November 22, 2018

The Hounds Never Change

It's been a week where most of the days were cold and overcast. Just the past couple days the sunshine has busted through the layers of clouds. Plus it's much warmer by late afternoon. That doesn't mean the pace has changed, as the hounds and I stick with our routines. Stella is showing signs of improvement with the new GlycoFlex Plus supplement and Heidi likes running laps around the living room after her lunch.

We are still getting up earlier than we did this summer, even weeks after the time change. Both hounds are back to sleep in the dark bedroom within minutes finishing their breakfast kibble. Heidi will stay in this position passing up the chance to join Stella and I on our morning walk. She does spend time outside though in the early afternoon.

This morning Stella was running so fast to catch up to me that I barely caught her in this photo.

This past week we have seen signs on the ground of a lot of deer traffic, as most mornings the field has had a frost covering the shaded areas and sometimes the whole field.

Looking back through past blogs on this date or a few days within this date, from 2018 to 2011, there are a lot of similarities in weather, our activity and blogging interest. Some things never change I guess.

A lot of verbal herding has been required this week, to get Stella back to the house. She is back to being a normal bloodhound and very stubborn. She likes sleeping a lot in the daytime, likes to have the second walk finished by 2pm and spends the nights on the couch while I watch ballgames or read a book. Nothing different.

For some reason this morning she followed the return path home and never veered off of it. I knew what she wanted and where she was headed ... over to the left in the 'land of burrs'. There have been a couple of times this week that I did not catch her soon enough. That means I am pulling burrs out of her coat, close to 20 of them. That also means I am getting them on my gloves, my jeans or wool socks, some of the burrs I don't find until later that night.

She was about to step forward when I yelled 'No' ... my camera caught her ears as she was reversing her decision.

Here are some photos below from the past week. Some days were so dreary looking I didn't even take the camera outside so I wasn't able to collect that 4-5 good photos per day like I had planned.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

A lot of food and ballgames will stretch through the weekend here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the girls. Be sure to give them a special treat today.

  2. Hoping you and the girls enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving day. We had some rain last night and early this morning. Not a great amount but as the old saying goes, something is better than nothing.