February 6, 2019

Too Much Rain & SOTU

2019 Feb 06

I knew when the skies lit up with lightning late last night that most likely the Wednesday morning walk with Stella would be canceled. I can tell by where the water is standing this morning whether its in my carport or in the fields across the highway, there was too much rain last night and this morning.

How much?

2019 Feb 06

There is enough rain that when I opened the door to take these first few photos, Stella never stood up from her spot next to the kitchen island. She had been sitting there wide awake for the past hour, contemplating what she was doing today. She only turned her head to look at me while I stepped outside. Even with rain boots, there would be no walking this morning.

IMG_2135 (1)

From the corner of the house the path looked like mud covered with wet slick leaves. I decided to zoom in for a closer look and it was. Standing water.

I had water coming up over the sides of my boots late yesterday afternoon when we took the walk, so I knew this morning the saturation in the field would move up over the top of my boots in some places. That would be an inch or two above Stella's paw.

2019 Feb 06

As I stepped back inside Sella decided she needed to go outside. She wasn't in the walking mood but I thought she would at least go out into the field to relieve herself. That wasn't going to happen this morning, as I stood and watched her move no further than 3'-4' away. She looked at every angle possible and still did not get as far as the yard.


She was barely at the corner of the house when she did an about-face and headed back toward the door. She knows when the field has too much rain and she hates getting her paws wet. If you remember a week ago it was MINUS SIX DEGREES !!! This morning, 53° before we even opened our eyes.


So as I get to this point of the blog, I am thinking I'll wait to see how the day plays out before posting this morning post. I cannot think of anything in the past I want to talk about and hunt through my photo library to find some old photos to post.

I know I said I wasn't going to watch the SOTU but I usually do. The one ballgame I wanted to watch had finished a few minutes past 9pm. I decided to tune in after that game. It wasn't because I wanted to hear what President Trump had to say. All presidents in the past had good speech writers and they all seem to have the same kind of message, this one included.

No, I was more interested in seeing the reactions, facial expressions and just the general interest of Nancy, Chuck, Bernie and the dingbat AOC. An added feature was having Nancy on the tv at all times as the President spoke. What a classic !!!!

I am not sure she had a small handful of almonds to eat before attending the SOTU, but as she chewed her way through the speech it remind me of when I have small bits of almonds in my mouth after eating a handful of them. You know, those small bits of nut that keeps resurfacing inside your mouth ... just enough to chew on, like forever??

That is what Nancy reminded me of ... munching small left over bits of almonds. She reminded me of old age as she would still be standing after everyone in the room had sat back down after a standing ovation, Democrats included. As she stood not paying attention, I could almost see my dad many years ago helping my aging grandmother to her chair.

What a piece of work Nancy is.

Maybe the highlight of the evening was seeing the reactions of Bernie and the dingbat AOC when President Trump said that America would never be a socialist country. I am sure they are both smart enough to know that nothing is "free" no matter how many services you want to give away. Somebody HAS TO foot the bill for the "free" medical, free college, free food and free housing, blah blah blah. Then again, maybe not.

Don't worry, you and I have been paying for years with that small added expense on our phone bill, no matter carrier we use. It's a "government fee" so those same people can have new smart phones and most likely a little help on that monthly bill that we all claim is too high for us. Do they get to upgrade their smartphones for free every two years?

I can't find the picture in my photo files, but it was living proof just how much Bernie hates capitalism as he crawled into his ~$160K sports car a couple of years ago during his campaign. Maybe it's the huge summer home he and his wife bought in 2016 soon after Clinton paid him off to shut up and get out of the way of her campaign march back to upper state NY instead of that southern route to DC.

The dingbat AOC needs to read the latest comments from research scientists that know a lot more about her "Green Deal" than she obviously does. As usual her mouth is faster than the time it takes to research something !!!!! The scientists say there is not enough land available to build the infrastructure needed to have the USA to go 'green' within 12 years. They also say there is not enough sun, water or wind to have everyone on non-fossil fuels. NOT POSSIBLE !!!

They could use nuclear energy I guess. That's a non-fossil fuel. I can't wait watch how that plays out. I have 7 acres behind me. Would that me enough for a "mini" nuclear plant to go with my Mini Cooper?

How in the hell can someone like "the dingbat", and others, get elected to Congress?

I see this morning that Nancy must have made some biblical quotes last night after the SOTU. The problem is, the religious experts claim in the news this morning those verses she spoke of are not found anywhere in the bible ... although Nancy does think of herself as God.

Again ... how in the hell does she continue to be re-elected?

I did catch the "wall comment" comparing a wall on the border, protested by people like Nancy, Zuckerberg, Maxine, and Bernie or the movie stars ... etc ... all have walls around their private residences.

I'll just say that we the people of the USA will see very soon just how much the Democrats are willing to do their f.......... jobs in Congress and get something passed. The offer was extended by President Trump to the Democrats, to have a bipartisanship effort to pass some bills into law for infrastructure, lower drug prices and family leave. Surely they can come to an agreement on all three of those issues.

I hate talking politics, hate watching or listening to them but sometimes you have to, so that is why I am posting this now instead of later.

"Nancy ... could you pass me that bowl of almonds?"  :) I'm going to spend a couple of hours today watching my taped shows Bull and Hometown.

It's wet but nice this morning in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. Compared to Kansas City, you are definitely in the tropics today. Right now (a little after noon) it is 25° and they say it feels like 17. Plus we have a thin coating of ice and a slight drizzle that is supposed to continue through tomorrow. I am soooo over this winter!

  2. P.S. I meant to say that your comments about the SOTU are the closest I have come to hearing all about it! ;)

    They are all a bunch of asshats I say, except for the one who is a dingbat! LOL

  3. I have always said that Nancy looks like she is chewing her cud, now your comment makes me think smaller pieces but with the same effect.

  4. See your weather is mine two days later ... Friday is going to suck for me. LOL

  5. It's important to know the difference between an asshat and a dingbat.

  6. Thank you Evelyn for being so observant ... I think her and Maxine are sisters from a different mother.

  7. Could not agree more with your SOTU thoughts. Nancy is such a prima-donna and that running the tongue over her jaws is an extremely annoying habit of hers. Have notice this for several years. She really did her best to be the fool that she is last night. I have noticed that Max has not been seen or heard much lately. Don't know what's up with that. Did you know that she does not official reside in the district she represent? She and her husband live in the Hancock Park area of Los Angeles, very upscale and expensive real estate.

    We had seven inches of rain on Saturday-Sunday, several inches of slush on Monday and 8 inches of snow yesterday and our lake is up over 2 feet. High today was 24 and our low last night was 17. Almost matching you in the tropics.

  8. I did know that about Maxine and I also read last summer that a payment from the government in the millions was approved by a committee she was a part of ... going to a bank her husband was involved with. She lives in a $6M home. Not bad for a loudmouth, Congresswoman.

    We will get 2" by tonight and it's been raining since last night. I'll post flood progression photos later today.

    Yes, very similar to our weather.

  9. I agree with your Nancy P. opinion.
    Read The Conservative Tree House link that Ed had in his post a few days ago. Boy, if that doesn't make you depressed.
    And Stella & Heidi....the divas...….I always have to look closely to see if Stella even has her eyes open :)

  10. BTW, I could not find my WP log in, just finally had to reset. Been using one set up for Al. (that project is now temporarily on hold)

  11. If only you could see Stella about 2ft away from her when she stares wanting your food. I even looked today and saw some eyelids open no more than a 1/4". LOL I need to get over to Ed's and see that article.

  12. Let me know if you have any WordPress questions.

  13. I am glad MW decided to not go to the speech otherwise we would have had to endure her nasty, threatening looks also. Love your pictures of the dogs. I had a Bassett years ago. She lived to be 19 years old, amazing for that breed. Her name was Freckles and was white and tan with little brown spots on her nose; thus her name. We had another name for her also “sleeping ugly” because she liked to sleep behind my bedroom door and when anyone went into the room the door would hit her and she would lose her “beauty’ sleep. I know you understand the look that is nothing but the lower lid of their eyelids. Hearing the humpfff meant she was behind the door, never knew when she would be there, day or night. Oh how I loved that dog!

  14. WOW ... 19 year old basset. I've never heard one being that old. Check out the page at the top of my home page "Winston's Page", it sounds like him and Freckles might have the same color.