March 15, 2019

Decision On Food Still Confusing

Version 2

This is the normal position of Heidi and Stella every night. Stella will start by being curled up like Heidi but each time I get up out of my seat on the couch she will gradually stretch out. It will get to the point that I am sitting right up next to the arm of the couch and have to lift her head to slide into a small spot on the couch. They make the rules.

2019 Mar 15

This is from this morning right before Stella and I took off for our morning walk. She knows it's not spring no matter how bad I want it to be. She knows that yesterday's 71° was only a tease and is not to be believed. She never changes her morning routine.

2019 Mar 15

When Stella and I stepped outside around 11pm for her last trip of the day to pee, it was cold, about 30° colder than when we took our walk in the late afternoon. The hot weather was nice while it last, still nothing like those in Colorado have experienced. I think the wind we had last night and this morning is part of that storm which is heading to the east coast today.

2019 Mar 15

I did not notice the wind last night and I was up until almost 1am. Yet, I saw a lot of these sizes of tree limbs not only in my yard but in the field. It's rare to see them in the field. When the mood hits me, I'll have a lot of these types of limbs to pick up all over the yard and add them to my burn pile.

2019 Mar 15

Stella could tell the path was mushy with a saturated ground covered by wet slick leaves. I was just happy I could move back to hiking boots instead of the snow boots, but there would not be a difference in weight since both pairs are light.

It was windy from the SW and that wind was bring cold air. A sock hat and gloves were part of the walk today. The camera had a re-charged battery and it is Friday and that always feels nice. I'll be receiving my new Sony Blu-Ray player sometime today. After that I will head to the grocery store to replenish my food supply and also make some slight changes because I am changing direction on what foods I put into my system.


I have a lot more reading to do right after I post this. As you know there is so much information once you start digging for answers on the internet. One website leads to others, and those have new links for information and the number of tabs opened multiple like compound interest.

Without going into a lot of detail, I am moving back to higher carbs, lower fat and lower protein type of eating. That would be moving away from what Keto and Paleo suggest. I know over the past two to three years I have gone back and forth. I also know I always make slight modification by adding "moderation" in there somewhere. I am not sure that I will make a lot if any moderations with these changes.


The camera didn't capture the fast movement of those clouds heading NE. If it wasn't so cold in the mid 40's you would have thought that more rain was on the way. The wind was making those howling sounds as Stella and I walked.

I did start to read the book by Dr. Fuhrman yesterday. A lot of what I read came back from my memory vaults 15 years ago. I had forgotten some of the basics he talked about.


Stella moves out in front of me but it's not because she has found a scent to track, it's because I was standing looking at the fast moving clouds and the tops of the trees.

I am going to read more about it but right now it looks like I will eliminate olive oil and seafood, as well as poultry and of course beef.


It was good to see Stella do a little "wandering" this morning. She doesn't do anything fast nor is she an intense tracker like Sadie was .... she is just a "wanderer."

It's 1:45pm and I was at this point of the post THIS MORNING and was just about to finish this post and post it. My friend from college called and we have been on the phone ever since, covering every topic possible. It's been such a long call I had to take my watch off to charge the battery.


I did feed the hounds at the normal time while we talked, Stella was howling and Heidi was barking with excitement.

I've lost my train of thought and I had a lot more to say ... maybe later.


It's still be a good day here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. Some great pictures of Stella on the walk today!

  2. I like the picture of the hawk in the storm clouds, it's cool.
    Have you ever watched that movie on Netflix called, WHAT THE HEALTH? if not you should. It's something you'd absolutely resonate with.
    It's fun reading your blog, I enjoy it.

  3. Hawks? Or maybe grackles b/c there are so many of them. Do you know what they were? Great pictures, by the way!

  4. I was beginning to wonder what was going on when the hawk or whatever it is, started following Stella and I. When the other 3 joined and they circled above us ... hmmm LOL

    I'll look for What The Health but I don't use Netflix. Sounds like I need to watch it though.

    Thank you, I'm glad you enjoy reading what some call "uneducated drivel" ... oh yes, they never comment but the love to fill my inbox letting me know how bad I am. :)

  5. No, I don't know what they are but here are some other clues. In the past, Sadie not Stella ... would track them and get them to launch from ground level hiding in the tall grass.

    The times I have been able to take pictures of them sitting in a tree, then enlarging the photo, doesn't look like a hawk but close.

    Sometime I have the urge to use the old format on this blog when it was my 2nd blog back in 2017 ... a starter paragraph and then all pictures. But where's the fun in that? LOL


  6. Seriously? Perhaps they should read my blog about literary snobs. That's just rude. Anyway, have a good day today, Steve. Just ignore the idiots. Yes, the movie is very good, It's eye opening and you think to yourself, oh my god because it's somewhat scary. lol

  7. Hawks are solitary, so I'm thinking they might be Turkey Vultures. They fly in groups. We have a lot of them in Canada.

  8. Oh yes, I have a couple of 'fans' .. then some "grammar police"

    Thanks ... enjoy your day also.

  9. Ah ... it has to be Turkey Vultures .... those buildings you see when I take a photo of the AT&T towner is a huge turkey farm. HUGE