January 8, 2019

A Typical Heidi Afternoon

Right after their lunch both hounds are given the chance to do what they need to do. Lately with them demanding my 'professional' doorman abilities they go out when they want and not after every meal. So this is really the latest high paced time. Both stare, collecting weather data, wind speed and direction, scents or sounds before deciding it's not worth going any further. They turn and head back to the house with a full body shake in preparation for their first afternoon siesta.The naps in the morning do not count ... they were only practice.

I guess it's "Official", that Heidi as claimed the chair as hers now. She spent most of her time there last night while I watched the football game. She continues to move her blanket to a perfect arrangement every time she hops aboard.

Sometimes it's hard to tell if she is sleeping or in deep thought. Today it was evenly matched, where about the time I had an answer choosing between the two options, I actually didn't have the right answer.

I know this post was suppose to be 100% about Heidi but I had to show one of Stella's normal nap positions so you know she doesn't live on the couch. The OLD Berber carpet has held up pretty well with too many hounds walking inside and out, sleeping on it, at times getting sick on it. It needs replaced but I hope to wait until the hounds have passed. I hate the thought of seeing an older hound getting ill on brand new carpet. Besides, my priorities are keeping the house maintained in good shape with manual labor while my cash goes towards new/upgraded electronic toys and/or cars and SUVs.  Another benefit of being single and/or retired.

Even though the picture is lighter because I was playing around with the camera picture modes, that is a sleeping position of Heidi ... she can and does sleep with her head up.

Not quite dropping her head in the full sleeping mode but she is slowly getting there.

Is that it? That's the position for the afternoon siesta? Yes, that's the official position. You have now seen Heidi's typical afternoon, and it does not matter if it's rain, hail, sleet or snow ... in the summer the only difference is, she will find the perfect place to sleep with the sun shining on her.

It's one of the benefits about retirement ... I can also choose when a siesta is needed. Today was one of those days for the first time in a long time. It wasn't due to lack of sleep though ... it's what I had for lunch, which was loaded with too many carbs thus giving me the same results as always in recent years ... I get really sleepy ... like a Carbs OD.

With the temps starting their decent toward the 30's, Heidi started her decent off the side of the carport. As my yard "slides" down the hill, after 21 years I have lost that much front yard ... it use to be level with the concrete. Let the comments section be filled with preventions or fixes for yard erosion suggestions.

Looking at the back of the house towards the north, it was an entirely different planet ... it looks like the storms have arrived everywhere but here. The winds are howling in the middle of the afternoon and I am well rested with a nice two hour siesta, tracked by the sleeping app on my watch. The GarminSport did not track siesta time.

A few minutes later as I write this, those same skies are blue with scattered clouds and bright sunshine. That's "tropical" Southern Indiana weather for you.

Stella and I headed back inside for warmth ... Heidi headed out for her afternoon exercise by doing her lap around the house. It's one of many tracks she follows to keep her aerobics in top condition. I anxiously wait for spring so I can start the 2019 To Do List and play with some concrete to patch the chipped out low spots.

Also ... I'll not be watching news on tv nor reading any online headlines. Those two sites I spoke of this morning have been deleted from my Feedly account. I am going back to No News like I did last October.

It was another good day in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. "professional’ doorman abilities"......................... You're lucky they don't make you wear a uniform while you're on duty! As far as Heidi snoozing without laying completely down? Who needs to lay down when you have a "built in basset double chin" for a pillow? hahahaha.

    Both are sweet doggies! :-)

  2. Heidi’s typical afternoon looks a lot like my Lilly’s!! Especially about finding sunshine to nap in...if there is a square inch of it anywhere in the house she will find it!!

  3. Uniform was discussed in 2014 but Winston came to my rescue and forced Heidi and Sadie to approve the 'casual' look. :)

  4. That's a basset hound for you ... you don't have to lay on the beach or be outside to enjoy the sun.

  5. Arrowhead GrammaJanuary 08, 2019 3:54 PM

    Enjoyable photos and post tonight.

  6. As you see, it's pretty hard to take "action" shots of Heidi in the winter.