January 27, 2019

Sunday Ends On A Lighter Note


The bright sunshine today made the day seem much nicer. A little snow did not matter to me as long as the sun was out. That didn't mean we did a lot. The hounds slept most of the day away. I took a drive for a couple of hours and the good news was, Stella did not break out of the locked bedroom with a third  option to prevent her from getting out. I propped up a chair against the baby gate, both on the outside of the door. The cord was used again and everything was as I left it. It's better to be safe than sorry.


Right after their lunch they had interest in only one thing. They wanted back inside the house as soon as possible and both were asleep within minutes of getting inside.


A few minutes before 5pm Stella and I headed out for the afternoon walk. A lot of the snow had vanish with the bright sunshine all day, still it was never higher than 30° today. I drove over to Bloomington for the drive itself more than anything else. I needed to wash away some of the 'cabin fever' I've been feeling. It makes it extra nice when the highways and streets were clear of any snow, sand or salt. I thought about a run to 5Guys Burgers, or a pizza at Mother Bears but the urge was gone after I drove for the 30 minutes it took me to get there. I ate dinner when I got back home. How's that for some discipline?


I can't remember the last time the Mini Countryman had been on a high speed run. Not so much breaking the speed limit but just Interstate driving at highway speeds. The Mini purrrred like a kitten.


As we approached this part of the walk I kept an eye on Stella to see if she would take off, although I doubted she would. She was on her 'afternoon pace' and that means very little trotting, very little veering off the path and it's almost like she crawls around the loop back home.


She didn't forget that ice was still there, hidden under the light snow. She lined herself up early enough to take the left side of the path and missing any possible melted snow.


With no wind it was a perfect afternoon to take a walk. It felt warm and not nearly as cold as the 28° the weather app was showing me.


Unlike this morning or past mornings, she had no interest to explore the fence line, ignoring my calls ... instead she turned when the path was getting ready to head home and led the way.


Walking directly into the sunshine I knew there wouldn't be many, if any pictures taken until we got back to the yard. I posted this one just to show but it was a lot brighter than this photo shows. I could  barely see without my hand blocking the sunshine like the bill of a cap.


She hears the St. Bernard barking from the house across the highway. Neither has attempted to meet each other at the edge of the front yard.


Once back inside, she curled up behind my desk chair so I couldn't move. Heidi was sunbathing on the couch as the whole room was lit up with bright sunlight. With no plans of changing blog templates, it will be a night of watching tv. I think this is the last night for the show called Valley of the Boom. I can't remember if the other show I found last week, Project Blue Book is on tonight or on Monday night. Whatever I don't watch will be automatically taped on the DVR. Otherwise Sunday will be over for another week.

A very relaxing Sunday in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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