December 30, 2018

The Apple Watch War


The mental battle continues about the Apple Watch Series 4. I realize it probably falls more into a want than a need but who cares, really? I will buy one eventually so 911 will be notified as soon as something happens, with the hounds not needing to lift a finger. Friends will be notified automatically once that 911 call is made ... IF it is ever needed. Is it the cost that is bothering me or knowing that I might be a little bored today while I wait for the Colts football game tonight 8pm local time? I know if I get in my car, it's going to be purchased.  :)





Some of you may have seen in our morning post that the morning walk was cut short with Stella. She heard one gunshot five minutes into our walk, did an about face and trotted home on the same path we were walking. There was no hesitation on her part.


About an hour after her lunch we took off again, this time with better results.












Heidi is in the hibernation mode today. I have yet to catch her where I can take a photo that doesn't turned out blurred from her moving away from the camera or ducking her head away from the camera when I take her photo.


They did a lot of this today. It was pretty cold outside and didn't take long for Heidi to make her few trips outside and back. By 4:30pm I had decided to stick with what I have on my wrist, the Garmin VivoSport. It gives me everything I am looking for in a monitor. I haven't had any complaints about it.

The past few months I've been thinking about some different smaller cameras like the Canon G9 X Mark ii with a 1" sensor. What has kept me from buying that camera was reading that it was not good at "fast moving objects", like Stella running or deer surprising us on our walk and running to get away. Otherwise my friend tells me it is a fantastic camera compared to his more expensive DSLRs he used the past 20 years.

I was still trying to decide to do what I always do before buying any electronics. I go to CNET and read their reviews. There I found a camera they recommended as "editor's choice" ... also a smaller camera with a 1" sensor. When I saw it had a "sports mode", I turned to page two of the review. Tough choice .... So I did not buy anything and have not made up my mind about a new camera.

Otherwise it was a nice quiet Sunday here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. Heidi has the right idea on a day like this! Smart girl :-)

    Gunshots in your neighborhood sounds quite disheartening to say the least. 😲

  2. Gunshots as in deer season, or shotguns firing at flying birds? We heard some shotguns from way out by the lake, and Ollie had to sit on the back deck and bark at them to make them shut up. He hates any kind of noise like gunshots, firecrackers, loud cars, whatever. Can't say that I blame him. When I was younger I used to like to hunt and shoot, but not anymore. Back in those days we didn't use any ear protection, and as a result, I have lost some of my ability to hear from my left ear (since I'm right handed, and that was the closest to the source of the bang). I'm old enough now to blame it on old age. Hearing aids for old guys are pretty much expected. LOL

  3. Heidi is the smartest one in the house. The gunshots don't happen often, usually right after Christmas (presents), target practice.

  4. Gunshots as in target practice with new Christmas presents. I have all the hearing aid offers in my mailbox, to the recycling bin ...

  5. Nice dog pics.
    Hope the hounds stay calm on New Years eve.

  6. They should make it through okay. There will be a few fireworks out here in the country but both will probably be in a deep sleep by that time. I might be in a deep sleep by that time. (midnight) LOL