December 22, 2018

A Day Of Mistakes


I basically wasted my afternoon today. It took only five hours for me to mess things up with the blog as much as possible, then fix them. I am usually pretty careful when I am working behind the scenes of my blog. Today I made a couple of errors that cost me some additional time. Of course the hounds didn't change their routine. It was a cool 41° but they both spent some time outside this afternoon. Stella took me out for two walks and with a camera in the afternoon walk.


It all started when I thought I wanted to change the blog design back to where it had a front page with three columns showing the most recent and past blog posts. The number of posts on that page is something I could decide. It's like I said the other day, every blog I have checked out does not have all that I want.


Probably what I want the most are wide large photos when you are reading a post. With the current theme and the one I have used since Thursday morning, it has photos 8-1/4" wide. That looks good on a large monitor but may not make much difference if you are reading the blog from your tablet or smartphone. I always check the blog site on my iPad and iPhone to see how it looks for readers.


The blog title looks pretty messed up on an iPhone 8+ but if I try to fit it on one line to fit the phone, it makes it too small on a desktop monitor.  On Wednesday I had found a one column blog with 10" photos but as Ed pointed out, the blogs listed did not have dates. I found out after looking at it, there were also no dates in the archives either. So I changed it to what you see now.


I know somewhere out of 386 themes to choose from, there has to be one that has a front page showing three columns of blog posts AND have blog photos at least as large as I have now, 8-1/2" wide.


Three columns of blog posts to see on the front page or a long list of them?


So besides of 'activating' a different theme I was working too soon, thus making it look much different if any of you stopped by during that short period of time, I also deleted the post with all of the butterflies I posted a few days ago. I didn't try to re-write the original post but added all the photos back to a post earlier today, with a short paragraph.


I also went back to logging in my food in MyFitnessPal app. Stopping that logging of food will be a slow process if I do it at all. I have taken breaks from using that app in the past, so anything is possible.


As we finished our walk I could see Heidi heading toward the door. She didn't see us coming. I called her names a couple of times and had a loud barking basset hound by the time Stella and I reached the yard. She must have been cold.


She is a lot more vocal since her surgery in September for an impacted tooth, plus another tooth pulled after finding a problem while cleaning them. Today she was named an "Official Food Beggar". I was eating nothing more than a raw avocado and she moved off the couch to my feet, looking up barking at me. She doesn't know that she has the wrong approach and the wrong kind of food.

I'll continue my search for a 3-column front page, no sidebars and photos that are at least 8-1/4" wide when you are reading the post or scrolling through the photos. I have an IU game to watch but after that I most likely will be back on the computer looking through themes, IF I can even find one as much as I like this one.
Found one that did both ... columns ... large photos at 10pm Saturday Night

This is the 3rd post of the day from 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. Since I have to sit about 18 inches from my computer screen to fit into my home and the screen is a diagonal 14 inches, most of the photo changes do not seem to be causing much difference to me. What I found tonight is just fine for my viewing. The pictures have been a bit crisper since the cooler weather hit and some moisture likely left the atmosphere. Have some fun for the holidays.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. That helps a lot. I can look at my laptop, mini tablet and my iphone but my iMac has a 27" screen so it's hard to tell sometimes what the images will look like on a smaller desktop.

    I remember what you told me about the moisture and pictures. Yeah, I need to get out of here and have some fun for the holidays, even if it's only for a meal.

  3. After I thought more about it, I turned my computer back on then changed it back to what I had. LOL I think it's easier to read.

  4. Perhaps the weather will remain dry and warm enough for a top down and heater on high Z car country road drive. That would be a good thing in my opinion. Been chilly down here in Florida with mid 40's in morning and mid 60's in late afternoon. This is the coolest Winter in eight years of this snow bird life. A helicopter landed behind our cabana and I filmed it taking off, you may enjoy watching it. It is on youtube at

  5. What a beautiful design for a helicopter. What model of iPhone did you film that with? It might be chilly for you in Florida but I'll take my recent weather. I sold the Z and the FJ .... downsized. Was driving the Z less and less.

  6. Sad to hear you are Z less now. It is a Mitsubishi MH2000 helicopter and very noisy and powerful. I filmed it with my Nikon D 7100 and 70 mm lens. Thanks for viewing it.

  7. It's interesting that I don't have it because I haven't missed it. Last summer there were beautiful days to go for a drive and it would just sit. I decided to sell it.

    That was a good quality video with your Nikon. Your hands were much more steady than mine would have been.

  8. I guess I missed a few of your posts and missed the big car switch, so what are you driving now? A clown car comes to mind but that is how my mind works.

  9. I never made an official announcement. From some photos you could tell things had changed. My clown car is another Mini Cooper S All-Wheel drive Countryman. Everything is stock. I didn't know that a month later I'd have one less bloodhound, so it works good with just one bloodhound in back, basset riding shotgun.

    It gets me through the snow and with a push of a button I have the sport mode and as much speed as I need, it's fast.

    If I decide I need another Z4 they are available. I'd prefer that darker gray color instead of silver. 2003's are still pretty cheap to buy.