February 28, 2019

Cold Rain Snow Mix

2019 Feb 28

Two steps outside this morning and I was wanting those 55° temperatures back from earlier in the week. It was really cold outside and I wasn't in the mood for it. Stella and I took off anyway for a short 17 minute walk. The day was pretty anti-climatic after getting up around 3:30am and staying up.

February 27, 2019

Wide Awake At 3:45am


Do you remember back in December right after I moved my main blog from Blogger to here? It was around December 9th. I had plans for changes in the way I wrote, maybe the format and the subjects would expand from just the hounds to a lot of other stuff. Just like the blog title says.

There is that word "change" again.

It's what makes life fun, interesting and at times insane. A good example of that kind of change, it was just a few days ago where the hounds and I were not starting our day until 830am whereas it was pretty normal to start at 7am and be in the field for the morning walk by 8am. Of course Sadie was no longer calling the shots on that walk and Stella's clock seems to be on Central time or about an hour behind.

I also played a factor in that starting time. I was staying up close to 2am like the 'old days' and sleeping later. My sleeping app liked that I was getting more sleep, at least that is what it told me.  :)  In the past three days I have done "a 360", I've gone to bed early and woke up earlier. I'm sitting here writing this at 3:48am .... 3:48am !!!!!

I am wide awake and have no plans of going back to bed just like Stella is thinking about right now. She is confused after waking up and walking into my computer room to see the darkness. I just heard her toenails move across the bedroom hardwood floor back to the dog bed in the corner. She will not be getting up at 4am.

I really woke up at 3:05am and after a solid attempt I could not get back to sleep. Thoughts were racing through my brain like screens of computer code. (I just took my fist sip of coffee with 2 tsp of sugar for the first time since last Friday).

This was the type of post I was going to do starting last December, posting whenever I  thought about something or had something on my mind. Multiple posts per day, some with photos some not. I hope I can remember everything I wanted to talk about an hour ago.

Where do I start?

Only Photos Today


As you'll see, today was a duplicate of yesterday with warm weather. Not a lot of activity. A trip to the library and a new book to read. A long afternoon siesta. Insane craving for sugar and Stella's afternoon walk was with the 25' retractable leash.

February 26, 2019

An Amazing Afternoon


It was the surprise of all surprises today. I'm sitting here typing this around 5:30pm and it is still 55°!!!!!! outside. I heard the weekend forecast say the word snow just a few days ago. Besides being blasted by the heat wave this afternoon it was full of activity. From some computer work, a hounds siesta, Stella getting attacked, Heidi sunbathing and ending with the slowest bloodhound walk in the history of walking hounds, the day covered all kinds of activity. Plus I was able to stay on course with my eating changes.

Hounds Start Early Again


It wasn't Stella this morning. It was me. I was up and awake before either hound woke up all because I went to bed last night at 9pm almost out of boredom. I used my Nikon D3200 yesterday afternoon while the Canon battery was charging. These first two photos are from the Nikon. It is sunny again this morning so that is good. Black coffee, no sugar for the 4th day in a row, that is also good. Not sure what today will bring but I'm feeling it will be a two post day about the hounds.

February 25, 2019

What Will The Hounds Do This Week?

2019 Feb 25

It seems like any kind of routine change happens on Monday's with these hounds. So you have to wonder, what will the change be this week or is it even going to happen just because it's Monday. I had the first change by getting up an hour earlier but only after I felt a bloodhound nose nudging my arm and some light whining as Stella was standing next to the bed. You might think she wants to go outside to pee but she only wants food and to eat her breakfast. With bright sunshine that early I had no problem starting my day.

My Apple Watch Series 4 Review


First of all I am not an expert techie, I will not be paid for this review nor will I have any other affiliate links built into the photos or this post. This review is from a normal (??) everyday user that decided to take the leap and buy the new Apple Watch Series 4 almost two months ago on January 4th. I still claim, it's been the best electronic device (toy?) in the last 24 years that I have ever bought.

That includes PCs, DSLRs, every Apple product and my Sony PlayStations.

I watched from a distance after Apple released their first series a few years ago. I knew there would be bugs to be worked out and there would be more improvements with each new release. So I was willing to wait until they had the features I wanted and in some way ... needed.

It was the Fall Detection and EKG Reading features that I had been waiting for. Since I am a borderline hermit that lives alone and never has visitors, I needed some way to let friends know or contact medical services, that I either needed help or had dropped dead. Only one of those friends lives in the same state but not locally. The others live out of state, scattered from Georgia to California and parts in between.

It wasn't so much they needed to know or I needed medical service .... my #1 priority is my hounds. If something were to happen to me, unexpectedly, they need to be rescued and taken care of. Honestly they were the main reason I decided to spend the money on the Apple Watch Series 4. (Just in case something happened to me)

Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II Review

 IMG_1483 (1)

I probably don't need this but in a way I do need it. I'll write more about why I bought this camera a week after Christmas at the same price it was at the beginning of November. I bought it online through Best Buy for various reasons, in case people are wondering why not Amazon? Well Best Buy ships this too me for free in three days without any kind of membership required. They offer a price match. They offer a 15-day full refund with no questions asked. They are local and driving distance for service or exchange.

February 24, 2019

High Winds Energize Stella

2019 Feb 24

First of all I hope all of my readers from the state of Mississippi made it through "tornado alley" yesterday without any damages to your home. I cannot imagine sitting through those type of winds. We have had tornadoes pass through this area but in all directions around us, in past years. Yet at 5am this morning I was bolted awake with a loud sound as if my driveway was filled with idling cars, trucks and motorcycles. No it wasn't a dream. I got up to check outside from every side of the house. I was hearing sounds from my house I have never heard before.

February 23, 2019

dingbat AOC Is At It Again

2019 Feb 23

With a dark and dreary Saturday morning the hounds and I once again started our day off late. I guess it can officially be called our new routine, with everything shifting about an hour later than normal. Late night reading is equating to getting up later. At least it was warm this morning, low 40's and that rain in the forecast never showed up. So much for 100% chances I guess. I forgot until I was a few photos in today, the camera was set on 'automatic' instead of my usual 'manual'.

February 22, 2019

It's Friday So Now What?


Today seemed to be identical to Thursday. That happens when you are retired and it happens when you are hermit living outside a small rural town in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana. So it's definitely not a bad thing. The hounds don't mind and neither do I. After another late night of reading (~2am) last night while the hounds slept soundly next to me on the couch, we started our Friday about an hour later than normal.

February 21, 2019

8 Days Until March !!!!


Sunshine always makes a difference, no matter what the temperature is nor what month it is. It just makes a difference. I had not even started my first cup of coffee when I could hear the birds outside singing to each other like it was a Spring day. It was 29°. Again we all started our day later than a few weeks ago but none of us minded sleeping an extra hour. I couldn't stop reading one of the books last night, just picked up from the library yesterday. Can you guess which one kept me up past 1:30am reading?

February 20, 2019

New Books New DVD's

2019 Feb 20

Like any other rainy afternoon, it changed the level of energy and plans for me and the hounds. Right after lunch Heidi was so disappointed in the rain she was hearing that she didn't even get to the edge of the house before stopping. I knew I was changing plans, rather than reading the book about Steve Jobs. I decided while waiting for the hounds, that I'd take my one 32gl trash can to the recycling center where they will accept my 1 bag of trash for a whopping $2.

Up until a couple of years ago, I was paying $20 per month for weekly pickup down by the mailbox, where many weeks I had nothing set outside for pickup. The savings per year equate to about four 40# bags of dog food ... not a bad exchange.

Winter Storm Was Rain

2019 Feb 20

If you would have seen the local tv weather forecast last night with a tone of fear about the upcoming "winter weather" advisory, you would have expected the hounds and I would be buried under our biggest snow fall of the year. I hate "weather drama" from local tv channels to national weather experts and always take them with a grain of salt. Others go out and clear the grocery store shelves of bread, milk, and all the other packaged foods when these kind of threats occur.

February 19, 2019

The Illness Returned

2019 Feb 19

I thought things were back to normal early this morning, so much that we started our day by 6:30am. Within 10 minutes I felt like I'd been hit by a ton of bricks. I went back to bed before the hounds even finished their morning kibble. I was knocked out until 11:20am, woke up feeling fantastic ... enough to take a walk.

February 18, 2019

Snow Flurries Start The Week


I could tell by Stella's reaction after her Sunday lunch, that we were not going to do too much. The weather couldn't make up its mind if it wanted to snow or rain, so it gave us just enough of both to keep us inside for most of the day. I did make a run over to Super Walmart for some food. Stella added another day to her streak for not trying to break out of the bedroom that her and Heidi share while I am gone.

February 17, 2019

Two Very Different Hounds

2019 Feb 17

They may have the word 'hound' in their breed name but they are all so different, as expected. I always had basset hounds starting in 1987 and didn't buy my first bloodhound until 1997. Having raised all my hounds at the time from 8 week old puppies, I could tell a huge difference between the breeds even at that young age.

Max was a big male puppy and he didn't take long to show me that bloodhounds were a breed much different than any I had experienced. Lets just say he kept me on my toes at all times. A basset hound puppy .. not so much. They like to play for short bursts and then sleep. So it does not surprise me 21 years later I still notice the differences.

February 16, 2019

Stella Had Her Own Walk Today

2019 Feb 16

Not only has the water from the flooded field disappeared the past couple of days but this is the first morning I've felt close to normal. I cannot say it was a cold because I wasn't coughing nor sneezing all the time. My head and sinuses were not congested but something was wrong. Long story short, after two full days of sleeping and a small bottle of Vick's Vapor Rub, whatever it was is gone. I even had the urge for coffee this morning.

February 14, 2019

Some Days It's Not There


I don't dare miss lunch time otherwise I will hear Heidi barking nonstop, that leads to Stella howling, until their lunch is served .... straight kibble. That was yesterday not today and there was a reason I didn't post these next photos last night ... the feeling to blog just wasn't there. That feeling shows up out of nowhere and is strong enough to last multiple days. Even now I can't say I have much to say nor do I feel like putting this together.

February 13, 2019

Hounds Enjoy The Sunshine


"25° and you think I'm going outside????" ... No Way!! There is one thing about having hounds, they are pretty consistent. They might change parts of their routines but still remaining consistent. During the winter months that means Heidi rarely gets outside until after her lunch besides her trip first thing in the morning. She went back to sleeping while Stella and I took off for a walk.

February 12, 2019

Stella & I Slosh Through The Field

2019 Feb 12

Stella didn't like this morning's walk any more than I did. It was just to wet after a night of rain added on to the Monday rain. I knew we were in trouble as I stepped off "Winston's Patio" into the back yard as water rose over the side of my boots. One step on the path in the field and it was all mud. My boots were only protected by the cover of wet leaves. We decided to go anyway. You can see after one photo that Stella isn't really enthused about taking the walk.

February 11, 2019

No Action Monday Afternoon


I knew by lunch on Monday there wasn't going to be a lot going on around here. The light rain never stopped. I was surprised that Heidi went as far as she did, all the way to the front yard. Stella decided she wasn't getting off the concrete floor and even snuck around the Mini Cooper to go back to the door.

The Blog Is Backing Away From Chaos


With a new week starting with another change in weather, different internet browsers tried, and thoughts racing through my brain cells along with a delay in our morning schedule ... why not make some blogging changes also? No, not the design but the focus.

February 10, 2019

Weirdness & Snow


Here is another way of showing you just how fast the weather can change here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana. Bright and sunny yesterday but cold, it was not a day in April like it looked. Then this morning Stella and I started our walk under the largest snow flakes I had seen in a while. They say we might get an inch of snow by noon. So what about the floods? They will continue to move and eventually recede out of the fields ... maybe.

February 9, 2019

Headline News & Questions

2019 Feb 09

"You want me to go out on the morning walk????? .... LOL ... No Way!!!!" Heidi might make a short trip outside late morning but she isn't going to join me and Stella this early in the morning. I was surprised she was awake when I checked on her before leaving. Is Saturday morning a day of nothing, with words hard to find for the blog today??? Not sure.

February 8, 2019

Local Flooding Not To Bad


Once the hounds were fed lunch I had plans of driving the local area taking photos of what I assumed would be some major flooding in the area. I was surprised ... nothing that I saw was out of the ordinary like I thought I'd find. Yes, the highway heading north out of town was closed due to flooding as usual, but the water level was not close to the highway heading west, like I expected.


Here is some of the yard damage after all the water was absorbed by the yard. Any gardeners or landscape experts out there? Can you tell me what this is?  Yard moles or something else?


Both hounds were ready for their afternoon siestas and I was ready to take a drive.


Good to see a part of the local water system, which I do use their service living outside of town, is above water. Yet that is a good gauge of the depth of the water in the low laying field.


Even in 24° weather I rolled my car passenger side window down with hopes of getting this exact shot. I wanted a clean window and if I didn't roll down the one I had, I'd have a dirty filter for the photo. The Canon G9 X did well shooting on the move.

DSC_9314 (1)

Here you can compare and see just how deep the water has risen during the storm that started Wednesday night and peaked at 11:30am on Thursday. This was taken on January 10th of this year. As you can see the river has risen quite a bit in a very short time.


This is just normal flooding after a good few days of storming, as I have seen it much worse in the past. The airport I blogged about on January 10th is to the left of the photo.

I admit, unlike some bloggers that take photos of their local area while driving roads they know and some areas they see everyday, I am not good at doing that. It's mainly because I really don't enjoy it that much. Even when I was much younger, before the internet was even a thought, I was never was one to explore the local area ... I'd rather spend time shooting free throws on the backyard basketball goal.


So after that group of photos from the local drive which turned out less than I had expected, I stopped for a few groceries, filled up my gas tank and headed home for a relaxing afternoon. I played a few games of Mahjong with this view from my laptop. Isn't that a nice view of my new lake? While the hounds slept I read some, then took a siesta just like them.


A little after 5:30pm it was time for our second walk of the day. The only difference besides the weather, Heidi led the charge outside wanting to spend some time exploring the yard while Stella and I walked our half mile as the sun went down. It was 24° but she was more than excited to get outside.


You can see just how far the flooding goes to the right of my house and across the highway. Most of that water will go, I don't know ... maybe a quarter mile to the north.


Walking back directly in the sun gave all the photos a much different look. Very little editing on any of these photos today.


A rare sudden burst of energy as Stella hops into a trot.

IMG_2258Version 2

14 minutes after we stepped outside to start the walk, Heidi was in the backyard meeting Stella and I upon our return. She didn't mind the cold temperatures. Needless to say she led the way back inside.


A pretty good end to a nice day. With my new political perspective I wrote about this morning I felt stress free and enjoyed what the day brought. I didn't watch that much tv today and only saw glimpses of online news.


I barely caught this photo. I was about to publish this post when I stopped and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. I caught the sun setting outside my kitchen window. I grabbed the camera, ran outside and almost missed it. To keep it real as possible I just uploaded to the blog without any editing.

Well it's another Friday night without a lot planned. I think I'll change things up a little and take DishNetwork's offer of Showtime being a free preview this weekend starting tonight. If I don't find anything I want to watch on that channel, they also have a pretty impressive list of new movies I can pay to view. I see a couple I would not mind squeezing some money out of my tight hands and pay to see a couple of them.

It was also the day of junk mail in my mailbox by the driveway. Some of it had been in there for days and survived all the hard rain. I was happy to see the "time sensitive, immediate reply requested" piece of mail survive because it has all the great deals on hearing aids .... which I do not need ... but they remind me every month ... that I might.  :)

There is one thing consistent in all the news stories about Jeff Bezos ... I have read a lot of them and in none of the articles I have read or the news about him on tv ... not once has he denied those photos are of him. He can't. From the details of each photograph that someone possesses, he took a full body shot with his face in view ... damaging ... even if he might be getting blackmailed.

No denial from him.

Oh and all of that junk mail was tossed right into my recycling container like always, hearing aids offer and all.

It was another successful day of retirement here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.