February 19, 2019

The Illness Returned

2019 Feb 19

I thought things were back to normal early this morning, so much that we started our day by 6:30am. Within 10 minutes I felt like I'd been hit by a ton of bricks. I went back to bed before the hounds even finished their morning kibble. I was knocked out until 11:20am, woke up feeling fantastic ... enough to take a walk.

2019 Feb 19

I wasn't so sure when I let them outside after their lunch. So I walked around the yard picking up more stray tree limbs. I noticed Stella was acting like she was going take off so I ran inside to grab a coat and gloves. It felt and looked like a spring day ... only a very cold one.


By the time I got back outside she was already heading next door.


Finally she figured out who was calling her name and while I was starting the walk, she was heading back to the house on her own, not knowing I was outside. That is the yard just in front of her.


Long story short. After I returned I didn't feel hungry at all, read a little internet but once again ....  a feeling of total exhaustion overran me. I was back in bed soon after our return and was knocked out once again until 6pm.

Below are photos of our walk at noon, when I was feeling normal. Or at least I thought I did.


That spring day feeling will change tonight around midnight as we have "winter warning" for weather. Which means we will have a little snow but wet enough and cold enough to make the highways slick. It really did feel nice today for the short time I was outside.

I will see what happens tonight, here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. Hope you are feeling better and back to normal soon. When the body gets tired we have to listen to it and give it the rest it needs. Take care.

  2. I am feeling much much better this morning. I think I've turned the corner on the "crud" I had. Is that a common nationwide description of that stuff that is hard to get rid of ??