January 27, 2019

Sunday Morning Ranting


You might want to buckle up this morning, I have a lot to talk about. Unlike yesterday when I was almost speechless early in the morning and for most of the day, this morning  was an entirely different story. Luckily I wrote down what I wanted to talk about in my Apple Notes program so I could remember everything.

That is nothing but ice in that field, formed by the creek just past those trees that floods when there is too much melted snow and too much rain in a short period of time.

2019 Jan 27

This amount of snow arrived Saturday afternoon within an hour after Stella and I finished our walk. She hesitated at first  this morning and I thought for a split second the windchill of 16° was going to make her turn around.


She just had to scratch ... even in the snow.


Some of you may have noticed late Saturday night that the blog looked a lot different. I got a late start because the thought to "do it" didn't hit me until after 9pm or later. I looked through a lot of blog designs like I always do but even with 308 to choose from there are always a couple of new ones to consider.

I debated with myself before I clicked that 'publish' button sometime after 11pm. The other template had what I was looking for. On my 27" monitor the photos were only an inch difference in width, I could live with that. It also had a nice sidebar, which was the main reason I was wanting to change the design.


So I published the change and almost instantly had a comment from Tom, who I have driven crazy over the years with changing my mind on everything a million times at least. There were things I liked about the new design but at the same time there were a few features I didn't like better than what you see today. I was going to bed, so I turned off the computer, turned off the lights and called January 26th over for this year.


dsc_9497Do you know how something might 'bug' you sometimes, enough that you cannot sleep. The brain cells started sorting blog data, thoughts started flashing in high electronic speed as I lay there in the dark and before I knew it ... I was up turning the computer back on. At 12:06am I was changing the blog template back to what you see this morning.


To interrupt my story ... this picture is the start of something pretty amazing on this walk this morning. It took NO LONGER than ONE minute and 29 seconds!!!!


By the time I finished taking this photo of a fresh deer hoof print and looked up ...


Stella was GONE!!!! Looking at the photos tells me from that picture of Stella walking to  this photo ... only a 1:29 seconds elapsed. I glanced to the left, then squinted my eyes to look in the tall grass that matches her color and saw nothing ... no movement of any kind.


So as I took a few steps past the first turn and zoom'd the Tamron lens to 200mm ... there she was in the 'upper right corner' of the field doing ONE THING ... eating deer scat.


She heard me when I yelled her name from a distance because se raised her head. Then she ignored me and went back with her head lowered into the snow.


As I got closer to her, continuing to yell her name, she decided she would meet me at the path like nothing happened ... then trotted up ahead of me.  LOL ... she is so funny sometimes. How did she cover that much ground in one minute twenty-nine seconds? What made her run or trot that far that fast?


Back to my blog story ... but there will be MUCH more discussed before I am through this morning.

Luckily due to cache files when I clicked 'publish' to bring this current template back, most of the links were in the right order, font size changed to what I had, format was spaced correctly. All I had to do was add the feature photo back to the most five recent posts because I deleted them when the other blog did not use 'featured image'. Within minutes I was done and back in bed for a solid night of sleep.


Every blog template, or theme as WordPress calls them, has at least one feature that you like, every one of them. Yet, none of them have everything you want or like. So you have to decide what you want most, what you can live without and most importantly ... what looks good to you ... the blog owner.

The look of the blog is only one of two reasons I deleted the links in the footer of this blog. One of those links was a list of the Top Posts and Pages viewed, the other was a list of Favorite Link where some of your blogs might have been listed. But the thing is ... on both of my blogs totaling over 8 years of blogging, those links were rarely clicked by the readers.


That was especially true on this blog because of the design. There were no options for a sidebar, only in the footer or at the end of each blog post. I didn't like the way it broke up the section for comments by sliding it further down the page, after the post.

Plus a list of links or my top posts didn't look right in that location. When they were in the footer they were rarely viewed because on a tablet or a phone it takes too long to scroll to get to the bottom of the screen. I know, I tried it on my iPad Mini and iPhone and didn't finish.


So because of lack of clicks (not used) because the location for those lists are terrible and because I like the look of the footer as it is now ... I deleted that list of linked blogs and my list to Top Pages or Posts this morning.

Because I deleted my list of websites ... I am asking those that want to be aware of what is going on in this country right under your noses with little to no coverage by the mainstream media ... to bookmark or add as a favorite on your computer these next TWO links.


Fraud - Crooks - Criminals

Creeping Sharia Law in the USA

If you think it's bullshit, that's fine. If you might be interested or concerned ... follow those websites to keep you updated and/or AWARE !!!


In my past work we had to be 'aware' of what was going on and what our surroundings were. I'll not go into details because that requirement spanned over many years in different work environments. So call me paranoid if you want, or crazy too ... it doesn't matter to me. I know how close I was in November 2016 to feel some of this "overflow" that those two websites speak of. Right here in this small rural redneck town in the middle of nowhere Indiana. How could that be? Surprise ... surprise!


Within the last five years a crime was commented more than once nationwide, only to find out the accused was a speaker at a mosque in Bloomington Indiana. He also spoke at other mosques throughout the state. For years it has been known and listed by the FBI, that a mosque in Plainfield Indiana is one of the most terrorist oriented in the USA. Those are just a few miles up the road from me.


Many are unaware of the Islam "20 Year Plan". That period is almost over as they move into the next decade of their 30 Year Plan. They have checked off milestones right on time, one by one. All without you even knowing what's taking place.

I have no fight in this because within the next 20-25 years I'll be dead as doornail anyway ... why care? One, the thought of my country possibly changing drastically in a bad way over the next 25-50 years makes me sick to my stomach. Two, when I think of my niece, nephew, their kids, kids and grandkids of my friends ... it scares me for what they MIGHT have to live with.


I can hear some of you in your desk chair reading this, or in your kitchen with a phone or tablet in hand going "what in the hell is this guy talking about today, God he's nuts". That is what some thought that had classified information months before 911, telling them exactly what was going to happen. That's what some thought over 50 years ago when they had information about Pearl Harbor in advance .... "That will never happen here"


So ... Being Aware ... is the theme this morning.


Like I have said before ... if you need an example of what those two links speak of and proof of what I say ... search on the internet with your favorite search engine for "Dearborn Michigan" ... it's totally unbelievable what has happened there. That is not the only place that has had drastic changes.

In that second link I listed you can look on the right sidebar of that blog and click the drop-down menu to see ALL activity listed by state over the past few years. Their latest post is a review of 2018 but with so much information it is only the first part of two. Some of it was reported on the mainstream news but most of it you will never hear about.

Take a look at what has happened in your local area or your state and see if there is anything there you didn't hear about on the news or if you might be concerned about it.


Do you want your children or grandchildren living in an Islamic ruled country in 50 years? What about 30 years? ... That's their plan, a slow but sure infiltration of government and schools. Locally and nationwide. Be Aware!


I know ... white people, black people, brown people ... we all commit terrible crimes, murder etc. It's just not Muslims or Islamic terrorists. It's the young kid in Louisiana that just shot his parents and three other people, still on the run. It's the two white trailer trash white boys that killed people inside a church a few years ago or the blacks killing blacks in cities across the nation every day. Every race of people gets DUI's or kills people while drunk driving, not just illegal immigrants ... it's just normal shit right? "They" are just like us .... not really.

Blacks, Mexicans and white trailer trash don't have a plan to take over the whole country and install their laws. So if you want to keep justifying reasons why the USA should be a dumpster for the world's trash ... go ahead. I'll keep being aware of what is going on around me.

If you don't think that it can happen here in the USA, in different states you would never expect it to or those small towns scattered throughout the USA ... look what has happened in Europe, London, small towns in Germany. Ask those people how much their country, city or town has changed. Ask people in Minnesota or Michigan or even small towns in Nebraska. That's just a few places you rarely hear about what's going on.

2019 Jan 27

As you see, Heidi was in her normal morning routine. It looks like that left leg has been licked on a lot in the last few hours or in the dark before I got up. She does that in the winter more than any other time. I remember when her legs and all four paws looked that way a few years ago.

To close on what I have been saying ....

Indianapolis is home to the largest and single most influential Muslim organization in the United States. For 36 years, the Islamic Society for North America has been hiding in plain sight on a spacious, well-tended campus on South County Road, just west of the Indianapolis International Airport in Plainfield, IN.
According to its own telling, ISNA was created by the Muslim Brotherhood in 1980 “to be a nucleus for the Islamic Movement in North America” and has been run by a succession of senior Muslim Brotherhood leaders who have turned it into the largest and most powerful Muslim Brotherhood organization in the country.

Back to my own words ... When they speak of an "Islamic Movement", they are not talking about boosting attendance at the local mosque.

If you believe all refugees or immigrants deserve a chance in the USA to take advantage for free medical, food stamps, welfare payments, etc .... then contact your local refugee/immigration center and tell them you would like a single male with no wife or kids to live in your home. That you will 'host' them as they acclimate to living here ... then blog about your experience or changes to your life in 6 months.

I guess I am about all talked out. What a range of conversation that was but it was what was on my mind this morning so I "let 'er rip" as they say. All is good this morning .. the sun is out even if it's cold ... it's quiet ... and soon the hounds will be bothering me to feed them lunch. Rest assured this blog design is staying as is but we've heard that before so I am not saying the word 'never' ...

That all this morning from 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. Arrowhead GrammaJanuary 27, 2019 6:26 AM

    Very insightful post this morning. Like this blog format and especially the size of the photos.

  2. Thank you letting me know about the photos and your compliment about the post. I like the larger photos also.