January 9, 2019

Too Early To File Tax Return?

It was looking promising right after lunch as far as the weather, a possible early walk and more pictures from the Canon to analyze. It wasn't warmer but the sunshine was bright and that was the nice surprise of the day. To bad that didn't last long after Heidi came back inside. By the time Stella and I took an afternoon walk, it was overcast and colder than this morning. I may have even seen a few specs of snow but not enough to let me know if it was real or just my imagination. Stella and I continued on though, since she wanted to walk and I wanted to take some pictures. But ... it was really cold and windy.

I decided for these few pictures I'd go back to shooting in Auto mode. It's almost like paralysis by analysis where nothing looks right anymore. It's a funny deal trying to sort out what you thought you saw in the first few pictures taken last Saturday and what you see now. I think I might just start taking them and posting them, and let it ride without even looking at them. I could rename the blog "badphotos .com"

I glanced out the kitchen window ten minutes after Stella and I came inside. Heidi wasn't anywhere within view. I was about to walk out through the front yard and head to the north side yard but decided to make the fastest trip possible and look what I found! If I didn't know any better I am pretty sure I caught Heidi within seconds of eating some of that dirt that Stella likes so much. The only difference is when I yelled "hey" ... she almost bounced in midair as she turned to face me ... then came running.

I don't crop a lot of pictures but I did those two. They didn't turn out to bad and were much clearer than trying to zoom in.

Since we were all ahead of schedule by getting up at 4:30am or a few minutes before, I decided why not? I'll file my federal taxes early. I did last year also. They will sit in their electronic inbox until the IRS is ready to process them on January 28th, but its soon after that refund is dropped in my bank account electronically.

See if you can understand this financial puzzle ....

Since I retired I bring home less money per month, per year, per whatever. That threw me into a lower tax bracket than when I was working making a lot more money. So now when I file federal taxes I get a 100% refund of taxes withheld and pay a little less to the State of Indiana where I have always had to pay them no matter what income I made. Of course that refund doesn't make up for the net pay difference but I write that difference in money off as the cost to have total freedom of time. (more than worth it) The tax refund ??? That usually replenishes the hole in my bank account after I buy new electronics every year. I call that an even trade-off.

I don't miss those meetings of one Power Point Slide after another, every week, every month, every quarter, every year ... you get the picture ... meetings meetings meetings.

Again today Stella was moving a tad faster than her normal afternoon pace. She wasn't dragging her feet but she wasn't running either ... a brisk walk combo trot.

I'm seeing no consistency in color in these photos today. None. Sharpness, contract ... nothing.

Has she finally decided it might be a little too cold to be walking this afternoon?

Slowly but surely we will return home.

While I wait for the state of Indiana to tell me I can submit my tax return, it might be the perfect time for a siesta. Nothing going on, it's freezing outside, I'm hungry for things I can't eat ... so what better way then to sleep it off. I just reminded myself that "you did get up at 4:20am this morning" ... now there is some justification if I ever heard one.

It's a quiet afternoon for the hounds and myself here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. I don't understand how one photo of weeds (and Stella, of course) is cold blue and the next photo is warm brown. If you are not editing them then something is wrong.

  2. After seeing those afternoon photos, where they looked so good through the monitor on back of the camera ... I thought the same as you. How can there be such a difference of the same area and at times right after taking one.

    If I shoot Auto, they are too light/bright and no way to adjust on the camera UNLESS I am missing something. So I do the adjustments and shoot M and auto focus is on.

  3. I am in the Troubleshooting section of the owners manual now .. 8pm

  4. I can't keep track of how or why you are shooting in so many areas. Great tax deal.

    I took a photo off your blog of my favorite girl and did some cropping and added definition. Emailing it to you now.

  5. it is most likely for people to keep track of the changes I am making and believe me I WISH I didn't have to. I am just trying to find the right settings to get good photos. I am about to find out how far I can throw this camera in the woods and forget it.

  6. Arrowhead GrammaJanuary 09, 2019 1:30 PM

    Heidi just looks so happy in the two photos of her on the grass. Really terrific photos of her.

  7. I couldn't believe she was outside so long because it was freezing around 30° at the time. LOL

  8. Personally I think that the majority of your photos are great. I know that you are analytical which I guess is why you are trying so hard for perfection. I certainly don't have that kind of patience, I wonder how many of your readers would see all those changes unless you pointed out the differences. Don't throw that camera away. You have only have it a very short while. Give it a chance. I think it does a great job.