October 25, 2018

Stella's Thursday Morning Walk

Following my blog policy I mentioned the other day of "blogging when I feel like it" ... here is a morning post about Stella's walk. I received a photo article in my Feedly account this morning about Nikon AutoFocus. I found some adjustments I could make on my camera from that article. I only did one but it was not mentioned in the article but found as I was looking through my camera setup for something else. It had a setting for telephoto lenses, which I used at all times, the Tamron 18-200mm.

I did a little editing on most of the photos like I always do but one thing I did not do was go into the HTML of this post and change the size of the photo back to s1600 from the compressed size s640 that Blogger does automatically. Let me know if you notice any difference in the sharpness even in these low light morning. Apple Photos has a very detailed editing program that is free and comes with the program.

The owner of the field made a lap around the edge of his field Tuesday afternoon. The tire tracks from his truck has given Stella a whole new set of scents to follow. You can barely see one of those tracks in front of her nose.

Mid 50's ... overcast for today.

She thought she heard me mention food ... but she was wrong.

Another walk into the books. It's already Thursday.

Sitting at my kitchen table I saw this in the southwest skies. You could almost think I was witnessing a plane crash from this angle.

Pulling back that zoom, you could see it was just a plane heading southwest, possibly decreasing altitude on its approach to the St. Louis airport a couple of hundred miles away.

I hope to be motivated enough today to clean some walls. Yes the same walls I mentioned a few days ago. I've been pretty lazy these past few days after my big day of working out in the yard and on the roof cleaning my gutters earlier in the week.

A dark overcast morning in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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