February 1, 2019

It's Great To Feel Warm Again

2019 Feb 01

We had two surprises when we started today. There was just a little snow last night and yesterday was not Friday. The snow covered the driveway and our path, showing us the way to go and I spent all day plus last night thinking it was Friday instead of Thursday. Hard to believe I didn't realize what day it was after looking at my watch multiple times during the day yesterday.


It felt nice and warm this morning with no wind, no sunshine, and not a lot of highway noise. Stella started leading the walk but the further we went the more I felt she wasn't feeling good today. She had a lack of energy and as you will see, rarely veered from the path.


When I started the walk I thought of just letting her go on her own today for the first time in many months. Then it occurred to me that if I were to do that I would have very few photos for this blog post.


Once I saw she wasn't going to move, I gave up on the idea of total freedom for her and backtracked to go get her. I zoomed in to get this photo so she wasn't that close to me.


This is a pretty good indicator showing just how little snow we got last night. It is still in the mid 20's as I write this but that is still around 20° warmer than yesterday morning and that's a huge difference in my comfort level. It feels so warm this morning that Heidi might even make an appearance outside later today, just in time for the next blog post


Finally I can show you the deer path they use between the woods that borders the field to the woods behind my neighbor's house. It's hard to show it with mashed green grass but with the snow, their path shows up pretty clearly. It's interesting how curvy their path is.


I was surprised by the lack of activity from Stella at this point in the walk. Maybe there just wasn't that much deer scent to track. She seemed like she was not that interested in the walk this morning. She was looking more like she does on the afternoon walks.


I even stopped her a couple of times to ask her if she was okay. Every time I asked she would barely wag her tail, then walk around me.


Lately every walk we take, she will stop to scratch herself while sitting on the path and that gives me a chance to get pretty far ahead of her. It's the only way I can catch her running but the delay between photos doesn't give me a lot of time to take continuous running photos.


That is the same deer path I showed earlier, only from a different part of our walk.


We took the 'old' way home this morning. She waited on me to catch up with her, showing no signs of wandering away. She headed straight to the door once I caught up to her.

Before it was 8:30am I had completed five things off of my 'Reminder' list and that included a short trip to town for dog food. I bought some lamb and rice this time with hopes that might make a difference in Stella's scratching. I've looked everywhere on her for fleas and have found nothing like that.

Since I now know it's Friday and not Saturday I can't say that will make much of a difference really. In fact being the football addict I claim to be, at least for college football, I had forgotten the Super Bowl will be played on Sunday. I have not decided if I will tune into the game or not.

I never watch pregame stuff, nor the halftime. For some reason this year I am just not too interested in seeing the game. Maybe it's the teams that are playing that has decreased my interest. Sports talk show has been saying there isn't the normal excitement around Super Bowl Week like in the past.

I stopped by the library on my way home to check their 'New Books' shelf or other books of interest they set out on display. For the millionth time I found out, they don't open until 10am and it was 8:20am as I pulled into an empty parking lot.

I received a long email last night from the WordPress Support and Development Team. They had actually looked into my problem of their new dashboard gobbling up 800Mb of data or more at one time. It never did that until they started the redesign of their dashboard. It also does not do it if I use their old 'wp-admin' dashboard, by their suggestion.

They looked at my photo file, which they call the 'media library' and was aware that it was loading images each time I would open a browser for the first time that day and that it was using an abnormal amount of data.

I tested it this morning during my free data period and all three browsers used tons of data loading that same library. I even closed each browser after they were finished, and reopened each one to see the same data usage as they reloaded the library.

They claim the reason for it is the cache file space of the browser I use. Anymore you can barely find where to see the browser cache files and when you do find it, they will not let you increase the size of the cache files or at least override their default size.

Blogger does not take a lot of data each time you go into your account to post or to load new photos. I doubt that I ever go back to Blogger because I like this blog much better in the way it looks plus the way things are done in the background. Towards the end of my Blogger use, it was always hanging up while uploading only 20 or so images for the post, sometimes with less than 20 photos.

Sometimes those photos would not load at all and I'd close the browser, reopen it and start over. Too frustrating to work with and of course their Blogger Support email responses are like a huge black hole in space. You might send them a question but you will never get an answer.

It's nice to look at the calendar and realize there is really only one more month of extreme winter weather possibilities. Sure it can and will snow in March, maybe April but that is in weather much like today, not the kind we just experienced and some are still experiencing in the Polar Vortex.

It's warmer this morning in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana and that's a GREAT thing !!!!


  1. Happy your temps are up. NOAA is projecting that we will have dense fog, wind watch and between 3-4 inches of rain on Saturday. Had nearly an inch of rain yesterday, today is nice but starting tomorrow we are projected to have rain and/or snow for several days. Waiting to see if they are right with the forecasts - time will tell. Enjoy the weekend.

  2. Life is good. The worst just has to be over.

  3. Pretty amazing how much rain and snow you are getting after so many months without. Glad your lake is filling back up.

  4. Is life is much better warmer. I would think it will not get like that the rest of the year but you never know when it comes to winter weather.