March 12, 2019

A Spring Day Today

DSC_9636 (1)

Six days ago this truck delivered something in the field across the highway. If I remember correctly I guess either ground up corn cobs or something that I cannot remember. Well every day since then, my curiosity kept increasing. It got to the point today that I had to walk over and check it out. With the temps around 50°, the hounds and I spent some time outside enjoying the great weather.


You might be able to tell that with all the rain this past week, the pile of 'something' got whiter. Hmmmm, can't be corn cobs. I had no idea what it was, nor have I figured out what the purpose is.


It wasn't warm yet when Stella and I took off this morning but it felt warm. No wind, and the sounds of birds filled the air.


The loud sound of cows, something we rarely hear, confused Stella as she turned to look at me for some answers. They were all the way across the gully and the property behind that.


Again the loud sound of the cows stopped Stella in her tracks. They would be to the far right of the picture, a good distance away, up behind what I call the 'far right corner of the field'.

IMG_3692IMG_3693IMG_3696IMG_3699IMG_3700IMG_3701IMG_3702IMG_37032019 Mar 12

With good weather in the forecast I wanted to pull my ladder out and clean the gutter where the downspout is attached. On the front gutter I wanted to take that downspout apart because last week when it was raining extremely hard, the water was coming from over the edge of the gutter and out every seam of the downspout. I was in for a huge surprise.

I have a guard that slides down into the downspout to keep the leaves from going down into the downspout on both front and back gutters. The back one had a few wet leaves blocking it so that was not a surprise. What was a huge surprise was not only the front downspout was clear but the whole gutter on front of the house was spotless ... clean. I took the small sections of the downspout apart thinking I'd be pulling wet leaves out of them but they were clear also.

So last week it was just a matter too much water in a short period of time, overloading the gutter system for 45 minutes straight.


I thought Heidi would spend some time in the backyard since it was such a nice day but as I was putting the ladder away, she was wanting to go back inside. She had no interest in staying outside. Stella on the other hand find it to be the perfect time to wade through the corner of the field that is full of burrs ...


When you see the picture of the field across the highway taken from my house, it looks pretty small. but as you see once you are behind the trees the field goes almost a quarter of a mile, even veering to the right past that row of trees on the right.


Any ideas????


Egg shells.


The field to the left of the one that is always flooded. I've seen water go over the road just past those trees and telephone poles. Below you can see the trash it left when the water receded.


I did a post on that old steel bridge you see, in 2017. You can see more photos of the bridge here. This post also had more pictures of the steel bridge plus the local area since the hounds and I took a drive in May 2016. For that post, click here.

It wasn't long after coming back inside that the hounds took up their normal afternoon positions on the couch and they were back to sleeping a beautiful day away. I just read that huge storms are passing through the central plains tomorrow with extremely high winds. We will get the end of that on Thursday with only 20mph winds and thunderstorms, at least it will be 64° if the forecast is correct.

I added a new link to my sidebar this morning. Very informative and information they don't tell you on the news. His article today will scramble your brain cells but it is the same information I read from the FBI site years ago, as far as the plan of the Muslim Brotherhood. His article today has updated information. Is anyone paying attention to this movement or will they just let them take the country 10-15 years from now?

Well the weather is great so Stella and I will go for an afternoon walk once she wakes up in a few hours. In the meantime my load of laundry is finished in the dryer and it's time to fold them. Baseball starts in 16 days ... it's great to be a sports junkie.

A cool 52° today in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. As well as an essential nutrient when balanced with magnesium, calcium is a large molecule that flocculates with clay and organic material which helps improve soil structure and drainage. (I think maybe I watch too much Ag PhD on RFTV.)

  2. I save hardboiled egg shells to till into where ever I'm planting tomatoes. Good for preventing blossom end rot. But where would one get that big of a pile of egg shells?

  3. I was a recluse. My kitah's and I hid away in my bedroom all day. No people'ing for me. Boy, you really are way out in the boonies. It looks peaceful.

  4. That one picture of Stella in the tall grass looks like a Scottish man waving. lol

  5. Hey Bob, rent a truck and take that trailer of toxic waste out somewhere and dump it. Just kill anyone who sees you doing it.
    I suspect Greg is correct on the real answer.
    Just another top-down slow drive to Krystals for me today.

  6. It looks like I need to add RFTV to my remote. They put in a large drainage system a few years ago ... it's the diagonal flood zone you see sometimes. I wonder if that is where they will move the stack of essential nutrients. Thanks for your expertise.

  7. I will look for your answer later today after I get two cups of caffeine in my and my blood moving in the right direction. I'm curious also.

  8. Besides the highway it's very peaceful and it is in the boonies but luckily 6 miles from a freeway. A great college town only 25 miles away keeps in sane.

  9. I have looked at those photos from every angle except standing on my head ... I can't stretch my brain cells that far, to see what you see. But ... it's funny.

  10. Well the plot thickens I guess to this story. I do remember him getting that truck back on the highway fairly quick and heading south to get out of town. LOL

    It will be interesting to see how they spread it or where they put it. Doesn't look like enough to use over the whole field. Anytime you can take a slow drive with the top down is a bonus.