or getting up until it was close to lunch time. Stella came into the computer room to whine again, letting me know it was time for the morning walk. I was still editing yesterday's post and the more time I took the more she whined. We started the walk only about 10 minutes later than we did yesterday.

While I was standing at the corner of the house taking my daily second photo, I could HEAR the leaves crunching as Stella walked on them. That told me it was much colder than 40°. The photo below shows that it frosted last night and where the field was shaded, the frost was still there.

Stella was energized. As I turned to see where she was, she was flying toward me and moved right past me without slowing down.

That is until she was in front of me, where she turned that fast run in to a slow walk. Just slow enough where I am walking a little slower than a normal walking pace.

I am still not seeing the leaves change color, to the point of seeing bright yellows and reds. Last year it was so obvious from week to week that I took photos of the tree lines every Friday so I could look at all the photos at once and see the gradual change.

Stella was trotting everywhere this morning. I ended up taking very few photos from the front of her and barely had any from her side. She made sure she stayed in front of me this morning.

I really miss Sadie on these morning walks. She loved tracking scent in the field. Looking at Stella on this walk sometimes reminds me, of course, of Sadie.

As I continued to walk the path, Stella headed to the left. I let her go to see how far she would go plus I wanted to see if she would meet me anywhere on the path without calling her name.

I took this just to show what the shaded field looked like. That is looking toward the 'far right corner' of the field, the gully is just to the right of the photo.

I was still walking and not saying anything but I kept an eye on Stella to see where she was going.

She came back on the path without a word from me. That is always a good thing to see.

By the time we made the last turn toward home I knew it was a lot colder than yesterday. My face was freezing. Luckily with a wool ski cap, gloves and a down vest under a Carhartt jacket I was warm enough. The Carhartt jacket was given to me by a friend but is just a little too big for me if I don't wear another vest or light jacket under it.

She was getting some additional protein in her diet. I hate that she does that but what do you do to prevent it?

About the time I started to say something to her, she raised up and took off trotting as if nothing was going on ... she was innocent.

Yes, you guessed it ....

She always has a choice in the walk to make a left turn on that path, the original return path, or straight ahead to the corner of the north yard. 95% of the time she will continue straight ahead.

Frosted flowers. How many months until Spring ??

I initiated it but Stella played a little after our walk. I couldn't take the photos of her chasing me or turning to bump into my legs. Then she stopped and headed toward the house.

Just because we woke Heidi up when we walked inside the house did not mean she was getting out of her bed. I got as low on the floor as possible to take this eye level shot.

Heidi stepped outside after lunch and once she felt that 55° weather she did not stay out long. Stella could not decide what she wanted to do so she spent the few minutes we were outside just sniffing different spots in the yard. Maybe she was smelling signs of moles in the yard again.

I spent some time reading my latest book from the library. It's Bob Woodward's new book called Fear. After reading over half the book last night I think the title of the book is deceiving. It does talk of the turmoil in the current administration but it isn't anything different than I read in his other four books about presidents. Nobody will agree on every issue. I'll finish the rest of the book tonight. I thought I'd read more but Stella started her whining and then nudging my arm with her nose. She wanted her afternoon walk.

She takes the afternoon walks at a slower pace as if she is enjoying the fresh air and sunshine more than tracking scent and finding deer scat. She does what I would call a leisurely stroll.

Nothing like hanging bloodhound drool and flopping ears to show the speed of a running bloodhound.

Right before we left I received an email from Garmin Support. I sent them an email yesterday telling them it was not a complaint but some feedback about the replacement VivoSmart3 watch they sent me a few weeks ago. I have reset it three different times in a little over two weeks and it is still not working correctly after a day or two after those resets.

They offered to send me an upgraded model, their VivoSport as a replacement for the trouble I have gone through. I replied with what the activity monitor had done since the last reset yesterday and I would be more than happy to accept their offer of a free upgrade.

It might look a lot warmer with the sunshine but it didn't feel warmer, even at 55°. I told the cashier at the hardware store this morning that I wanted my summer back and so did she.

Yet, there is no rain, no flooding anywhere, no snow or ice ... it's just a beautiful clear day.

Stella never stopped walking. I had to run a little to catch up and move around in front of her. About that time she decided she would hang back since she couldn't set the pace.

Maybe veer toward the neighbors just to check to see if I am watching her.

She did realize that I had chosen to take the old way home.

There is always time for her to drift away. Like any bloodhound or basset hound, their nose always comes up with something for them to check out. Time isn't important to them until it is time to eat.

Another half mile in the books. I predicted and was right ... she was inside and asleep before I took off my jacket, load the memory card of photos into the iMac and download them. To her that is a perfect afternoon ... lunch, a short nap, a walk, a long nap.

I looked at my to do list and see I am getting things marked off. I am down to cleaning the walls as I am always shocked with the amount of micro dust I collect off the walls after each summer. Then I'll prep the bedroom and computer room for painting, including the closets in each room. If I like the slight change in color from white walls to a light tan ... I'll paint the kitchen, living room and bathroom. After that I will have one item on the list that I keep putting off but it will finally get done this fall.

Once Heidi went back to sleep after her short time outside, she slept most of the afternoon. If she is doing that it must be close to winter.

Another fine day here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. Painting is the worst!!! But I love it when it's done.

    1. I love to paint houses inside and outside. It doesn't take long to paint this house inside. It will take longer moving furniture to the center of the room so I can paint the walls without things in the way. I do not need to use tape to trim either, so it goes pretty fast.

  2. I always used paint pads to move paint onto the walls faster. I tried a spray gun inside the house once for about 30 seconds. Took a whole day to clean that mess up.

    1. I've painted a lot of houses inside and out besides mine and I am not sure what you mean by paint 'pads'. I always use a roller inside then a 2" trim brush to cut the trim in. I never need to use tape to trim in paint. Then only time I used a spray gun was when I was painting stucco houses in Southern California.

  3. It looks like Stella is really enjoying being the leader on the walk. Love Heidi with her pile of blankets.

    1. Heidi has different blankets in one big pile ... fleece, Mexican wool and a sleeping bag for winter. The dog bed isn't soft enough I guess. Stella seems to be enjoying her walks and now she has her own time when she wants to take them. I am not a fan of 2pm for the second walk of the day but she likes that time lately.