January 25, 2019

Stella Gets A Half Walk


As the afternoon progressed we had a 'heat wave'. I kept an eye outside while I played Mahjong at the kitchen table, watching the one field become flooded as time moved on. It looked beautiful outside with sunny clear skies and it was very tempting to go for a walk.


Right after the hounds lunch we did step outside but it was only a short time. It was 15° and damn cold. Neither hound wanted to get much further than the carport. We were all back inside fairly quickly. They slept, I fixed some baked wild salmon and steamed brussels sprouts for a late lunch or early dinner. I kept the tv on in the background but it was tuned to a sports talk on FoxSports 1, Colin Cowherd.


Stella and I took off a little after 4:13pm, not really knowing what to expect. I decided we would go until we got too cold or high freezing winds hitting us once we made the first turn. We didn't make to the first turn before jumping over on the return path and heading home.


We were gone a total of 7 minutes.  LOL


With what I think is increased scratching by Stella, I looked back at photos of her to see if I could tell when this irritating habit started. Besides the weather changes, starting from the summer moving to fall, there were only two things different as possible causes.

I started giving her a monthly supplement of the GlycoFlex for her hips and joints plus I decided I would continue their monthly heartworm chews year round, just not through spring and summer. Could it be the heartworm meds that she is allergic to?


When I was taking Heidi to four different vets trying to solve her skin issues a few years ago, the same vet that had been involved in a study of allergies in dogs, told me they found the beef in the heartworm medicines spiked an increase in allergies. While dog food alone was only a cause in 3% of dog allergies.


I've gone many years not giving my hounds a year round heartworm chews. The past two summers the incidents of heartworm in dogs in this area has exponentially increased. It concerned me when I heard the total number of cases just in the office I changed to in September.  I decided I'd rather have them take a chance having allergies instead of coming down with heartworm.


Of course it could be something else that is causing all the scratching. I am going to change their dog food from a chicken protein to a lamb protein in their next bag of dog food. Fish? The last time a tried a salmon blend of dog food, Heidi's skin allergies went off the charts, so fish will not be an option.


Stopping again to scratch. Even when it's freezing outside.


She was still happy to get outside. While Heidi has spent all day on the couch in a spot where the sunshine targets that part of the couch. Like a magnifying glass, that spot is pretty warm. Basset hounds are not stupid when it comes to sleeping in the sunshine, inside or outside.

I decided to answer an email question I received today, here just in case other readers are wondering. Someone asked me today by email if this blog was going to turn into a political blog. They didn't care for it. They only wanted to see the photos and read about the hounds.

So to answer that reader's question and for those that might be wondering ... NO, it is not. In fact yesterday's post will be my last about politics or anything government. I will also no longer be reading the news or watching the news just like I did from October 28 to December 9th.

That should give me plenty of time to read, listen to music or watch taped tv shows. Plus I will have less chances to get mad, irritate and mumbling to myself. There is nothing I personally can do about anything politically so I am going back to being a non-participant, until it is time to vote.

All is good in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana today ... ballgame on tv tonight!


  1. Took Daisy out four times this morning before she could stay out long enough to do her business.... 2 below here.

  2. We are having a heat wave today ... up to 28°. But that is what happens when you live in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana. :)