January 7, 2019

Canon G9 X Fine Tuned Finally

img_0261 Canon G9 X No Flash

With the pictures from Stella's Sunday afternoon walk I was pretty sure I had made the corrections to the settings. I also think I inadvertently pushed a small icon when I was on the monitor on back of the camera, changing AF to MF and not knowing it Sunday morning.

img_0262 Canon G9 X w/Flash

I took these during the commercials of the NFL game. I can say with this picture and the next picture that the Canon G9 X takes better pictures inside at night as long as the flash is used, than the iPhone 8+ which does a great job.

img_0269 Canon G9 X w/Flash

That white spec on her top of her nose is dried yogurt, from licking out the empty container.

iPhone 8+ No Flash

This is my normal hound pictures from the couch, no flash with the iPhone 8+.

Nikon Nikon D3200 w/Flash
Out of curiosity I did something I never do ... I took a 'couch picture' with the Nikon D3200 with the flash. Heidi still wears the dried yogurt on top of her nose.

We started our walk this morning about 45 minutes later than normal. It wasn't the weather nor the hounds, I woke up about an hour later than normal. We don't start the day until I have at least one cup of coffee, hopefully two. So this morning was going to be a big test to see if I corrected the wrong unseen settings from Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon and night looked like I had fixed the problem. The lighting was a little different when you wait an hour before taking the walk, but this morning was slightly overcast. That presented another good test.

I think you will see the camera settings are where they should be. I did not make any editing changes to any of the photos.

You will see toward the end of this post just how warm it was this morning. No down parka was needed, nor any gloves. Stella was happy to get out in front on the walk.

A little off topic before we start. I've been talking to WordPress for the past three days about the problem with their .com site dumping 700-800Mb of data unexpectedly while I have either added photos, put the blog post together or was proof reading it from the blog url. Finally about midnight last night they finally decided to try something, like digging into the problem to see what was going on. I also sent them a screen shot from Google Data Saver showing wordpress .com in a large lead in the list of websites and how much data they were using. As I have said before, paying for only 20Gb per month I keep an eye out on my data use all all times. The screen is on my second monitor and open anytime my computer is on.

So last night they wanted me to move to the 'old' Wordpress Dashboard that all bloggers have ... "wp-admin/. That makes writing this post a little different. I will not be able to see until I post this, if the line spacing is correct. I don't see anywhere on this screen where I can "preview" ... so I might have to finish it, then save it first and access the preview function that way. {FOUND IT}

Rain is in the forecast by this afternoon with winds in the 20mph-30mph range. Hard to believe we will get more rain since the field is still very saturated with unground water. As we climb a few feet in elevation and get closer to the top or the back of the field, the path gets wetter. Water rises up along the sides of my boots with each step. How will that be after today's rain, IF it shows up. I always say if you want rain or snow I just have to do one of two things ... wash my car ... or mop my kitchen floor. I mopped the floor last night. It will be nice and clean for the first hound paw prints this afternoon or tonight. I guess I could keep a towel outside to wipe their paws before they come in ... sounds like a good idea.

I also saw something on my camera's monitor that is used without a viewfinder to take the pictures. The status bar turns yellow after a certain amount of zoom, then a light blue when it's maxed out. Yesterday morning I could not even move that bar code to the far right, but that setting must have cleared itself when I took the camera back to it's 'default' settings. I did do a couple of pictures in this post with the yellow and light blue colors showing as I zoomed in on Stella. See if you can find them.

It's good to see she has a thick winter coat but more important that she has some weight on her. Two years ago in February she had lost almost 20 pounds. Blood work and different vets could not find any health issues that would cause that weight loss over a six month period. It was in February 2017 I changed dog food brands and haven't changed their food since.

She followed the small narrow deer path into the edge of the woods. Another six to ten feet in, there is a huge drop off that can barely be walked ... falling down into the gully is a real possibility.

I did not change anything editing these because really they looked just like I was seeing ... a dark overcast sky. This picture looks drab but I'd say it's 99% accurate.

She kept me on my toes this morning. She ignored me as much as possible. She did only what she wanted to do. Let's just say we had many 'discussions' on this walk ... but she would just wag her tail and take off in a slow trot, letting me know that I was just along for the ride, and she was making all the decisions today.  LOL

Yes, I should have made this picture lighter but I wanted to keep all the pictures the same to continue my test ...

Almost to the backyard, looking east back into the wooded area. Again I could have brightened this picture up but didn't. I don't know what those to white spots are in the lower right area. I just noticed them while I was typing this sentence. They might be from the house that is located on the opposite side of the gully, tucked in the woods.

The deer move by the house on that side of the bushes, where Stella is. I can see a distinct narrow path heading to the highway following the edge of the brush.

That was the real temperature at 8:55am this morning ... in January?? in the Midwest??? ... I'll take it.

I followed the steps on the Apple website yesterday to take a screen shot with my watch but all that did was reboot the watch. So this morning I took the best picture I could with the camera, within a minute after we finished the walk. I can choose the design and apps I want on the watch face. There are many different watch faces to choose from. All the adjustments are done on the iPhone and are transferred to the watch in less than a minute. Basically what I have there is all I want. Starting in the upper left and going clockwise ... that BPM translates to the reading "Now", Time and Day of course, lower left is the actual temperature with the range for today, middle is my workout app, with me taping that gives me over 10 different types, ranging from walking inside, outside, riding a bicycle inside or outside, swimming, running etc and that "54" is what percentage of the watch battery is left.

I will write a post reviewing the Apple Watch soon. I will say it does more than I expected and again, one of if not the best Apple product I have ever bought in the last 10 years.

As I glance over at my Activity Monitor I do NOT see a big 'data dump'. For three days in a row, all around 10am, with me on the 'newer' blog dashboard, I'd lose 800Mb within minutes. It could have been more had I not closed Google Chrome and the one time I tried it with Firefox.

About the time I thought I was finished with football games until next weekend, I just remembered tonight is the College Football Championship game. Since that is played on the west coast, kickoff probably won't be until 9:20pm local time. They need 20 minutes of commercials before they can start the game. I'm tired of too many commercials in ALL sports that I watch on tv. But, they pay the bills as they say.

Okay ... I can't think of anything else I wanted to say. I think I am pretty well set with the camera settings. I'll do a little editing when needed, from now on. Thanks for hanging with me through some bad photos and giving me your feedback on what you were seeing on your side of the computer. It was helpful.

I just found the 'Preview' button ...

Warm, windy and gray skies this morning in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. I use the WP-Admin dashboard and save often, usually after text or the addition of a few photos. I usually don't look at the 'preview post' until I am done and proofing. Last post because of what I saw I added another photo. I never noticed the 'preview' button until just now. Same as what I have been using.

    Your photos are all wonderful, I don't get into the attention to detail that you do. I guess because I don't have time for that. Personally I shoot on auto as does Colin with our travel camera and just play with highlights & shadows if needed.

    Nice that you are happy with both the new camera and watch. Hopefully they will give you hours of fun and pleasure.

  2. Pictures look great this morning!! Does Stella like yogurt too? My basset loves it!

  3. Yes, Stella loves ANY KIND OF FOOD. :) :) Heidi gets the first licks in then I pass it to Stella to finish. Cottage cheese containers are handled the same way.

  4. As always I took months 'investigating' both the camera and watch. Luckily the prices for each were the same as the deals before the holidays. I just answered my first phone call on the watch, with the iphone setting in another room. Clear reception and didn't have to leave my chair .... same with emails, texts and notifications.

  5. "she would just wag her tail and take off in a slow trot, letting me know that I was just along for the ride, and she was making all the decisions today...."

    LOL I'm very familiar with that! My dogs let me know in no uncertain terms that they are in the "driver's seat" and that I'm just their passenger. Dog rules... you know.

  6. Arrowhead GrammaJanuary 07, 2019 8:30 AM

    Photos are really terrific. Your watch is really fascinating with all it appears to do. Enjoy your game tonight and yes, I think all of America is tired of so many commercials.

  7. Thanks for letting me know about the pictures. I hope you got the rain you needed.