January 18, 2019

Over Exposed?


Heidi could hear me, she could hear the click of the camera but didn't see me as I leaned and put the camera directly over her head as she laid in her chair. She has been the smartest of us all today. No sense in trying to make a slow afternoon faster when you can just kick back and enjoy what's there. No tv, no music, no sounds around .. just pure quietness.


I couldn't tell if it was raining again in the early afternoon. Stella was still sleeping after her lunchtime kibble. So was Heidi and I was nodding out at times. You can only play so many games of Mahjong in a day. Sometimes reading a book is like work, not enjoyable. I had no idea where to go, even if I were to take a drive. So I did what Heidi was doing ... I just sat back, relaxed and listened.


Either the water is rising underground or it has rained a little since our walk this morning. One step into the field felt like it was muddier than this morning. The wet leaves make it slick like snow but I was still paying attention and making sure that Stella didn't go near the land of burrs.


The afternoon pace is slow, one paw at a time. I was way out in front by the time she started moving my direction. By the way she looked I wasn't sure that she wanted to make this walk.


That tree limb fell in high winds in February 2009. With the windows closed and the tv tuned to an IU basketball game I could still hear it cracking as it fell. The next morning utility trucks all over the highway a few houses down.

I found out there was a tornado that has passed through that night. Near my house a utility pole had been snapped in half like a toothpick ... but the ballgame went on. I was totally unaware of what was going on outside.


Once again no 'verbal herding' was involved. She was on her own.


It has been a long time since she went to the far corner of the field. I found out she went there for one reason and one reason only ... a lot of verbal herding took place and a small lecture as we returned to the path.  :)


Whatever it was, it was so good she stopped a few times to look back in that direction.


Now it was the sound of a very small dog barking. It's the same one as the other morning that stopped Stella in her tracks. I walked into the yard and waited, just so I could see what she would do.


In the north backyard where I cut a small tree down a few years ago.


After letting Stella be on her own for the whole walk, not counting the time I had to lead her back to the path away from the gross stuff she was eating ... she decided she wasn't coming in the house. She was going on strike.

So I left her, walked inside, took off my coat, poured a glass of water and I hear a bump against my storm door. That is the sound of her pushing the door with her nose to let me know she wants inside. I know she changed her mind awfully quick after I left her and was out of her view.

I was just reminded by a fellow Apple Watch user, that I cannot use just the watch even with the cellular feature. All that cellular feature does is let me use the watch when I am away from the house without taking my phone with me. I need the phone to download data the watch collects and to do the updates for the watch when they are released.

I knew there was a reason I wanted to keep my phone. BTW, she has told me that exact reason more than one time and I keep forgetting.

I'm going to set this post aside and let it brew for a while at 2:36pm.

Oh ... that's it ... now I remember what all of this was about. The OVER EXPOSURE????

A photo guru of mine saw my new blog, the photos from the Canon and thought my pictures were over exposed. So before this afternoon's walk I decreased the exposure on the camera three clicks to start and after a couple or three pictures I moved it up a click for a net decrease of two clicks on the exposure setting. I see a big difference in these photos compared to the last few weeks for the ones taken outside.

About the time I was having a snack, high protein day ... I checked the DVR to see if any new shows were recorded that I might watch this afternoon. I was in luck ... Homestead Rescue and Life Below Zero had shows listed. With a new season starting Building Off The Grid, I'll add that to the DVR timer to record only the new episodes.

It's nice to have a 2TB hard drive in the DVR. After 11 months I still have not filled one half of it. Later on once I need some space I can download those to an external hard drive. BUT THERE'S A CATCH !!!

To replay those ballgames or movies I have kept, I can only see them on a Dish Network system. If I were to eventually move to DirecTv or a streaming service, due to their coding and file structure all those ballgames and movies would be worthless.

Heidi has turned into a food begging monster. She has gotten to the point of wanting everything that I am eating. If she hears a cabinet door or refrigerator door opened, or the smell of cooked food ... she is right there looking up at me wagging her tail. She wasn't like that six months ago.

A day closer to snow Saturday night and the coldest temps yet on Sunday, here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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