February 14, 2019

Some Days It's Not There


I don't dare miss lunch time otherwise I will hear Heidi barking nonstop, that leads to Stella howling, until their lunch is served .... straight kibble. That was yesterday not today and there was a reason I didn't post these next photos last night ... the feeling to blog just wasn't there. That feeling shows up out of nowhere and is strong enough to last multiple days. Even now I can't say I have much to say nor do I feel like putting this together.


Where it was cold and sunny yesterday, by 11:30am today it was 47° and overcast. Lunch was served before they knew it, no howling nor barking was needed. In fact I had to wake up Heidi to eat lunch.

It is quite different than just two months ago after moving my main blog over to WordPress. Then I couldn't stop blogging and some days I blogged three times in one day. Then today, I have a hard time just putting a sentence together.

2019 Feb 14

I think it might be caused by a combination of things. Nothing is clear enough to discuss.


If you don't see us for a few days that is where we are .... same routine, same walks. I'll continue reading books and taking siestas.

No answers today in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. In Kansas City, we are staying in our yo yo winter weather pattern. Sunny and 56° at 12:30pm, but dropping to the teens overnight with wind chills of -5° to 0°. The worst of that is that the high tomorrow is supposed to be 22° with snow starting late in the morning and more snow in the afternoon on Saturday. Sorry to go on about the weather, but I am soooo over this winter.

    My foster dog Kramer is doing really good, but my beagle is not impressed with him AT ALL. LOL I have been calling him Snoop Dog because he has checked out almost everything in the house.

    Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day from my 'pups' and me to you and your hounds. :)

  2. Since yesterday we have received just over 6 inches of rain and counting. Just a good stay at home day. Our lake is really coming up - from over 9 feet down in September to just over 3 feet down this morning.

    The words will flow again of that I am sure. Hang in there.

  3. Our 15 nights in a camper on the beach is over now. A very long hot shower in a TLF room did me wonders. Going out for a nice dinner next and fly back to Orlando tomorrow. Two major winter storms was too much for me. We will return in late April on our way back home in Alaska. Still have not returned to blogging yet.

  4. I remember a winter in December where I stood watching the waves take the a lane of the strand in Oceanside away. It's a one lane one way street now but I remember it being two lanes with a 100' of beach sand before the ocean.

  5. I am guessing you have to feed the dogs in different rooms? It's been a fairly warm winter but I am also ready for spring ... if it ever stops raining.

    Happy Belated Valentine's Day to you and your dogs.

  6. The feeding was a bit of a problem because Kramer eats a lot faster than my beagle and my Jack Russell, and the Jack Russell will sometimes wait until almost noon before he cares about breakfast. The second day Kramer was here, he ate his breakfast and then went to another area of the kitchen and proceeded to eat the Jack Russell's breakfast. LOL

    The biggest problem is that my beagle does NOT care for Kramer AT ALL, and if he gets too close to her she will nip at him, and he does not hesitate to nip right back. Saturday I think she actually bit him and the fight was on, with her on her back and him on top biting at her ears. I quickly got them separated and aside from him losing one of his back teeth (LOL) and her having a couple of bloody places on both ears, there was no serious damage.

    I am keeping a close eye on both of them, and I do think that eventually they will be okay.

    We had 5 inches of snow on Friday, a bit of freezing rain Saturday night, and now, they are predicting another 2 to 6 inches of snow late tomorrow and through the night.

    30 days and counting and hoping that the groundhog was right!! LOL

  7. I just remember last year on March 15 it was 70° and I thought Spring was officially here only to see two more light snows after that ... even in April.