December 28, 2019

The Only Snow Left Is Up There

The snow from yesterday didn't last long as I described yesterday. By the time the sun had burned off the snow on the ground, the street and the cars, the mountains were covered with clouds. Since I am short on time today and tonight, here are some photos from yesterday afternoon that I took after my post plus what is left today. Some of the mountain roads have reopened, such as the on taking you to the Coronado Monument Visitor Center and up and over Montezuma Pass.

December 27, 2019

Hounds See Their First Arizona Snow

Snow was in our forecast for sometime after midnight. We had a winter advisory warning out until Saturday morning for areas above the 4,500' elevation. By the time we woke up on Friday morning that prediction of 3" of snow had changed to 2-5". It would be our first snow since moving to Arizona. It was expected more than a surprise because of the weather data research I had done before deciding to move the this great area. Believe me this is nothing compared to what we were used to. Although ... the hounds acted like they had been Arizona hounds their whole life.

December 25, 2019

Christmas Day Hike - Miller Canyon

I knew this morning I would be either riding my bike later in the day or taking a hike. It was cold and windy a little after 7am with a forecast showing possible showers later on. When I mentioned I might go hiking at Miller Canyon, a place I had checked out by car a few weeks ago, a friend suggested I hike the lower trailhead on the Perimeter Trail ... I did but I think I might have taken a wrong turn by following the trail marker.

December 23, 2019

Roadtrip Plans & The VA Cirus

Within the time it takes to sip a cup of coffee my Sunday plans changed from wanting to find Carr Canyon waterfalls or the Coronado Monument to a trip to Tombstone. The surprise I had was not only how packed Tombstone was with people but how I felt within the first 5 miles of my trip. Something was wrong. Before I even saw the crowd at Tombstone I knew I wasn't staying long. I continued to drive though, enjoying the 'wild west' scenery on the way.

December 22, 2019

Normal Routine For The Hounds.

Stella spent so much time laying in the sun on Friday she was exhausted by Friday night and decided to camp out in one of her five over night spots to sleep. Eventually during the night she ends up sleeping next to my bed right next to the doorway. She can then alert me when Heidi is heading to the patio door to be let out for her nightly middle of the night outdoor run. I cannot remember the last time I had a solid night of sleep. Nothing has happened outside the daily routine since my last post.

December 20, 2019

Distracted Into A Different Direction

I guess I should apologize right from the start today. When I left you last a few days ago it sure sounded as if I'd be posting again that night with new photos of the next adventure as I said it was time to start exploring the local area again. I intended to and was almost to the point of loading a vehicle and hitting the road ... but first I needed to do something. What that something was I can't remember but all I know is after that took place, the direction I was heading changed ... adventure wasn't on the priority list.

December 18, 2019

Time To Explore The Local Area

Don't get me wrong, Monday as you see, was a very nice day ... cold but nice. At the end of the day it did feel like I didn't waste it away and got a few things done besides hanging out on the couch playing PGA Golf on the PS4. I did some things in town, one for the first time, but overall the hounds and I hung out on Monday right here on the homestead. Today isn't going to be a repeat of that. I planned during my second cup of coffee that I will grab a camera and check out some places today, that I have not seen yet.

December 17, 2019

It's Cold !!!!

It's cold here in SE Arizona but if I were to compare 27° here with 27° in the winters back in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana it would not be close. Even on those days the skies were clear, blue and sunny the wind back in the midwest would cut you like a knife while we took our morning walks through the field. Here in temps like this, the daily walk was canceled Monday morning because all three of us have turned into bad weather whimps. We don't do much when it's cold during the day.

December 15, 2019

The Hounds Enjoy Their Sunny Sunday

I was curious what my hip would feel like this morning after riding two days in a row after taking eight days off the bike with soreness in the lower back and hip. I was thinking I'd ride for the third day in a row but it's never a bad thing to ride for two days and day off in between. It was cold as I opened the door to let the hounds out for the first time this morning. By the time I had their breakfast kibble poured, they were standing at the door wanting back inside. I could tell it was going to be a good day today.

December 14, 2019

Tonight's Post Is All Heidi

It had been days since Heidi had any photos on the blog. She really is camera shy or is just stubborn enough that she doesn't want to be bothered having her picture taken. So the other day I decided I would go to her and take whatever pictures I could get. These show her typical day as I took two days worth. I just missed getting pictures of her sleeping outside in the sunshine because every time she would wake up by the time I came back with a camera. She loves the bed I bought a couple of months ago and will spend most mornings in the bedroom lined up with the sunshine while she sleeps on the floor.

December 12, 2019

A Short Trip To Miller Canyon

I had seen the road sign "Miller Canyon Rd" every time I was driving south to the Coronado National Forest or down further where I could turn back north on Hereford Rd. It's a popular road for the local mountain bike riders and was part of the weekend ride a few weeks ago in honor of a young lady that had passed away too early in life. So today I grabbed a few cameras and drove down to see what I was missing. It is not as high nor as steep as Carr Canyon or Montezuma Pass but the road is narrow and in many places just one lane.

December 11, 2019

No Excitement Or Adventure Here

I finally had a full night of sleep last night and felt much better than I did when I went to bed last night. Hardly any pain today in the hip and none in the lower back which was giving me the most trouble. I decided to resist getting into a car and taking a local roadtrip, thinking 'one more day' of resting could be all I needed. This photo was just past 6:07am.

December 10, 2019

Back To Normal

As I saw a similar view from my bed Sunday morning I knew with a sunrise like that, would lead to a great day. At the time I just didn't know how nice of a day it would be. Within a minute I knew I'd not be able to enjoy much of the day outside. My hip and waistline felt almost like the first week after surgery. Only this time I knew the cause and once again I was the culprit. It all started Saturday morning, more stiff and sore than normal. I had done something Friday afternoon that I guess I shouldn't have.

December 7, 2019

A Little Different Post Tonight

This post tonight is for a couple of online friends that I hope to meet in person some day along with their dog. Some of you will figure out who I am talking about but I'll keep their names off this post for their own privacy. I have followed their blog since October 2011 and for too many times that I could count ... their photos on their blog of this area pulled me through some dark times, some days where it was below zero degrees for a high temperature and led me to this area.

When I was looking at houses last winter/spring in this town she was very helpful answering my questions because in their travels they had driven literally two blocks away from where I live today. When I was searching through 150+ houses to buy, she suggested using the keywords "mountain view" to narrow my search for what I wanted.

So these photos are for them tonight because they love and miss this area this winter. They are also for all of you, that continue to come back to this blog even when I don't have a lot to say or nothing exciting to report on. Thanks for stopping by.

December 6, 2019

Domain Technical Difficulties

Due to some technical difficulties I have changed this blog's url back to the free blogger url it had. Please change your bookmarks to:

December 4, 2019

A Day Of Changes

No fear, nothing drastic in the 'change dept' it's just that the weather has had some distinct changes as you can see here in the first two pictures. I was expecting rain early in the morning and got it. Enough rain not to go riding during the time of day I like to ride. So I turned my focus online to finding the black wheels for the FJ, the same brand and design that I had on my first FJ in 2014. I found them right under my nose at the TireRack, a company I had used years ago for one of my Mini Coopers.

December 3, 2019

A Busy Couple Of Days

I don't know how it happens but you can get pretty busy in a day of retirement and before you know it, it's already past 6pm and dinner isn't ready. I didn't have a lot planned for Monday except ride my bike, walk the hounds and do some reading. That all changed after my first phone call to Sierra Vista Medical Group billing department. Like all other companies I wasn't talking to anyone that was working in Arizona, let alone in the town my doctor is located. This time it was a girl in Colorado. I had her confused in no time.  LOL

December 1, 2019

Is That Frost On My Car Windshield ???

I researched the winter weather here, before I decided to move to Southeastern Arizona. I plugged in small towns from New Mexico to Arizona. I didn't want to live in Yuma, Phoenix or southern Texas. I did not care that it would drop into the 30's while I was sleeping if the sun would warm the day up to the 50's in the months of December, January and February. So I chose to live where I do because there was just too many positive things to pass up. Yet it was a little surprising to glance out the window this morning and seeing frost on my car windshield as I opened the vertical blinds that Stella loves. I guess I should have kept those ice scrapers I threw away last May before I left Indiana.

I am going to start posting late afternoon or early evening Arizona time again ... kind of wraps of the day with photos and commentary. I like that better than spreading days over different posts.

November 30, 2019

The Sun Is Back

The weather channel on Tucson news last night said we had received 1.3" of rain and wind gusts as high as 53mph on Thursday and Friday. My friend in Phoenix sent me a live video of I-40 and I-17 closed due to blizzard conditions, her snowboarding plans in Flagstaff were cancelled. The news showed photos and interviews with owners that had large 5th wheels tipped over, trees blown down on top of houses ... so maybe what I witnessed the past few days wasn't the norm. It all came from that "bomb cyclone" off the coast of California. As you can see, none of that bothered Stella.

November 28, 2019

When It Rains It Doesn't Stop

That's the hounds a few days ago in drier weather but it's the same look they had yesterday as they stepped outside for one of their million trips outside. The rain was loud, heavy and the wind was blowing rain in their faces. Consequently I was not standing in the yard to take a head on picture of them. It started Tuesday night while I was sleeping and between then and now, Thanksgiving morning, there have been few periods of time where it stopped raining. Gonna be some rambling in this post.

November 26, 2019

Dell Inspiron 15 Returned For iPad Pro 11"

Taken with the new iPad Pro

I really did try. I ran the Dell computer through it's paces, explored Windows 10 from every corner and did all the same stuff I do now. I do more than just live on the internet and have for years on my Apple 'toys' but by Monday night I felt like returning the Dell computer. By this morning I gave it another chance but by 10am I was resetting the computer back to factory settings so all of my personal information was off the computer. I already knew what my plan was today ... that new iPad Pro w/Keyboard.

November 24, 2019

PC & Apple + Sore Hip

For the first time in 9 years I am typing tonight's blog post from a Dell PC on a Windows Operating System Windows 10. Quite a story behind it. All of the photos were taken with the iPhone the past couple of days. It might have stopped raining Thursday afternoon but that doesn't mean it started getting warmer. Another first … Saturday morning I fired up my furnace for the first time in this house. Gas powered instead of the electric system I had in Indiana. Needless to say it works very well and wasn't needed for longer than 22 minutes … raising the house temps from 64 to 70 in that short time.

So what is going on out here in the 'Wild West' based on the blog post title ???

November 21, 2019

Rain And Windy For 48 Hours

I knew rain was headed our way by noon on Tuesday so I went out on my bike two days in a row and covered a little over 28 miles on each ride. I've gotten spoiled by SE Arizona weather and although it will be my first winter here and much more warmer than back in the 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana, I can't wait for spring and then the hotter than hot summer. I did plenty of research before making the move so I know what to expect and the thing is, the hounds can take their walks and I get ride my bicycle outside year round.

November 17, 2019

A Good & Busy Weekend

Heidi finally got over her intestinal issues but it was not the combination of food I fed her that fixed it, it was the 10mg of famotidine that did the trick. Within two days ... back to normal. A vet gave me a handwritten note in 2015 when she was having the same problem, to buy that in a generic brand. One dose every 12 hours for a hound that weighed 45 pounds. So it was pretty nice last night to get a whole night of sleep for the first time in weeks, instead of opening the door for her every two hours.  Our weekend started 4:30am Saturday morning and didn't really stop until mid-afternoon Sunday.

November 14, 2019

No Surprises Just A Few Changes

There is one thing you can always count on with this blog, just like life, there is going to be changes. Sometimes those changes are not announced until after they are completed, others in the past were thought about outloud and sometimes they never happened. It's only been a couple of days since my last post but there have been a few changes taken place. Some of you will see them on my sidebar if you are not reading this from your phone. Nothing major, just put all the blog archives in a dropdown menu format. Moved some things around. Added a 'Followers" gadget.

November 12, 2019

I Clicked The Wrong Button On Monday

We woke up to cold temps (low 40s) and windy today but that is not what caused the strange blog post to show up when you tried reading it last night. Monday night I loaded the photos I was going to use for my next post, enlarged them like I always do before typing my text. Only I did not have time to put a post together so I was just going to save it and "close" it ... by habit I hit "save" and then the "publish" button ... thus the blog showing up on other's sidebar and nothing was there when you opened it because as soon as I did that I went back and deleted the post that was nothing but photos.

November 10, 2019

Hiking The Brown Canyon Area

Most of the time I have a plan for what I want to do the next day, especially since I am feeling better physically. I am still "listening to my body" and that dictates if I ride my bike or if I take a hike or take a day off. With the sun showing up later due to the change in seasons, the hounds are sleeping later and I am sleeping later. Stella usually wakes us up a little after sunrise with that whine she has when she wants to be fed. The only plans I had on Saturday were a bike ride and the rest of the day watching college football ... things changed.

November 9, 2019

All Of Us Got Zapped

I am not sure what happened but my free app called Sleep Watch recorded 10 hours of sleep Thursday night included my Friday afternoon siesta.  63% of it was called 'restful'. I have found that app is pretty accurate as it records every time I get up at night whether I'm awake or not. It reminds me what the actual time was that Heidi decides she needs to go outside and it tracks my sleeping heart rate. I felt great waking up Friday morning but as the day progressed I could see what hit me also hit the hounds.

November 8, 2019

Stella Gets Out Of The House !!

Thursday morning started like all the others. I can say that things really are back to normal and it's nice to be able to get out when I want and go when I want. These first two pictures were taken with the same camera (Nikon) but the second one I used the flash. That made the sky just as I was seeing but I didn't care for the bright fence the camera captured. Thursday proved to be a very interesting day and Stella provided most of the entertainment.

November 7, 2019

Stella's Wild Surprise !!!!

I first started noticing it in September as I took my short walks outside, maybe 10 minutes long, slowly building up time and distance to make it to the mailbox and back. At the time possibly not strong enough yet to walk with Stella but under the doctors orders I was not to have a 90 pound hound with the leash in my hand. But EVERY walk I took, she stood at the open living room window waiting for my return.

November 6, 2019

Morning Exploring & Hiking San Pedro

We started Tuesday behind schedule but still had time to do the things I wanted plus one project I didn't expect. I had a cup of coffee thinking Stella would be begging and whining to go on her morning walk since we were over an hour late. That puts us in a busy time of morning with people coming to work in the two buildings we walk behind and around. Some use the back road we walk on for their way to parking in the back. It was warmer Tuesday morning and that was a nice change.

November 4, 2019

A Busy Quiet Day If That's Possible

Heidi has turned into a food begging monster. It doesn't matter that she had a meal just an hour before, if she sees me walking to or I am in the kitchen, she is there doing nothing but giving me the look that she needs a treat. With any hound you have to watch their weight. Too heavy means joint problems later, lower back problems with bassets and hips with bloodhounds. With that in mind I cannot pass out treats every time they want one. Yet, she tries to lay the guilt trip on me with her eyes.

November 3, 2019

Stella Sees A Coyote

Saturday morning we woke up to the best sunrise I have seen since I moved here June 13 and that is saying a lot because it seems almost every day there is one that ranks at the top of the list of sunsets. I am ecstatic that I live in this area. That is looking towards Bisbee and the Mule Mountains to the left ... the mountain on the right resides across the border in Mexico. It was a chilly 42° Saturday morning but Stella and I got our walk in while Heidi stayed home in a deep sleep after her breakfast.

November 1, 2019

A Slow Day But A Good Day

Not much going on today so there will be few words. The hounds keep wanting food as soon as they wake up and they will sit in the living room until they are fed or will follow me to the computer room while I drink coffee just to see when I might feed them. I did ride my bicycle today very easy and very slow for 29 minutes. The route was flat and a big circle through my neighborhood. Interesting that Stella didn't want to stay in the backyard with the door closed but was willing to stand at the living room window watching me pass the house each lap I took.

October 31, 2019

Lazy Cool Days For The Hounds

Waking up to temps in the 40s now sets the trend. Sunrise keeps showing up later and with Arizona not changing time, the kids catching that first of three school buses in the neighborhood do that in the dark. I love that Arizona does NOT change time. Love it. Indiana use to do that a long time ago but now it's only Arizona and Hawaii that don't. Not only the cool temps have changed the routine a little but the two hounds have also. Both want breakfast as soon as we arrive in the kitchen first thing in the morning and they want it before I can start making coffee ... doesn't happen.

October 27, 2019

Tombstone - Middlemarch Road Exploration

As I get healthier my new hip is still "calling the shots" I guess, in more than just one way. I am feeling great and 99% of the time I forget what happened 49 days ago. It's those times that I do something "normal" that the hip is not ready for, when it reminds me that I had a hip replacement. So there is that, some restriction on normal movements. Another thing I had been noticing, following the doctor's protocol in getting in and out of a car, the FJ was the hardest challenge of the three cars. Can you sense yet what happened?

October 24, 2019

The Hounds Go On A Road Trip

I knew on Wednesday night what I planned on doing today. I just didn't know if the hounds were going with me or not. I am sure they enjoy being around me and probably like smelling all the new scents with the windows partially down ... but long narrow gravel mountain roads sometimes isn't the best thing for them. Add on 20+ miles of narrow asphalt road that is hilly and curvy and it makes you stop and think if this was the best trip for them.

Both Hounds Get Their Walk Yesterday

For the first time in a couple of months, due to Stella's surgery and mine ... both Heidi and Stella got their walk in yesterday. Each hound was taken separately at different times of the day. Since it had been a couple of months since their last one, they both were asleep early and soundly ... they never woke up to beg for my food during the baseball game nor when I headed to bed. Photos below.

October 22, 2019

The Surgeon Is Happy I'm Happy

Stella and I started our day a little before 5:30am. Heidi is slowly moving into her winter mode and sleeping later each day. She may have been back on her dog bed sawing logs as they say, but Stella was wide awake and was demanding breakfast kibble. It didn't matter that it was before sunrise and it didn't matter that Heidi wasn't standing beside her ... she wanted food and she wanted it now.

October 21, 2019

A Busy Monday

This is their pose asking me to serve them breakfast. Today turned out to be a really busy day. I got a couple of walks in, and have my 6 week followup appointment tomorrow. I am anxious to hear what he tells me. I am at a loss for words tonight, running late and in the middle of cooking dinner. So with that I am just going to leave you with a few photos.

October 20, 2019

A Sunday Drive To Bisbee

While Stella spent most of "College Football Saturday" sleeping I also had a lot of time to think and read again about the new iPhone 11 Pro. I stood or took walks during commercials, halftimes and between games. I tried to listen to my body as the surgeon told me to do while hoping I wasn't doing too much. Out of all the activity and thinking on Saturday, one thing would not leave my thought process ... that stupid new phone. I follow MacRumors on Twitter and about the time I would shove the thought of buying that phone aside ... they would post another great photo taken by the 11 Pro.

October 19, 2019

The Danger Zone

I hope I an not starting a new routine of waking up around 1:00am, wide awake and unable to get back to sleep for a couple of hours later. Soon after waking up and seeing the reflection of the moon lighting up the bedroom the sound of coyotes filled the air. I wondered just how close they were because they sounded as if they were just on the other side of my fence. At that time of night you can get a lot of thinking done. There was nothing major on my mind but I did think of a few interesting topics.

October 18, 2019

Stella's Anxiety & Hip Update

For the third day in a row I have had little to no soreness in the hip area. I felt so good yesterday I was doing so many things and went to a few places in town that I did not have time to blog. My hip and leg felt normal all day and at times I forgot what had happened 39 days ago. Today I felt the same way and I took a short drive to Best Buy. It was my first chance to tape a video on my phone of Stella in the backyard while I was gone. It was sad to watch and listen to her for the 26 minutes I was gone.

October 16, 2019

A Possible Breakthrough In The Healing Game

I went to bed Tuesday night very sore but not what I would call being in pain. I had spent too much time Tuesday sitting down in chairs. At the computer and then watching a couple of baseball games. During those games I will get up and walk around the house, or just stand between innings. Yet, I am finding out this past week that sitting is not a good thing ... but then what do I do all day if I am trying to rest and not do any 5-10 minute walks??? Lay in bed all day? Not going to happen.

October 15, 2019

An Ice Pack Is Like Magic

I spent most of Monday with the familiar feeling of a 'rock' being inside my hip about the area I would guess the real femur is trying to grow on or around the new hip. I am not sure how much is metal or how low it goes on the femur. Advil wasn't working and I did not want any more muscle relaxers since my lower back had improved. In late afternoon it hit me ... try an ice pack on the side of my hip like I have before .... it was like magic in about thirty minutes time.

October 14, 2019

I Was More Than Bored Today

Today was like any other day but for some reason I couldn't settle on anything to do. Siesta, Mahjong, reading books, tried a movie and didn't finish, sat outside, tried watching taped ballgames, read some online stuff about AVS, not much interest in anything. I was able to drag the box from Chewy from the front porch to the kitchen. I lifted the 40# bag of kibble with nothing but my arms and felt no signs of pain or stress on the new hip. Some different soreness on what I would call the top of the femur so I haven't tried to walk. I assume it's the bone attempting to grow onto the new hip. Just a blah day ... so I listed some photos below.

October 12, 2019

It Was A Day Of Improvement

I checked online to see if it was safe to take Cyclobenzaprine and Ibuprofen at the same time. I found my usual medical journals to confirm it would be okay. I didn't see why I couldn't since both do different things. Numerous studies had found combining the two had better results. Whereas if you take Advil and Aspirin after you have had  a heart attack or stroke, they have found that it decreases the effectiveness of the Aspirin. I decided to check when my time alerted me at 6 hours if I need more Cyclobenazprine.

While the hounds slept in the corner while I did the morning post, I wanted to see if the sun was up yet since it was a little past 6am. I could tell when I stood up at the chair that my lower back was much better, no signs of pain in my groin area and only the everyday soreness from the hip healing.

CVS Is NOT My Friend

It was only Stella and I that got up to start our day a little after 4:30am today. Heidi never moved nor blinked an eye when I turned on the lights. She also didn't wake me up in the middle of the night to go outside, my bladder did that more than I wanted it to. It's a long funny story in a way ... but the back pain is gone this morning. No more spasms so far.

October 11, 2019

An Interesting 24 Hours

These photos were taken on Thursday but I could almost use them for today as well as things will not change much from what you see here. There they are at 4:39am talking me into feeding them breakfast that early. It didn't work and eventually they walked back to the bedroom and computer room to sleep.

Picking up from where I left you in yesterday morning's post I thought between the hours of 5am to 11am yesterday that I might have returned to normal. I was feeling that good and walking inside the house without support and cane in hand. I had only taken one 5 minute walk outside around the fence line in back and felt good after that walk. Things seemed to be moving back to "normal". I felt very optimistic.

October 10, 2019

What Goes Up Must Come Down

Last night as I watched the richest team in MLB and a winner of 106 games out of a 162 regular season games, blow a lead in the 8th inning due to some poor managerial decisions ... the pain in my hip and groin returned. It felt better to walk around the house, instead of sitting in a chair with my 4" memory foam pad. Confusion rang loud but it was not about what the LA manager was doing ... it rang loud because my leg/hip did a 360° turn giving me the chance to experience more pain than I wanted.

I had already taken my second and final dose of Ibuprofen and Tylenol X-Strength. I take that dose every 12 hours. So I picked up the booklet they gave me at the hospital the night before surgery and re-read the sections on post op rehab.

It was disheartening in a way.

October 9, 2019

Huge Differences In Past 24 Hours

What a big difference 24 hours makes. All day yesterday I was experiencing pain in my hip, lower back along with the big "rock" feeling in the area of the hip joint. I tried short walks, took a long walk, applied ice, took Ibuprofen and laid in bed resting ... wondering what happened and what was I going to do. At one point late Tuesday afternoon I thought I might have to call for an appointment with the doctor.

The more I thought about it last night the more I felt it was just muscle related and the lower back issue was the cause of my hip feeling bad because I could feel a nerve that was a little hot. Not all the time but would flash on just enough times for me know know there was lower back swelling that was rubbing a nerve that I was feeling in my hip.

Ice came to the rescue. I sat down with ice and later I went to bed with ice packs. It felt so good to lay my lower back on that long rectangular ice pack that I felt asleep. Luckily there was a shirt between my back and the ice. I had also rubbed my right leg with that same long rectangular ice pack and that also brought relief.

Waking up at 3am to let Heidi outside, I could feel my lower back was back to normal. No pain or tightness. The only thing I felt in my hip was a "smaller rock" feeling. I walked down the hallway without the walker and felt no pain in my hip or groin area. EVERYTHING seemed it was back to normal. I wasn't going to start my day that early so I didn't get my answer until about 5am ... where I felt even better after applying some ice to the side of my hip.

Hip rehab or not ... the hounds were demanding breakfast kibble to be served at 5am ... not going to happen. Yet I did give in to their howling and barking around 6:30am, a good 30 minutes before I had planned to feed them.

As I made coffee I realized I had not felt this good since last Friday when I took the longest walk yet. It was for 20 minutes and for .67 of a mile. I did not feel bad after that walk and don't believe that was the cause of my issue on Monday and Tuesday.

By 8am I already knew that I was going to take my first drive in the car today. I'd take my cane with me to carry "just in case". I'd slide my seat all the way back, raise the seat so it would be just like the Jeep Liberty seat that took me to my appointment. I was extra careful when I moved my right leg into the 'cockpit'. Since I did not want to lift that right foot from the accelerator to the brake pedal I used my good foot, the left one, for the braking.

I went to Tractor Supply store to find out they did not have the dog treats that I wanted. I went to both bicycle shops in town, did a lot of catching up, bought a t-shirt at one shop and paid my bill at the other shop for the stem they swapped out the day before of my crash.  It was good to get out and see friends as well as drive around my favorite town.

After I got back home I expected some kind of soreness in my groin or hip from the position of the car seat but everything felt normal. Hours later and a 10 minute walk, everything felt normal.

I folded the walker up and hid it in the closet, leaving the cane nearby as my support.

The way the hounds acted when I got home you would have thought I had left them again for a trip to the hospital. Stella was the happiest with that bloodhound smile on her face, wagging her tail and howling while she danced around me. I had to watch and make sure that she did not bump my right leg or lean into it.

I took to heart what Barney told me last night on my previous post ... that it might be better to take slightly longer short walks instead of bumping up time and distance so drastic. I put myself on a 10 minute maximum limit today and most of the time my walks outside were only for 5 minutes. More walks ... shorter time.

Compared to this time 24 hours earlier it is just indescribable how much better I feel.