December 11, 2018

A Sudden Bolt Of Energy

I am setting here wide awake at 4:23am. It feels like I have been up for hours but actually I have been awake since 3:10am, hearing that voice tap me on the shoulder saying "not again". It wasn't the time that bothered me so much but as I tapped my Garmin VivoSport on my wrist, that lit up so bright you would have thought it was a nightlight. Their colored numbers showed me it really was 3:10am ... but what bothered me was that I was wide awake.

This is not something new for me the past few months. It's not a time change thing, it's not the hounds ... it has to be the day of new energy. Is it caused by the announcement this blog is going to change? Or just a normal day on occasion?
I don't know but I have the urge to write. That urge is not what made me decide to get up this early. It's because I couldn't get back to sleep, after a streak of solid overnight sleep for the past few weeks.

When you are retired you can do this. When you are older, in the upper half of the 60's it seems to be the norm. I've heard this will happen as you get older. Anyone else??

The new coffee I am trying is tasting good. It shocking that it's Folgers. Really. That 1850 stuff. My weather app says it's going to be 50° today, so winter is not official yet. Maybe that "coldest November in history" will turn into the "warmest December in history".

One of the things I am going to have to keep an eye on when I write now is the possibility of repeating stories. Wondering did I write this before on one of my other blogs where I was writing to myself or did I write this on Hounds and Other Stuff blog within the past few months? So bear with me if you see something familiar. I'm not going senile yet.

Overall I had favorable responses to my announcement yesterday about changing the plan of the blog. Many welcomed it via comments or emails, one has pulled out his heavy duty pancho in preparation and the OFM tells me "let the shit fly", that he has plenty of toilet paper in stock.

It's kind of a new adventure for me.

Like anything else in the technical field, it takes a little time to get use to new ways of doing things. It is not that I moved to Wordpress because I have posted there off and on for 13 years on one blog or another. It's that they are putting a new editor out and I have chosen to use it now instead of when they force it down our throats.

I cannot say I am a fan of it so far. I have yet to find that icon for "bullets" in a post. I don't like that I can no longer insert all of my photos at once, then write my content between the photos. It's much faster to put a blog of 20 or more photos together. I'll keep working with it and figure out a way to reduce my writing time.

I am always asking myself whether I should write multiple times per day like Jon does over on Bedlam Farm or do I write at the end of the day like Al does on The Bayfield Bunch or do I write and publish posts when I feel like it? I've done it all of those ways. I know for sure I can't post just once a week, once every three to four days. I've tried that in the past and it didn't work.

It's that overactive mind I still fight with today just like I did in my teens a century ago.

One reader last night wanted to know what some of my blogs were about since I basically had a few that were subject based, before I would delete them within 24-48 hours. They were mostly blogs that were to bring in an audience of retirees, some single, some rich, some not so rich with hopes of helping them with basic ideas on how to survive on the money they had available.

That wouldn't help the rich retirees so much, so I guess they would just visit the blog for humor, curiosity or weird thoughts from someone that didn't follow the straight line towards a career. It was rather crooked, at times guilt ridden but in the end turned our quite successful if I do say so myself.

Basically it was like everything else in my life, put it off, put it off, until the last minute then intense focus get it done before the deadline and come out looking like a saint. Procrastination has been a favorite of mine for 66 years.

A brief timeout for an advertisement where I do not get paid any affiliate money nor will I post their link  but I just had their multi-daily email drop into my inbox showing me all their great deals since we are 13 days away from Christmas. WALMART has really stepped up their game this past 8-10 months while they battle for market share against Amazon.

Yes, I have taken more than a few hours over the past few months to look at their online site which carries many many things not found in your local store. It is amazing what you can find there with some fantastic prices. Roof racks anyone?

Yet ... Amazon, Walmart, REI, Best Buy, or eBay will never be as good in shipping as this Chinese website a son of my friend found a few years back. They sold 'authentic' NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL jerseys. They had the same tags, the jerseys had NO minor flaws that could be seen after a very detailed inspection. They even included the league's tamper proof seal ... that little reflection thing you see on some tags.

It wasn't until I filled half of my closet with jerseys of my favorite players from Joe Namath, Brett Favre, Ted Williams, Jim Brown and a few others based on team jersey design, when the NFL and MLB shut them down. I even bought an old Seattle Pilots baseball jersey. Don't remember the Pilots baseball fans???? They are known now as the Milwaukee Brewers.

I could buy those jerseys online on a Tuesday for $25, pay nothing extra for shipping, and have it sitting in my mailbox no later than Saturday. From China to small town Indiana in 3-4 days.

New readers beware, it's times like these where the subject matter moves sometimes as fast as a new paragraph. With no research in advance to writing the post, just good 'ol off the wall rambling straight from what some call a demented brain. Sorry but the brain is a very strange animal at times.

I can see the hardest part of this post is finding some photos to plug in here. My friend Ara writes all the time where his content does not follow his images. Some complain, I don't. It's one of the things I wish I would do more, so this might be my big chance for fame. BTW he has some great photography and stories on his journal.

Why did Wordpress move to or is going to move to their "block system" to put a post together. Where is that bullet icon I want ????

For you that have blogs on Blogger and might think that Google is in the process of shutting down Blogger eventually because of what they are going to do to Google+ ... fear not. Their blog says otherwise, not by saying they aren't shutting down Blogger but by talking in the past year of all the improvements they are making to Blogger in the background for some users to see. Blogger will be alive and well in the future.

Maybe it will be unlike the story of Yahoo selling out to Verizon, who sold the great photo program Flickr to SmugMug who made some drastic changes after they said they wouldn't at the time of purchase. Or should I say they are in the process of making drastic changes. I left a few months ago when they announced they were going to a subscription based program like their original site.

My free 1Tb of storage from Yahoo was now going to be reduced to no more than 1,000 photos of any size IF I wanted my FREE account to continue. Instead some will remember I hooked up another external drive and now download all of my photos taken daily onto the external drive as a backup to the backup. I deleted my Flickr account with over 28,000 photos in their storage. Flickr has great picture quality, no compression and will even accept RAW photo files.

I am somewhat shocked that Stella has not been standing next to me nudging my right arm with her nose because she wants her breakfast earlier than normal. Heidi of course has her own schedule which she sticks too at all times. Sleep is her main interest where Stella will give up sleep for food almost anytime

For those that have asked or suggested in the past few months, I will not be getting another bloodhound to replace Sadie. The days of replacing a hound that dies is over. When the times comes that I end up houndless, I don't know what will happen and will not know until I get there. I do know it will be a sad time most likely. I'll have to see what happens then. I've had at least one hound with me since 1987.

Okay internet experts, here's a question.

This morning on my iPhone I tap the icon to open this website and I get a screen telling me I am a lucky Apple user and they are about to award me a gift if I click that big red arrow. I immediately ran away, clicked ESPN for a safe escape.

What is it? Is it malware? Is it a virus? Have any of you found that to happen when you click on my blog with your smartphone, no matter if it is Apple or Android based?

I went back and deleted my blog from my iPhone screen awaiting further direction.

I had a few tell me yesterday to write for myself and let the chips fall where they may. So why is it such a battle inside my brain to do that instead of wondering and at times asking, which times do you prefer to see a new post? One post per day or multiple posts per day? Why is looking at traffic numbers so addicting when no affiliate income is involved?

Why am I reminded inside the dark corners of my mind "remember you have made a commitment to make no commitments" ...blogging daily???

I'm stopping here, go look for some photos to add ... but oh there are sooooo many more topics I want and will write about. I just have to focus a little and get those thoughts in order. I'd like for once to have the whole post about the title ... maybe I need to make one of my infamous spreadsheets to sort things out.  LOL

50°????? in the middle of December? I can tell already it's going to be a great day in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. My knee jerk reaction to what you wrote is you oughtta blog when the mood hits, it might take a while for you to know what works for you, after a few stream of consciousness posts like this one you'll see what you like and don't.

  2. My personal preference is not to have several blogs a day. A couple is fine. What I like best is somewhat like Ara does. Publish one blog entry with updates as new items come to mind. That lets me find all the days items in one spot. But when it is all done, I don't really care which way you do it. It is really a non-issue all around. Enjoy the Tropics.

  3. I guess I prefer 1 post, I rarely remember to go back to someone's blog to keep checking for updates. (i.e. Tioga George). I get ads on your new blog posts, they are not obtrusive, just wondered if it was just me ?? I really liked all the pictures in this post. I think you are on the right track trying something new. Onward.

  4. 1/ I LOVE the photo of the adult Basset with the Basset Puppy! OMG Sooooo adorable!
    2/ Love the photos of your Mini-Cooper! Aren't they fun to drive? I love mine!
    3/ You might want to check these out in regard to the popup ads you're getting on your iPhone or iPad:

    How to stop 'congratulations' ads on your iPhone

    How to block pop-ups in Safari

  5. This is a little different over here. If you follow me by email you will get an email every time there is a new post, short intro and then a link to the full post Yep ... those ads are the sad part about using the FREE version of Wordpress. I didn't put them there. Now.....if I decide to buy a domain, pay a hosting service for the blog, those ads would go away. Possibility to do that, don't know yet. Thanks

  6. Thanks for the links, I'll check them out.

    1 - That Bertha (before Sadie) and Winston at 8 weeks
    2 - They are great to drive. I would love to have that silver 2006 back.

  7. I was wondering why your comment was waiting approval since I approved you days ago for the required first time ... it's the links you sent.

  8. I guess I forgot to add that Silver 2006 Mini Cooper S

  9. Knowing myself, I'll never come up with a firm answer.

  10. The tropics are nice today with high 40's at 10am and moving higher. If I wrote the same frequency as Ara I would forgot most of the stuff I was going to say. Ha Ha

  11. Hey! I know those first two photo's!

    The Wife and I were in Sam's the other day stocking up on paper towels and frozen cod and some dude was handing out little blue tickets. The ticket said there would be a free gift givaway soon and sure enough, the same dude started walking around with a wireless headset announcing over the PA that we all needed to find the table with the blue balloons and hang around to get our gift. The herd was soon bunching up like bottles on a conveyor belt all trying to get through the gate at the same time. . .We ran the other way. . .

    We don't trust that free crap!

  12. Well finally I figured out how to follow by email. I have been waiting for days to get a new post form you. I guess I should not have assumed that it would be automatic.

  13. well remember the automatic email before was from Blogger ... now this is Wordpress the same as yours. But the emails are automatic IF you subscribed to follow by email at the lower part of my page..