January 14, 2019

My Fun Day With FedEx

If I didn't know that I was positively retired for almost 5 years, I would thought today was a work day in the last position I held. Today reminded me of what the definition of the word 'frustration' is and how that was a constant theme in that last job I worked. I wasn't in any kind of shipping position but I was trying to maneuver around all the new restrictions the Obama Administration was implementing for government work and it's contractors. If I had not been so irritated this morning, this FedEx story would almost be funny ... almost.

I'm sure you know how I just love 'hiccups' in life and how well I deal with anything that steers my high paced lifestyle a little off the track. It's especially good when I can speak to someone over the phone that is not a recording, actually resides in the USA and knows where the state of Indiana is located. It makes my day almost a perfect one when I can do that. I was nice to the Chewy Pet Supplies customer service rep but she let me list everything I did not like about MY missing transaction. It wasn't Chewy's fault in any way ... it was FedEx, the company that advertises they will deliver anywhere in the world and in any kind of weather ... My bullshit flag is flying high and proud today, for FedEx.

It started on January 9th when my automatic shipment for Stella's joint supplements was processed by Chewy .com and scanned by FedEx as received. I've never had any problems with any order from Chewy Pet Supplies and in fact they were tremendous, along with FedEx, delivery my orders in less than 48 hours with normal shipping costs. They have a warehouse in Louisville KY evidently, since my orders seem to originate from there. That is roughly 70 miles away. In the past it didn't matter if I ordered early in the morning or late at night, it was at my doorstep the day after next and usually before noon.

From the tracking information everything looked on schedule last week. I wasn't concerned about it since I had enough of the GlycoFlex to get Stella through a few extra days in case something happened. What could happen with a shipment that started only 70 miles from the door?? Really, think about that ... how can a shipment get so screwed up within a 70 mile trip? When the FedEx truck (private contractor) didn't show up on the 11th, I logged into my account to see what happened or where it was. With the forecast of a blizzard on Friday, dumping 6" of snow at least in this area, I was kind of hoping they would have shown up on Thursday. Since FedEx delivers in any kind of weather I wasn't really concerned.

The snow arrived by Saturday morning. It wasn't as much as they forecasted but I knew they had more snow north of me. I decided more out of curiosity than anything else, to check the status early Saturday morning. It was all on schedule. Stella's product was on the truck at 6:26am and "out for delivery" I also noticed on Saturday that the highway in front of the house was cleared for traffic. There wasn't snow or ice on the highway. In fact around 10:30am Saturday I saw a smaller FedEx van pass the house heading south. It looked good to me and besides, I was going to be home all day Saturday watching ballgames. So I would be here when the FedEx truck pulled into the driveway.

Saturday passed ... no delivery. Stella had plenty of the supplement left and I was off to bed early Saturday night after watching one and a half football games. While I am playing around on the computer Sunday I decided to check the Fedex shipping status. More or less just out of curiosity. Did they leave it at the wrong house? Believe it or not, that has happened before with FedEx involved, with my neighbor receiving my shipment and other times I'd receive theirs. So, even in the day of computers, handheld barcode scanners and online tracking ... things can still get messed up with a shipment. That's just the way shipping works.

Since it had the same shipping status as Saturday morning on Sunday night, I decided to take Chewy up on their offer to call about this. They are there 24/7 but I knew that FedEx would be closed. The rep was nice and without me saying a word she said "this isn't right". "Did you receive the product" ... Me: "no, and just in case, I checked the front door, the back of the house, in my carport and even the mailbox in case they stuck the box inside. I didn't find it anywhere."

She told me she could not call FedEx until Monday (today) BUT IF I HAD NOT RECEIVED THE PRODUCT BY MONDAY MORNING BEFORE NOON TO CALL THEM BACK AND THEY WOULD SEND OUT A NEW SHIPMENT AS A REPLACEMENT FOR MY TROUBLE."  That sounded like something Chewy Pet Supplies would do. I thanked her and said I would do just that, plus added "they normally show up before noon."

I find it to be very convenient to be sitting at the kitchen table playing Mahjong on my laptop, on days of expected deliveries. This morning was no different. Traffic was heavy on the highway and once again I had seen some regular size FedEx trucks heading south. That visual made it all the more confusing later in this story. REAL CONFUSING !! My blood is only slightly starting to boil about the time I finished feeding the hounds their lunch.

FedEx had not shown up yet but I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt with the snow storm Friday night ... maybe they were not able to make it to the house on Saturday or got backed up on deliveries and ran out of time. All I can do though is check my tracking number on the FedEx website with the assurances to call Chewy back since I didn't have my product yet. I am into Day 5 of the order and Chewy always delivers much sooner than that, no matter what part of the USA you live in.

Before I called Chewy Pet Supplies, I wanted to make sure what the latest status was. I was EXPECTING to see an update where the date had changed from 01 TWELVE 19 to 01 TODAY DATE 19 "out for delivery" ... seems logical with all of the barcode scanners and all the data entry that goes on, I would think at least they could do is change the date of the status. .... OK, the hounds have been fed, that's good in case I black out as I look at the tracking screen. They have water so they are taken care of AND they both have been outside. SO IF WERE TO BLOW A FUSE OF SOME SORT BETWEEN MY BRAIN AND HEART ... the hounds would be taken care of.

My eyes LOCKED in on the latest status .... 01 / TWELVE / 19 ... 12 !!!!! January 12th !!!!! That is my latest status ????? At least they didn't show it as being delivered but come on !!!! Can't they at least update the status as of TODAY ... MONDAY ... NO HOLIDAY ... A WORK DAY FOR 99.99999999999999% of the people nationwide ... not counting those government workers in the news. So I throw about 4 almonds down my throat, looked for and found my iPhone and put both pages of my order on my computer so I can see them while I called. Chewy's order page on the left ... the FedEx clowns tracking page on the right ... I call the number for Chewy customer service just like they instructed.

Remember on Sunday night I was told if the product had not arrived by Monday morning to call and they would ship out a replacement PLUS they would call FedEx to find out what happened or where my original order was. Well the lady I spoke to on Sunday night evidently failed to note that anywhere on the computer in my account. The girl I spoke to today ... it was like I was starting all over, like it was the first time I had ever called about this order.

Do you remember how I told you just how thrilled I get when things don't go smoothly in my life or the life of my hounds?  LOL or just how much I love speaking to any customer service reps? I just love it? Nothing else I like more than repeating the same information on every call over and over and over. Nothing ....

Well thank God I bought that Apple Watch a few weeks ago because I can glance right at it and see just how calm my insides really are ... a heart rate of 78 is higher than normal for me ... but that isn't putting me in the range of totally losing my mind while I am on the phone. I have plenty of room on the old heart beat flow chart to get a lot more pissed off than what I am. I can almost increase my 'anger' over 50% and still remain under my maximum heart rate and stay healthy. But ... she
 was nice, understanding and agreed with me about the true definition for the word 'frustration.'

She told me she would call FedEx as soon as we hung up and would call me back just as soon as she finished talking to them. SHE WOULD, not someone else. Ok ... I'll sit here and play a few more games of Mahjong and who knows, that smaller FedEx truck might pull up the driveway and everything is good.

Really ...???? You think that might happen on a MONDAY ... a few days after a dump of snow ??? I didn't either and didn't get my hopes up ..... you know why????

The FedEx screen that showed my shipment step by step, with date and time and locations of where it had been scanned as received in the FedEx process told a very interesting story .... there is more to this than I have written so far. Let's just say after the order started normal, on time, things are looking good with an estimated delivery date of Jan 11th just like always before ... TWO DAYS ... well it got to Zionsville Indiana FedEx hub okay. That's a suburb on the NW side of Indianapolis. I live 70 some miles SW of Indianapolis. It IS possible to have it on the truck and delivered the same day from Zionsville.

Not this order. Ohhhhhhh Noooooooo, not this order.

Driving 70 some miles south is just too *&$@#$!$%#&%$# EASY !!!!! They wouldn't want to do something so easy ... especially since a huge snow storm is on the way.

Let's go the opposite direction and ship this small box further up I-74 since it is fairly close to Zionsville Indiana. That way it can go all the way to Champagne Illinois .... ILLINOIS ... before we ship it to the destination that has the correct street address on the label. HOW DID I NOT NOTICE THAT ON SUNDAY????

At least by Saturday morning at 6:26am it had been returned to Terre Haute Indiana, and was on the truck "out for delivery" At least it was back in the state it was supposed to be in, not one state west of us. So I keep playing Mahjong ... no return call .... I play another game of Mahjong ... no return call ... I play another game of Mahjong ... no return call ... ONE HOUR and TWENTY MINUTES later ... since I have not received the return call from the Chewy Pet Supplies customer service rep ... I decided to check that FedEx tracking page again ... maybe she got something fixed and it's been updated ... maybe it really was delivered somewhere else. Maybe it's lost ... I am willing to give them all the chances in the world just for some ACCURATE shipping update. I'd like to see the date of the update changed to 01/14/2019 from 01/12/2019 ... at least that if nothing else.

Have I ever told you there are days that I wish Stella and I could trade places? I could be a laidback bloodhound and she could be me ... fixing an overflowing toilet or a water heater, or even mowing the yard ... anything that deals with a house??????? Have I????

My eyes could NOT MOVE from the latest shipping status from FedEx!!!!! COULD NOT MOVE!!!! They were locked in on the top line of status!!!! I glance at my watch and my pulse is still good, below 80bpm .... I wasn't sure if I was breathing or not .... what were those 'sparkles' in front of my eyes???? Was I getting ready to pass out from GLEEEEEEE??? Happiness???? Was I jumping up and down like it was Christmas morning???

What then????

Well I have to give credit where credit is due ... at least FedEx changed the date on their screen for the latest status ... yes I saw 01 / FOURTEEN / 2019 ... so that's today's date and today's status.

DELAYED          DELAYED          DELAYED           DELAYED          DELAYED          DELAYED          DELAYED           DELAYED

Did I ever get a call back from the Chewy Pet Supply customer service rep????  NO

Could she have taken her lunch break????  Maybe

Did I think I would EVER receive a call from Chewy Customer Service????  NO

So I ate an orange. I talked to Stella and Heidi, I mumbled to myself ... I even thought about turning on the news!!! I kept thinking .... let's see, it will be delivered on the 15th - 9 = 6 ... 6 days ... SIX DAYS ... SIX ... 6 ... DELAYED .....

It gets even better!!!!!

You didn't think I was going to end the story like that did you??????   LOL

I calmly eat my orange and log that into MyFitnessPal app. I calmly throw away my orange peels and I calmly pick up my iPhone to call .... Chewy Pet Supplies Customer Service ... CALMLY.

Of course that means I am speaking to someone new. Someone that has to ask me for my phone number or order number again Now that is my 3rd time. Then she has to look over the order again and sees the shipment has been delayed .... SHE TELLS ME THAT ... how nice. I reminded her that I just read what she read to me off of the FedEx tracking number website and then told her it told me to call her if I wanted to know why it was delayed ... so here I am.

Looking to find out why it's delayed.  I mean during this time since my 10:30am ... I've seen nothing but FedEx trucks moving up and down this highway along with one UPS truck. Looks like they are open for business.

Then  ..... she ..... gave ..... me ...... my ..... answer!!!!

"It is delayed and will not be delivered until Tuesday because THEY ARE NOT OPEN ON MONDAY !!!!!   What????  NOT OPEN ON MONDAY?????

NO ... "Ground" delivery is NOT open on Monday. They are only open Tuesday through Saturday .... GROUND DELIVERY

Hmmmmmmmm I have to think about this. I am in a little shock, I am still a little mad, I am more than confused .... then she said "I can't understand why this was not delivered on Saturday because it was on the truck "OUT FOR DELIVERY". Did she offer me a replacement shipment like the lady did on Sunday night? NO Did she offer to refund my small shipping charge since "we usually deliver with 36 hours and most of the time within 48 hours" ... NO, she did not. I told her I was shocked that this was going on with Chewy ALTHOUGH it is not Chewy that screwed up and shipped it from Zionsville Indiana to Champagne Illinois. I know that.

No ... that is not the end of this story.

After I calmly hung up my iPhone I decided the only thing logical I could do is take the hounds outside while I load my recycling container and take a short drive to the recycling center.

No ... that is not the end of this story.

No .... FedEx decided they wanted to rub my face in it .. they must have been listening to my call with Chewy via Facebook's Messenger Service (JUST JOKING) .... So as I am outside standing in the driveway with Stella as she is looking for that perfect spot to pee .... WHAT DO YOU THINK PULLS INTO THE DRIVEWAY OF MY NEIGHBOR ???????


You're right, your'e the winner .... A FEDEX TRUCK PULLS INTO THE DRIVEWAY OF MY NEIGHBOR ... I can see a driver delivering a package to my neighbor!!!!! I have to ask her ... so I yell "I have a question for you" ... she replies yes so I know she heard me. "Do you have a package for my address" She says "NO" ... I say "I was just told that FedEx GROUND DELIVERY DOES NOT WORK ON MONDAYS"

She replies .... your package might be on another truck.


She replies .... "I am GROUND DELIVERY" ....................... :)


  1. Wow!! Totally blows your mind!! I had a similar problem with Fed-ex over Christmas ...first it was delayed , then out for delivery, then cancelled by sender...luckily the company I actually ordered through sent me a replacement and had it overnighted...I got it Christmas Eve which was good since it was a present...

  2. Isn't it amazing how similar our stories are. Hmmmm

  3. I particularly found the twist in your story about how the ground delivery doesn’t work on Monday very interesting! I didn’t get that story but i definitely sympathize with your frustration!

  4. Having the same trouble with USPS AGAIN. USPS down here in Rockport Tx is the worst in the galaxy.

  5. Arrowhead GrammaJanuary 14, 2019 4:28 PM

    Order photos from Costco on 12/27/18. They wouldn't ship to PO Box, so used street address and added #000 (used my box number) as I knew it would go to my post office. Post office will send back if no box number on package. Tracking shows that UPS delivered to the major mail distribution center 25 miles from me on 1/2/19. To date the package has not been delivered either to my street address or PO Box. Post Office said that it was probably sent Parcel Post (I doubt this since UPS delivered it to the mail distribution center). As of today 1/14/19 I do not have my photos. Talked to Post Office today and they advised I should call Costco or UPS. My blood pressure was raging when I was told this. No true customer service in our world today.

  6. What really gets my blood pressure up is when UPS says they couldn't deliver my package because "I wasn't home" when in fact I've been home the entire day and they never showed up. Then they put my package in one of those drop boxes in
    another town and expect me to drive out there to pick it up. They pull this kind of crap when they run out of time for drop offs and blame it on the customer.

  7. I just find it hard in the days of computerized everything that updated status couldn't be done with just a click of a button ... capture everything in that truck and update the status on non-deliveries. DHL use to be my worse but FedEx is #1

  8. Things have kind of improved with my USPS after they set up that system where you can sign up and get an email notification on what they are going to delivery. They scan most everything. I've noticed since that system has been put in place I don't get my neighbor's mail. I'm sorry to hear about your postal problems.

  9. You are right about customer service in this world today. It's almost like they don't want the business they receive and don't care if you go to their competitor.

  10. Luckily for 20 years the UPS driver has left packages if I am not home, on the door step in the carport. BUT I have had FedEx do what you describe.

  11. Wow! I hope the package arrives today for you! I've always had very positive experiences with Chewy.... I can't say the same with FedEx or UPS or USPS however. LOL --- I think during this season, they're still relying on a lot of contract holiday employees and that may be the cause of some of it.

    P.S. I love Mahjong too ........ it's a great way to relax!

  12. Contract employees is all I get year round with FedEx. I just thought it was some new corporate strategy. I play Mahjong Deluxe and have 160 different games which I try to complete under 3 minutes. I am down to 8 games to go. But yes, a great was to relax ... I love that game, but only play it on my laptop ... my times are much faster.

  13. Yeah I had a friend who ordered a Christmas present for me and when she called to check on it they told her first that nobody was home and there wasn’t a “safe” place to leave the package ...I was home all day and it was the same driver who has delivered to our house many times and leaves it on the front porch!! It ended up at the post office and I had to go get it!!

  14. GRRR!!!!!! So what is the status today, Tuesday.?

  15. Just posted it on my new post today ... but BOTH sites tell me its on the truck "out for delivery" as of 7:52am this morning ...

  16. We use that USPS scan service too, but in our case it's because they refuse to recognize our physical address despite paperwork from the county confirming what it is. Since it's a long drive to the PO box we like to know ahead of time if the drive is worth it.

    As far as FED EX delivering anywhere in the world, despite what they say that's not true here in the US. They will NOT deliver to a physical address that is not recognized by the USPS. UPS will and we have had them deliver to us at 1AM before. (We are a long ways from anywhere and hard to find. . .)

  17. 99% of my paper mail anymore goes in the recycling bin. Worthless. 1am?? Wow ... here in 'greentucky' they might have been shot. :)