January 4, 2019

Stella Escapes AGAIN !!!!


Anyone want a bloodhound??? An EXPERT in getting out of any kind of confinement. She can open doors with lever handles or round. If she ever gets outside the house, she will sit and wait for your return. Her funny personality and being a great bloodhound 99.99999% of the time keeps her from any animal shelter or me giving her away. Don't panic and don't scream at me .... I'm kinda joking here and need some space to vent as I tell the story from today. Thank you.


When I left at 10:42am to drive 27 miles to Best Buy, I was using the tested proven security of a tight, a very tight, cord tied around the bedroom door (she is behind that door), stretched tightly to another door handle that goes to a closet maybe 10 feet away.

The theory being ... if she pulled the doorknob from inside the bedroom, the tension from pulling would tighten the cord from the opposite direction and prevent her from opening the door. This has worked many times since her last escape almost a month ago.


This is the other doorknob the cord is tied to. I double checked both doors before tying the cord to make sure their latches were in place and would prevent either door from opening.

When I arrived home at 12:53pm .... around 2 hours and 11 minutes later .... I saw that top photo, Stella standing next to her LAST apple out of five of them. I bought some great Red Delicious apples just yesterday morning. I was in total shock about her standing there, a lot more than the damaged fruit.

For those that read the post this morning you may remember it was suppose to start raining at noon. When I walked out of the store it sure didn't look like rain nor did it rain at home ... so that isn't what made her want to escape. Maybe she was hungry since I was almost two hours late serving her lunch??? Who knows???  LOL


All I could think about was HOW DID SHE GET THAT DOOR OPEN  ?????? God Almighty she is good!!!!! Anything I have tried the past 3 years and 4 months with a 18 month gap of nothing in the middle ... she has figured out ways of escaping !!!! I cannot tell you all that she has destroyed in those first 22 months ... but to give you an idea I'll mention the word "drywall."

2019 Jan 04

Today, she had opened the bedroom door just enough to chew the cord in half, thus getting out. I guess by her pulling inside with her mouth and jaws around the door knob, it popped the closet door open releasing the tension on the cord. THEN she probably chewed the cord in half.

I glanced to my left and saw what was left of a new bundle of 7 bananas. Obviously from all the small brown marks on the floor, she had not only eaten them but had walked on soft bananas and the peelings, with sigs of her paws on the floor.

She has not been sick today, in any way. This isn't the first time she ate all of my fruit sitting in bowls on the kitchen table or on the counter. The first week I had her in September 2015, I was outside mowing the yard while she ate all of my bananas, apples, half of a whole pineapple, three mangos minus the pits (which are poisonous), and four kiwi. She didn't get sick then either.

Version 2

Like I said I was in shock. At least there was no damage in the bedroom like in the past. She did not touch my desk and probably never walked in the computer room. She walked up to me slightly cowering, slowly wagging her tail. She knew she had done something she shouldn't have. When she looks up with those eyes of hers, any frustrated or angry feelings I have are always gone instantly. She really is a great bloodhound.

For new readers, I was her 4th owner in her first 6 years of life.

Seeing that she had escaped took away any excitement I had about buying the Apple Watch. Here I am just starting to set it up, getting ready to change the face and move the information to where I want it on my watch face.


With Stella's escape I was mentally stymied again, slightly confused on what do I do now? Will I ever be able to leave my house again while she is living here? Am I a prisoner in my own home? She had 18 months of perfect manners, never trying to escape with just a closed door. There were times during that 18 months that I was gone 8-10 hours visiting friends.

img_0003 (1)

Later in the afternoon she had a second change ... a short test. I had to go buy some dog food. I had two choices ... take her with me for the half mile trip to the store or leave her at home in the same set up ... only this time I would add the baby gate right next to the door in case she opened the bedroom door again.


In the afternoon test I was gone for less than 10 minutes, in and out with a new 40 pound bag of kibble. I was relieved when I pulled into the driveway to see she was not outside waiting on me. (that happened in 2015) I was thrilled as I looked in the kitchen door window to see the bedroom door still closed. I didn't care that I was only gone for 10 minutes at the most ... I was just happy she had not escaped.


As she walked out with Heidi wagging her tail, I praised her like I was training an 8 week old puppy again ... then gave her a couple of grain free, bacon flavored (what a combo that is) dog treats. I will continue that positive reinforcement no matter how long I am gone, IF she is good. She went almost a month since her last escape.


I am still learning all about the Apple Watch Series 4. In the few hours I have owned it, it is awesome !!!! In fact it might be the BEST Apple product I have bought in the last 10 years. It is that good.

I did my first ECG (EKG and was told my heart rhythm is normal. Of course I will have to get used to charging the watch every day or at least every 18 hours. It came 100% charged. I will write a review about it after a few weeks of using it or a month at the latest.


Since Stella figured out I was not going to hang her from the highest rafters, give her away or keep her outside as punishment ... she was more interested in finding a car door that was opened or one she could open for a ride around town. Or, she was smelling the bag of dog food in back of the car, locked up.



I had another toy show up in the mail today. It's a Canon G9 X Mark II, with a 1" sensor and from I have been told by a friend that recommended the camera to me, it will do just as well if not better than my Nikon D3200. I am anxious to use it on the morning walks as soon as the rain stops. Maybe by tomorrow morning. In the meantime I'll take some photos with it in the house, low light conditions, so I can compare those with my iPhone 8+ photos.

To say the least, it's been quite a day. From being very happy, to pissed off, to laughing as she looked at me with those crazy eyes of hers, then feeling busy again while I read about the watch and the new camera.

No worries .. I just had to add a little flavor of honesty to the story about Stella's escape.

I will continue to think of a Plan C for securing her when I am gone and I am always open to suggestions. Just remember, she is an EXPERT, not a normal dog you may have experienced with separation anxiety ... plus she is strong as an ox.  :)

Friday night in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana, exciting times!!


  1. I can see why it would be hard to stay mad at her ...the look on her face in the first picture says it all!

  2. I go from mumbling to myself to laughing, telling her "you are one funny bloodhound."

  3. Keyed both sides dead bolts seem like something to consider. I have a 12 year old Canon G9 I use. The problem is the dirt that gets inside the telescoping lens and makes nasty spots on the pictures. I have not solved that trouble yet.

  4. Arrowhead GrammaJanuary 04, 2019 3:29 PM

    All I can say is what a stinker. It's apparently a challenge to her to be able to get out. I think I mentioned previously as Barney did bout the dead bolts. In our case we have one door that is keyed both sides dead bolts. On the one side we have a knob (not like a door knob) to turn and open the door. You could do this on both side with the one on the inside of the bedroom up high so she couldn't get to it.

  5. About the time I went to bed I remember the previous suggestions of using deadbolts but was too tired to go back and add that to the blog post. Thanks for the reminder.

    I'll do some searching today on that G9 problem and see if I can find a fix for you and prevention for me. So far it's worked out very good and the smaller size has not bothered me.

  6. I remembered you suggestion about the time I turned off the computer for the night and didn't go back and add that to the post. I even dreamed about deadbolts. LOL

    Near the knob would put more strength in that area she would be pulling but higher out of reach would guarantee she could not put her jaws around that knob to turn it. Something to think about today.

  7. kellyfrombayfieldJanuary 04, 2019 11:47 PM

    Does she damage the car if you take her with you ?

  8. Ive only taken the her in the car with me driving. A summer or two ago when I had the FJ and I took her while I ran into the grocery story ... she was trying to get out because there was fresh bloodhound drool and nose marks all over EVERY window. She always pushes at windows or doors with her nose to see if they will open.

  9. It stressed her out when I left her in the car with Sadie and Heidi at various times. Drool a mile long on each side of her mouth, panting and whining when I got back to the FJ.

  10. Your only option is to make her a service dog. You could say she was your emotional support dog. They don't need to know you are really the service human and you are Stella's emotional support human. Then she can go everywhere you go.

  11. LOL Stella = Houdini!!! She is good hahahaha --- can't stay mad at such an adorable face with those big brown puppy eyes!

    Great looking watch!

  12. P.S. Ever consider a one-sided deadbolt lock with exterior plate? The exterior plate to be on the inside of the room where Stella cannot turn any knob?


  13. That's an interesting idea. She would love to go buy dog food. :)

  14. She is definitely good at escaping. That first two weeks I had her, she climbed through two screen windows that were only 39" wide and 16" tall, then fell the ~4' to the ground outside the window.

    I have changed what information is on that face. I'll get a screen shot of what I have, which I can do from the phone, then post it later. Thanks ... I think you will love this "electronic toy" if/when you buy one. :)

  15. Yes, that is high on my list today. I'm going to try to get one while I am out buying more bananas and apples ... for me, not her. LOL

  16. Well Stella isn't lacking fiber in her diet with all that fruit she consumes! LOL

  17. I thought an Avocado was missing yesterday but didn't see any skin or the large seed laying around. Today I heard her chewing what I thought was a bone ... it was the Avocado seed. She had it hid somewhere. :)

  18. Oh my! Those seed are poisonous to dogs.

  19. That is what I thought. That was why I was happy I didn't see any Avocado residue laying around. I couldn't remember if I had one left in the bowl or two. Maybe (hopefully) it wasn't an Avocado seed but something else. It was in pieces by the time I caught her.

  20. At least she doesn't eat all the candy and drink all the booze

  21. There are all kinds of positives ... LOL