January 10, 2019

I Reviewed The Canon Owners Manual

I didn't need to look at the frozen condensation on the storm windows to know it was really cold outside. I felt that freezing cold air as soon as I opened the door to let the hounds outside for their first trip of the day, while I poured their breakfast kibble. It's close to the middle of January, so yes it's winter and this weather is expected. What is nice is that there is no bone chilling wind, no single digit windchill temps nor snow on the ground.

All of that saturated ground I spoke of the other day was frozen as hard as any rock would be this morning. Maybe the mole traffic will slow down now.

I am a little surprised that the cold temps are not bothering Stella. Of course it's not single digits yet. Last winter she lifted that frozen paw, turned back to the house and limped toward home as I picked her up. One difference with that day compared to today is, it was 7°, frozen snow and ice in the field and arctic winds.

I tried to get Stella's view as she walked but it was a little hard to keep moving and trying to capture a picture of her with her nose to the ground.

A bright sun was creeping over the horizon to the right of us. It made the whole field glow compared to past days.

All of that grass with a white tint ... frozen.

Right on the path made by deer traffic as they head for the far right corner and then down into the gully ... or is it the other way around?

I could tell as we walked through the frozen grass, there were a lot of 'holes' made by deer hoofs for Stella to investigate.

Stella roamed while I took pictures. I still kept an eye on her to keep her in the area.

Looking west, a little after 8:15am.

She is making her 'get-away' but at least she is headed on the path and in the direction of home. I knew exactly where she was going ...

Just like that she was invisible.

She was exactly where I thought she would be.

At 19° it's getting a little cold after 18 minutes walking. Still, Stella kept her pace and didn't trot, didn't run, she kept 'cruising'

I have no doubt that she follows the exact path of the field cat at work during the night before. I know one thing about that cat ... it's been years since I had to keep mouse traps hidden inside the house to keep them out of the house. So the mysterious, never seen cat, but talked about ... is doing a great job at night.

A lunch time break for Heidi and Stella ...

Heidi is on her normal after lunch 'lap' around the house. I assume she is checking out the internet connection and that we are getting the fastest speeds possible.

I called Stella and she headed for the house ... what a surprise.

With these afternoon pictures I see just a couple of tweaks I can make to the settings.

Those sure look like burrs on the side of her. By the time we came inside, fixed some lunch for myself, they were gone when she laid on her left side to show me. Of course I did not see those burrs until I downloaded the pictures taken after lunch. I was too late to pull them off her coat. Where did they go?

It feels like it will be an afternoon of book reading. I don't have a basketball game to watch until Friday night, then the two NFL Playoff games on Saturday.

It's cold but a nice day here in 'the tropics' in Southern Indiana.


  1. If I hear a muted and distant scream coming from someone in Indiana tonight... I'll know that you stepped on a burr! LOL

  2. Now there is a possibility I did NOT think about. I just figured she ate them. LOL

  3. Watch were you step tonight my friend! hahaha

  4. I always make sure the ribbed hard nylon NylaBone is not in my path from the bedroom to the bathroom or kitchen ... believe me ... you step on that half asleep at 2:30am, the world has ended. How do I know that? :)

  5. Oh yes, I'm familiar with the chewed up NylaBone with the tiny plastic barbs sticking out like razors. People that complain about stepping on their kid's Legos have never stepped on a NylaBone!

  6. With this new camera I’m starting to see what a big girl Stella is...how much does she weigh?

  7. I guess that’s definitely big enough to hurt if she steps on your foot!