November 22, 2018

The Hounds Never Change

It's been a week where most of the days were cold and overcast. Just the past couple days the sunshine has busted through the layers of clouds. Plus it's much warmer by late afternoon. That doesn't mean the pace has changed, as the hounds and I stick with our routines. Stella is showing signs of improvement with the new GlycoFlex Plus supplement and Heidi likes running laps around the living room after her lunch.

November 21, 2018

Cold Weather

2018 Nov 21

When the "feels like" temp drops below freezing, Heidi and Stella react differently. Nothing changes year after year because they know what season it is, even if it's a little early for winter.

November 16, 2018

I Confused The Hounds Today

Last night after reading only a couple of pages of Dale Jr's book I stopped. I read a page or two of the other book about the 21st Century and stopped. I surfed through TV channels that I am forced to pay for and have not been deleted from my TV remote finding nothing to watch. I looked through the taped shows and movies on the DVR and found nothing to watch. It was about that time I remembered the hounds and I were up earlier than normal on Thursday morning ... so I went to bed.

At 8pm ... EIGHT PM ... EIGHT O'CLOCK ... what was that all about ???? My Garmin VivoSport shows that I lost consciousness seven minutes later.

November 15, 2018

The Hounds Make Me Take An Oath

Waking up to another missed weather forecast, it was decided over breakfast kibble that the blog author and a slave to the hounds (me) would be forced to take an oath. So picture Steve (blog author and slave) standing at attention with his right hand raised and both hounds facing him. Repeating the words "I will never blog about future weather conditions and/or local tv weather forecasts again. I will not let the local tv weatherman lead me down the path of stupidity."

No Snow ???


For the second time in the past 5-7 days our 'winter weather advisory' turned north and barely hit us. This morning that 3"- 6" of snow prediction was nothing more than a little ice. Of course Heidi has started her winter hibernation a month or so early this year and passed on the offer to take a morning walk.

November 14, 2018

Winter Storm Headed Our Way

The one thing nice about retirement is the ability to change activities at a drop of a dime. Instantaneous, no checking schedules, no asking someone's permission, you just get to do it like you want at that very moment. Such was the case this morning. I had almost talked myself out of our morning walk due to that "feels like" temp of 10°. I even thought it was probably too cold for Stella's paw pads and if there was enough moisture in the air last night there would be ice and she could possibly get ice between her toes and then wouldn't move on the walk.

November 13, 2018

It Was Only Snow Hoopla

What started this state wide panic last night was the 6pm local tv weatherman showing a large radar screen on the tv, justifying why we, here in 'the tropics' would be getting our first snow of the winter sometime around 1am. This wasn't going to be like the dusting a few days ago. No, a whopping 1-2" of snow on my doorstep and much more further north.

Over the 20+ years I've lived here I had heard this story before and I can't say I was real confident it would happen. By 1am there were no snow flakes, just rain. By 2am I thought I heard a snow plow go by and I could tell by their front blade hitting those highway seams every 10' ... sounds that you hear with a CLEAR highway.

November 12, 2018

Busy Day With Possible Snow Showers Tonight

With snow showers predicted tonight I wasn't the only one that decided some things needed to get finished today. I had Phase II of my leaf project finished by 11am. Soon after I had taken a shower, and changed into some dry clothes I heard a rumble outside. They decide since it might snow tonight it might be a good idea to harvest their soy beans. Due to all of my activity this morning, I am tired. So I'll leave you with a lot of photos, no content. Heidi says hello from deep inside her sleeping bag.

November 11, 2018

A Little iMac Hiccup ... Virus???

Yes, there are some eyes under that skin you see. This is the look Stella gives me when she feels I have not given her enough treats or snacks. Last night she wanted more of the grain free dog bones that were flavored with bacon. For a 'cleaner' photo I wiped off the drool on the sides of her jowls before taking the picture. Even after the walking I did to grab the iPhone to take the photo, she never moved.

Heidi Knows It's Freezing Outside


The old carport thermometer may have said 38° but Heidi knew it was much colder than that. She even heard her blog author say he was freezing. So she knew she didn't have much time to relieve herself after her lunch and get back on her couch inside the warm house. This will be the only situation you will see Heidi run this fast ... the camera wasn't able to catch her true speed.

November 10, 2018

Stella Thinks It's Too Cold

After a solid night of sleep I was unaware what was taking place outside last night. I knew the temps were suppose to dip into the teens but with bright and sunny skies predicted for Saturday, it wasn't a big deal. This morning I wondered at the time if what I was seeing through my camera viewfinder was my eyes or something else ... there was scattered white stuff in that grass. Heavy frost ???

November 9, 2018

The Week Flies By For The Hounds

I am anxious to see these photos today because I did something different than I usually do. Before the walk I read an article my Feedly account about digital photography. The writer was talking about better quality of photos with a standard lens such as a 35mm or the 55mm instead of a zoom lens. So I tried taking most of these photos today with a 55mm setting on my zoom lens, a few at 35mm and some at 70mm ... so I could also find out if I can survive on a hound walk with a zoom lens that has a range of 35mm-70mm or will a single 55mm lens work okay?

November 8, 2018

The Hounds Look Forward To Winter Weather

I know it might be hard to believe but I am also looking forward to winter weather. I've always liked the change of seasons and really the large amounts of snow we use to get didn't bother me. I am much more prepared now in winter clothing than I was then. Yet, we haven't had major snow storms here in the past few years. Heidi has already gone into her winter mode, and Stella is just Stella. This morning was our first morning walk there the phone was telling me "it feels like" 28° at 8am. It felt great on the morning walk.

November 7, 2018

The Hounds Have A Nice Afternoon Outside

This is our second post of the day just to show you a nice afternoon even with the cooler temps. Heidi was barking nonstop so I decided she might want to go on a walk with us. She had become much more of a loud talker since her surgery. She also begs more for my food which I keep substituting with different kinds of dog treats. Stella closed her eyes while soaking up the sunshine.

The Pace Is Fast & Furious

A warning that you will not see until after you load the blog, but there are 44 photos today and the reason for the blog taking a long time to load onto your phone, tablet or computer. Not all of them were taken today but some spread out over the past week, a few from yesterday afternoon and then this morning. Needless to say, as you will see, the pace has been fast and furious here as we adjust to cooler temps and that terrible Daylight Savings Time change.

A Very Strange WordPress Story


Normally I would list more than two photos but today it is more about a very strange thing that happened on this WordPress blog yesterday and makes you wonder who is tracking who and what. I just added two photos today to show you what these two hounds have been doing a lot of lately as winter approaches.

Be sure to scroll down to read my strange, weird WordPress story.

November 5, 2018

The Hounds Were A Little Off Schedule Today

The day started out normal time for Heidi and Stella but they were off schedule today. It might have all started Sunday night while they slept soundly on the couch I couldn't make up my mind what movie to watch or what book to read. I flipped through tv channels and saw nothing to catch my interest and out of all the DVD's I have on the shelf, same result. I probably threw off their schedule today because I went back to sleep after feeding them breakfast. Each hound had about as much energy or lack of, as I did.

Stella Starts Slow On Monday


The only sign you see that the hounds know the change of Daylight Savings time is they want to eat lunch in the morning instead of noon. It's weird to feel your body feeling the affects of the time change, even as you try to ignore it. Stella's walk this morning looked like I felt ... slow and tired.

November 4, 2018

2018 Leaf Project Phase I

I knew with a look like that from Stella I was going to have to get in gear and get the leaves taken care of before the rains showed up early this afternoon IF that forecast was accurate. The wind and rain would only leave more leaves in the yard than what was there, plus another 2-3 days of rain, this 2018 Leaf Project was turning into something around the middle of November.

She kept the pressure on and wasn't going to move after her walk until I told her my plan of "Mowing" the leaves this year instead of "Raking" them and then burning them. That always took 3 to 4 hours and I'd end up pretty sore as I would load up on Motrin as a vitamin supplement for the day.

November 3, 2018

Freezing Cold Temperature Energizes Stella

If you look closely at the post title again you will see the name "Heidi" is not found anywhere close to the word "energized". There is a reason for that and long time blog readers recognize that Heidi as officially declared Winter 2018-2019 has arrived in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana. She did go outside in the dark and freezing cold while I poured their breakfast but one second after finishing she sprinted for the dog bed with a sleeping bag and Mexican blankets.

Heidi Declares Winter Is Here

2018 Nov 03

Nothing else needs to be said or shown except this .... 33°

Heidi in hibernation mode until lunch is served.

November 2, 2018

The Hounds Like Normal Weather

Stella and I went outside last night about midnight and it was still raining, but she had to go so she was quick. Finally this morning when we woke up the rain had stopped. Cold but no rain. Although Stella was up at 6:15am, sprinting to the field as soon as I opened the door. I could feel how cold the air was ... I knew I was going to whimp out today when it came to what clothes to wear.

November 1, 2018

The Hounds Thought About Building An Ark

I forgot to tell you about the page I wrote for Sadie last night. Click here or you can see it on top where the other pages are listed. If you are reading this blog on your phone or tablet, you will see the red bar with the word "home" on the far left side ... glance right and click that down arrow for the menu of pages not seen in the smaller format.

It's Thursday afternoon at 2:30pm local time. It is still raining and it started sometime Tuesday night. Luckily it is off and on this afternoon and should be over by midnight. Once the hounds saw standing water in the gravel driveway they thought they might have to put some plans together so I could build an ark. They had heard somewhere about arks and high water. Thankfully for me they decided they had a better option.