January 15, 2019

FedEx Delivers - Stella's Happy!!

With both hounds sleeping the afternoon away, me reading about everything I talked about this morning and not too much time spent outside, by 3pm it didn't look like there was any chance of putting a second post together today. Then the dominoes started falling. I heard a vehicle driving up my gravel driveway at 4:07pm. Sadie would have been at the door or standing on her back legs looking out the window to see who was in the driveway, but not these two high-tech watchdogs ... they continued to sleep.

They didn't hear a thing at the door. At the time I was back on my computer reading a camera comparison I had read BEFORE I bought the Canon G9 X. I had also found what I needed to do to keep the Apple Watch from asking me after the first 5 minutes if I wanted to stop the walk or continue. I found out answers about digital zoom, what it did and didn't do.

I came to the point that I was going to take a walk with the Canon G9 X whether Stella woke up or not. As soon as she heard the down parka come out of the closet, she was wide awake, standing facing me with a slight whine ... she was ready for her afternoon walk.

I asked Heidi if she would like to go and didn't get much more of a response than this. She likes that soft leather couch in the winter time, possibly even more than she likes it in the summer with the air conditioning on.

Stella took a step outside and instantly bobbed and weaved away from the strange package sitting on the doorstep. I couldn't catch her with my camera but I could for proof of delivery. By the time I returned from the walk, picked up the package and started downloading my pictures to the computer, Chewy .com sent me an email letting me know they had refunded my order that was delivered "for our mistake" and I could see that refund back in my checking account within 3-5 business days. I made a quick call to their customer service rep to let them know I'd rather pay for it, a refund was not needed, but they didn't see it any other way and was happy that I was continuing my automatic shipment. That's the Chewy Pet Supplies I always heard about ... FedEx ... I'll wait to see how they do in February.  :)

By the time I hit the field with camera in hand I had pretty well made up my mind I was keeping the Canon G9 X. It does some good things, sometimes better than my Nikon D3200. Plus I learned of a way I can get the same kind of picture the Nikon gives me with the 200mm lens. Besides, it's always good to have multiple kinds of electronic toys in the barn, some as backups or most of them filling the need of someone who is always changing their mind. Some days I just feel like using different things of the same thing, if that makes sense. Similar to my old theory of having two cars. Yet, the current one car plan is working out very well. I like it.

It's interesting how that tree never lost its leaves last fall. There are a few of these trees scattered in the woods. Since it's not on ESPN or other sports channels, I don't have a clue what kind of tree it is.

I decided this afternoon I'd roam with Stella ... she could and would lead the way at her own pace. If I got bored I'd take pictures of the landscape.

Finally down the homestretch crossing the finish line. A few more calories burned in my account, not many but more than I would have guessed based on the pace she has.

I barely caught the end of her full body shake. I may have to try to make a video of her doing that, but it's hard to predict when she will do another one. So that may be a tough promise to keep.

I have no idea what she is thinking ... I never do.

She has started a new way of coming home ... down the small hill to the side of the house and follow the river rock home. On the outside edge of that river rock is one of my big 2019 projects on the list of things to get finished before football season that starts in August 2019.

I had a change of plans after looking at some food spreadsheets from a few years ago. I was documenting what I was eating, weight, body fat measured with calipers, and measurements around my gut. They say a gut that is 41" or larger is just a heart attack waiting to happen. I'm below that now. Those measurements are still recorded monthly but not the types of food. It was pretty interesting to see the date I started logging monthly stats in May of 2015. When I think I have not made or am making any progress, all I have to do is look at the numbers I logged into that spreadsheet as a starting point. Since that time with a few ups and downs, I still am 24 pounds lighter, 8mm less fat on my sides , and 6" less around my gut.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing I noticed in the notes that consisted of short bullets ... whenever I went back to grains, pasta, or fell off the wagon eating chips, drinking sodas, eating pizza, waffles, all the good stuff like "just one or two cookies" or "a candy bar just to celebrate" .... I'd be back to 212-214 in an instant.

Luckily Mark's Daily Apple does not cut carbs as low as Keto's 10-20 grams pre day but agrees with 50 grams per day ... I can live with that. I can't remember the last time I had a Pepsi or Coke but I still have to fight through the occasional urge. Same for candy or "just one" cookie.

Looking back over what I've written here, it looks like I accomplished everything I wanted to get done today. It took lots of reading but it was all worth it. It could be "Movie Night" while taking a night off from sports.

So with all of that, it's been a good day in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. A good day all around. Good news on the camera, the watch, the delivery and best of all you looking after yourself.

    Stay warm tonight.

  2. Yay! I can sleep better now knowing that the pups finally got their Chewy.com order! LOL

    :::: Scoot over Heidi.. I wanna sleep now too ::::::::

  3. I'm trying to and still think I can improve some things on the food deal. I think if I can make it through the year without any, zero, none deviations from eating good food it will make a lot of difference by the end of next year.

  4. We should all sleep better .. everything is settled from blog themes, cars, Stella's supplements, music, watches, camera, ....

  5. Arrowhead GrammaJanuary 15, 2019 3:57 PM

    Happy Stella's package was delivered. Mine from Costco is still a no-show. Contacting them tomorrow as I have been patient long enough. We are in the midst of three or so days of rain. Hoping the predictions are on-target - 3" to 4" would be great.

  6. Good luck on getting or finding out where your Costco package is.

  7. Costco is resubmitting my order and promises that UPS will deliver it to my door. Time will tell. Placed an order with Best Buy on Monday evening and UPS delivered it to my door before noon today. It can be done.

  8. Well from that result with Best Buy I would venture to say your Costco order got lost in the system.