January 5, 2019

Still Making Camera Adjustments


Obviously I am still learning about the new Canon G9X I bought. With a friend's help I made some adjustments to the camera settings with exposure, sharpness, contrast and other small changes to the settings. Some of these look pretty good, others need a lot of help. I did not edit any of these photos taken around 2pm with Stella's walk. Even Heidi spent time in the yard while Stella and I took off in the field.








I'll look back through my notes, bookmarked camera pages and the owners manual of course. Now the Apple Watch is running smoothly. All apps are working perfectly and I finally have the watch face giving me only the information I want at a glance.

One NFL game is finished with the right team winning, one more to start in a few minutes. With an early wakeup time this morning I may not make it to the end of this next game.

Any feedback on these few photos is welcomed, speak freely either by making a comment or sending me an email. They will eventually improve and look much better. It is amazing how many features that small camera has.


  1. The colors are more vivid! Nice :-)

  2. The photos are very nice. Very clear and crisp.

  3. Great improvement on the photos. Much sharper and defined than those from the Nikon.

  4. Arrowhead GrammaJanuary 05, 2019 4:21 PM

    Great photos - sharper and clearer in my opinion. By the way you are having a "heat wave" while we have had some rain this afternoon and expect 4-5" of snow tonight. Winter might finally be here for us.

  5. Thank you. It must be my eyes spending too much time in front of a computer.

  6. That is good to know from someone that knows cameras.

    My friend had me put the Canon in 'manual' mode, then made adjustments to sharpness, color, contrast and other areas. Of course it's always hard to tell how people will see them because most of us are using different devices.

    I am going to look through the camera settings on the Nikon today and see if I can match them up. If I can, which I have no doubt those same adjustments are available, I'll take some photos to compare.

    I like both camera but I admit this tiny Canon does some amazing things.

  7. Good to hear you are getting some form of water in your area. "Heat wave" is write ... I see three more days with highs in the mid-50's this week. Good to hear the pictures are sharper and clearer, that is what I was trying to achieve.

  8. I knew after the morning blog post and photos I needed some adjustments. I have always shot in 'auto' since I had not shot in 'manual' in 30 years, when my Canon 35mm camera was all manual. After my friend explained to me how the 'new' manual works, it changed everything thing. The 'exposure' setting was a big one, thus more improvement.

  9. Yes loving these pictures with the new camera...and of course the close up of Heidi!!

  10. I will find out on the morning walk tomorrow how these recent changes to the settings again will look. I have a pretty good feeling that I fixed the problem from Sunday morning. I like the pictures with the new camera when the settings have been right.

  11. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!!

  12. I took some indoor photos with the flash and the Canon is better than the iPhone 8 which was very good. I'll be posting those few pictures tomorrow, of Heidi.