October 22, 2018

The Hounds Thought I Was Late Serving Lunch

It wasn't the time of day that threw the hounds off their inner clocks, it was an activity. They thought I was too late in feeding them lunch kibble. That usually happens between 11:30am to noon. Today they were not wanting to be fed because they were hungry nor because it was 11:30am. I had the yard mowed by 10:30am, an activity that usually happens either lunch time or late afternoon. Once that mower shut off ... they thought it was time to eat. While Heidi barked non-stop ....

Stella howled.

There are only two times during the day or night that Stella howls at the top of her lungs ... after she steps inside for breakfast and at lunch if I am late serving it. They go outside first thing in the morning and while they are outside I'll pour kibble and make my coffee.

This morning Stella was running more than I had seen in a while. The high temperatures were suppose to be 65° by 4pm and I had big plans just as soon as the morning walk was over.

My lightweight battery powered leaf blower is great to use to blow leaves out of the gutter. It took me longer to back the car out of the carport so I could open the side shed door to pull out the ladder then get up on the roof ... than it did to clean the front and back gutter.

I came up with a leaf plan while I was on the roof walking along the edge blowing leaves out of the gutter. I decided for the first time in the 21 years I've lived here, to mow all the leaves and yard in just one direction ... with the leaves and grass all blowing toward the field. My mower would only mow on one side of the yard, back and forth ... I walked the mower backwards each time I was at the end. It worked fantastic and may be my process this year instead of raking and burning leaves. Here is what the backyard looked like after I was finished.

Normally if I would have mowed pushing all the leaves to the center of the yard it would have never been as clean as it is now.

The burn pile will be burned sometime in November. Leaves and weeds are running late this year.

The front yard I did NOT get the same process because there wasn't that many leaves after the high winds on Saturday night.

So by 10:47am the gutters were cleaned, the yard mowed and the leaves mulched. I was still wearing clothes to do a morning walk in at 44° and with all the activity I was burning up. While the hounds ate their lunch ... I changed into cargo shorts.  Yes, that's right. With the temps going to be 65° I had to celebrate the heatwave we were going to have today.

The plan was to put polyurethane on the inside of my front door and on all the windows that I had sanded, cleaned with a few repairs a few weeks ago. Rain and cold temperatures prevented me from putting on polyurethane any sooner than today.

Stella is starting to enjoy these walks like Sadie use to ... instead of just walking along the path.

I went back into my photo library and pulled out some comparisons, showing the differences in the leaves changing color for the last three years on this day in October.

This was taken today, looking toward the house and almost all green leaves.

Here are the same trees one year ago on October 22, 2017

This was taken 2015 October 22nd.

Winston enjoying a field that was cut twice that year and if you notice to the left of him it shows the overgrowth of what I call the north yard. I had not cleared all that brush out yet and planted grass seed.

Here is the same tree line this morning take out in the field instead of my backyard.

This was 2016 October 22nd ... today those same trees have all green leaves, no signs of Fall. I did notice it was normal for the soybeans not being harvested this late in October.

I finished my polyurethane project by 3:20pm. Every window in the house was open not because of strong polyurethane fumes, just because it was a nice day and it would help in the drying process.

Stella started whining for a walk about 3pm so she was more than anxious to get outside twenty minutes later. Heidi went outside but didn't walk with us. It was warm enough for cargo shorts and cool enough for a sweatshirt.

As you can see Stella's energy level on the afternoon walks is quite different than in the morning. She looks like she can barely make it back to the house most afternoons.

While Stella and I walked the field ... Heidi decided it was perfect time to soak up some sunshine.

It's hard to believe that she came to me through a rescue service with the reputation being a 'runner'. A handwritten note on the adoption paperwork in June 2011 stated "must be leashed at all times."

Normally whenever a Jif Peanut Butter jar is empty, all the hounds share what is left. That was the highlight of Sunday afternoon watching this. Heidi decided on her own when she had enough and let the jar lay where it was. Stella had her eyes on it the whole time just waiting for her turn.

She wanted it in a different location so she picked it up with her mouth and walked toward the hallway or the main walkthru of the house.

Based on how she was acting, her long tongue wasn't quite long enough to reach the bottom of the jar. When she started chewing the hard plastic to make it a shorter jar so she could reach it that is when I called the game over.

After getting the things finished today as planned. I am moving the the wall cleaning project tomorrow as temps drop back down to the highs being the mid 50's. My cargo shorts will be put back in the dresser and the jeans will be back in action.

Thanks for all the feedback about my comments about blogging. I might have put out the wrong impression when I talked about my extremes in a lot of things I do. Some readers must have thought I was thinking of stopping blogging completely when I said something "blog all the time or not at all". I didn't mean for that to sound like I was going to quit blogging ... just that I was going to blog less frequently.

Blogging every 3 to 4 days seemed to be a popular answer and it might lead to that ... otherwise I will blog when I get the urge and try not to go longer than 4 days without posting at least a few photos. There might be some daily blogging based on what I am doing.

A very productive day here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. Your first photo,of Heidi and Stella, is a great picture of them together,it's a new favorite of mine. :) . -Mary

    1. Thanks. I couldn't believe that Stella walked over to stand behind Heidi with a word by me. Once I saw the photo, it looked like they were posing for a portrait. I did move that photo over to my "Dog Fav" folder on my computer.

  2. The first photo of Stella and Heidi is just spectacular - the best one I have ever seen of them. Heidi is really becoming an "outdoor" dog. Great to see her enjoying herself outdoors.

    1. Thanks. Heidi has been an entirely different dog since her tooth surgery. The past two days with temps in the 60's she has gone to the door to be let outside and then will spend an hour or more sitting in sunshine in the front yard. She likes going outside on her own a lot more. Yes, I couldn't believe they looked as if the posed for that picture.

      Stella had been howling on the right side of the carport (2nd photo), then walked over behind Heidi who was barking nonstop. The camera caught her between barks. It's one of the best hound photos I've taken I think.