February 5, 2019

The Blog Has Changed !!


It was not too long after I published that post this morning that I sat down with a new cup of coffee and clicked on the WordPress dashboard "Themes" ... I was going to get serious about finding a blog with a sidebar on the right hand side. Should be easy to do with over 300 blog themes to choose from. Anywhere from 60-108 of them had sidebars on the right side of the page. A little over 5 hours later I found myself unsuccessful in the hunt, yet ... I made some drastic blog changes.


Yes, I did sit my my computer for almost all of that time looking through and trying out different themes. A few of them I made some changes and on two of them I had everything modified with my information ... just click on the "publish" button to change it all.

Didn't happen.


The hounds let me know by Stella howling and Heidi barking, that I had worked through lunch, their lunch. They wanted that new lamb and rice kibble right now. It gave me a chance to get away from the computer, fix myself some lunch and walk around. I could go outside and check out the weather. So much for that spring weather lasting until Friday.


Heidi did her lap around the house after relieving herself but it was cold enough that she ran to the door to go back inside. That was the last time we saw Heidi as she hid out in the bedroom on the dog bed sleeping the afternoon away. She's not stupid.


I'll take a break from the hound discussion and get back to the blog and what drastic changes were made. Based on what device you use, nothing will look any different to you UNLESS you scroll to the bottom of the page.

I reduced the rows of photos/posts on the home page from the 4-5 rows on the home page down to just 2 rows. Showing only 8 of my most recent posts. Why?


After I played around for a little over 5 hours, using around 800Mb of data looking at themes, and customizing some of them with my information or stuff I wanted to show ... I realized there was nothing better than what I have here. So why not work with what they gave me for the sidebar.

This theme has the largest photos anywhere on WordPress. In exchange for that wide photo, they give me only two places for sidebars. (1) Below each post, between the post and comment section. (2) In the footer at the bottom of the blog. I chose to make the footer like an additional page.


I see more and more sports websites and local newspaper websites doing that exact same thing. If it's available to be expanded, then the 'footer' of the blog becomes like an additional page added to the homepage.


Of course since I have some deficiencies in my mental make up, such as straight pictures in your house, or straight laps when mowing my yard or even when I make spreadsheets .... things have to be even, straight, and/or balanced.


So when you scroll to the bottom of the blog homepage to check out this 'new' footer (sidebar) I speak of, you will see 21 lines of recent posts only because I had 21 lines of websites that I follow. I put the shorter list in the middle so the outer edges of the links would be even.

For the sidebar under the post I just put the 'follow button' there to make it convenient for those that want to follow the blog after reading their first post as a new reader or first time visitor. First timers, if you make a comment WordPress tells me I have to approve your first comment, then all your other comments will post immediately. So your first comment did not disappear after hit the submit key, it is just waiting for my approval.

On that list of favorite blogs I have added five new links, some you have seen, some have not. I added the link to my old blog with the same name as this blog but only a letter difference, (B). That will give you more history and hundreds of more photos of the hounds plus of Winston and Sadie. If you dig really deep in the archive list, you'll read about my RV research.

Two of the links I added, I told you about the other day and posted their links inside a post. You'll recognize them as the Fraud, Crooks and Criminals and Creeping Sharia. Both of those are filled with good information that you rarely see on tv news. It might be buried online news but you have to dig to find it.


The last two links I added are blogs well written about the political scene or other news in the USA. Kuntsler's Blog and The Market Ticker both do a much better job of writing in a way that all people can understand it and they express the bullshit of Washington DC much better than I have attempted to do. So take a look at them if you are a little curious.

A reminder to my readers from my Blogger blog ... that list will not change when a new post is published. They stay in alphabetical order but I think we are all pretty familiar with who posts daily and those that space out their posts. You can click their sites based on that I guess.


I will be interested to see if this new format shows any changes in the traffic pattern within my blog. All my photos are available for downloading for your own use, as they always have been. On my Blogger blog I could see what photos were downloaded but I cannot on this WordPress blog.


I guess since I have attempted to change this blog design a couple of times in the past 10 days or so but left it the same, then it's the design I really want to use and keep. Wordpress calls this theme one of their most popular if not the most popular theme in their blogging history.


So I believe I am set on the blog.


As you could see from the photos this afternoon, Stella was in her afternoon walking mode which means a pretty slow pace and mostly on the path for most of the way. She did test me once by straying away back there when I wasn't paying attention to her but that's just part of walking with a bloodhound. Bloodhounds are in their own little world when they are outside.


As we approached the 'Y' in the path, I veered left to take the old way home. Stella was heading down the newer way home ... then she realized what I had done.


She turned to follow me without me saying anything. Plus she can wonder on her own this way because she always seems to end up in the north yard.


It was interesting to see her still stop and stare over at the neighbor's yard or the woods behind their house. She was pretty far left of the path we normally take.


Once she decides that she is going inside, she doesn't move. She doesn't turn around. She stands and stares, waiting for that door to open. Not once in the three years and five months that I have had her, has she ever barked to come back inside. Nor has she barked at birds, squirrels, rabbits or deer. She never barks and only howls for lunch to be served.

Once spring arrives it will be a busy couple of days with my high pressure washer ... those steps and all of the house foundation will be stripped with the high pressure washer and then repainted with gray concrete paint. I am looking forward to the new look. I might also buy a new Larsen's storm door that would match the front door. My 'to do' list continues to grow for 2019.

It was sad to hear this morning that Tioga George had passed away recently. What an amazing man who influenced many with his travels through Mexico, leading many into RVing and traveling the country. When I would read his blog I found it amazing he was in his mid-80's, doing all that he was doing in the past year or two. He will be missed, like all the other travelers/bloggers who have passed away the past few years.

Well after a full day of work here at home ... It is steak and steamed broccoli night ... then another night of reading, glancing at basketball games on tv with the sound turned down while the rest of the world goes ape shit crazy over the State of the Union speech.

It was another great day here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. Very large photos, I had to sit back from my desktop as it was they were so much in my face. Not a complaint but an observation. I do like the larger photos. However I have ho Idea were you second page is with all your links, etc. The bottomw of the page ends here with the comments but nothing to show where to follow anything else.

  2. You need click on the HOME page and scroll to the bottom.

  3. The photos are the exact same size they have always been on this blog theme for over a month. You probably need to decrease the view percentage on your monitor.

  4. As I mentioned before, love the new look/theme and the large photos. Happy you decided to stay status quo.

  5. Thank you. It's a hard combination to beat with the full size photos and the design. The sidebar in the footer is starting to grow on me and doesn't look bad since there are fewer rows of past posts on the home page.

  6. I really don't give a shit if you do or not. I have two places to put the list of blogs, that is the best place. So I don't give a shit if "That wont' be happening" or not !!!

  7. Honest opinions are fine, not snarky remarks. THAT I will not put up with.

  8. ".......buy now have to use the home page as well. That won't be happening."

    well EXCUSE ME ..... I'll be sure to get you approval next time I change MY BLOG !!!! MY BLOG !!!