January 19, 2019

The Snow Arrives Early


With the light rain continuing off and on today, while the temperatures that started at 36° this morning were dropping faster than I thought they would ... we didn't do much but stay inside. As you see, Stella and Heidi knew what was about to happen outside and were not interested in doing anything more than sleeping.


Heidi got her exercise in moving each time she woke up, from the couch to her chair and back again. I can't tell you how many times she did that in a five hour period.


Late in the afternoon I could hear the wind howling outside and the slight rattling noise from the storm windows. I knew something was going on but nothing was suppose to happen until after midnight tonight. What a surprise it was to see it snowing 30 minutes after I had checked the weather outside. It will hit a low of 15° tonight and we might wake up to 5" of new snow by tomorrow morning.


I went to check my favorite weather radar online, Intellicast. For some reason it kept going to a Wunderground website which is one of the bookmarks I have on my bar at the top of my screen. It took me three or four tries before I got the message from Wunderground that they had merged with Intellicast.

It told me I would enjoy those same radar maps I did with Intellicast, that nothing would change ... but ... after multiple attempts to bring my local radar back and seeing nothing like I had with Intellicast, I quit trying  ... I looked at WeatherBug and will probably use their weather radar from now on.


I tried using the flash to capture the blowing snow with the dark background of the woods but that didn't work, the flash never turned itself on.


This is what I found without the flash.


Stella spent a few minutes looking for that perfect spot to dump her tanks. It was getting much colder with the wind blowing as I stood at the corner of the house waiting for her to finish.


She finished and then trotted toward the house again. I wonder how long that routine will last before she chooses another path home?


I might watch another basketball game tonight or I will turn this into an official movie night. It doesn't look like the hounds are going to move much more than they did all afternoon. We might see some great potential early morning pictures tomorrow on our walk unless Stella decides it's too cold for her. I'm not sure I can carry a 83 pound bloodhound home from the middle of the field.  :)

Snowing harder right now in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.

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