March 17, 2019

Final Food Decision Is Made

2019 Mar 17

Heidi is NOT recouping from her big walk yesterday, that is just her normal position right after her morning breakfast. You see the word "Final" in the title and I can see you shaking your heads and saying "sure" all the way from my computer desk. I know, I know ... the only thing 'final' in my life will be when I die. Until that time all my decisions are up for change. Yet ... it feels final.

2019 Mar 17

Just like I said the other day, I had a lot of reading to do while I was trying to decide whether to change my eating from a low carb - high fat - high protein diet. I had been eating a combination of Keto and Paleo. More carbs than Keto wanted but not the fruit that Paleo suggested. Body weight and fat measurements with calipers was decreasing. That one thought just kept lingering ... all that grease from bacon, steaks, ground beef that I would see in my cast iron skillet was coating the insides of my arteries ???  Not something I wanted.

After staying up until 2am this morning reading, it wasn't until early this morning that I found this article in a folder I had bookmarked in 2016. With lights flashing as I read it, I knew I had no other choice but to follow the Vegan lifestyle. I had already cut out all dairy a few days ago and could tell a difference because I was coughing less with the congestion I've had for months. Then at night I didn't hear that phlegm sound in my esophagus as I tried to sleep.


I also went back and read every post that I wrote on my other blog in 2016 and 2017 when I had changed to the vegetarian way of eating. There might be some issues with this change I am making now and I will find out soon enough if some of those same foods give me indigestion. Some of those were oatmeal, and grains.

This was a good time to make a change if I was going to because I needed a grocery shopping run. It felt so strange to walk past the coolers with cheeses from top to bottom, or the section for chicken, port, beef and then salmon. I didn't make my normal trip to the back of the store where the dairy section is located. It was different not having any yogurt or cottage cheese in my shopping cart.


It's not because I want to post a lot of photos on Instagram but there are a few old bloggers I like following that moved there from blogging. More importantly there are great pictures and recipes for Plant Based meals and menus. So yesterday I signed up for a new Instagram account. Plus my sports teams I follow seem to have more and better photos than they do on Twitter. It's a win-win.

As you can see, Stella seemed to be path oriented on this morning's walk. No eating and really no tracking until she turned the first corner.


I am also going to attempt to eliminate any kind of oil in my meals. About the only oil I use is olive oil. For salad dressing I found 6 plant based oil-free salad dressing recipes. They all have simple ingredients and they are pretty simple to make.

A couple of people I have been in contact with, exchanging emails about this way of eating, told me I don't have to keep track of how many calories I am eating per day. Nor do I have to worry about macronutrient ratios. I was having all of that information provided by logging in the food I eat on an app called Cronometer.

One thing I like about that app compared to My Fitness Pal food app that I used with my Garmin watch ... is this app not only works with my Apple Watch but has a detailed micronutrient breakdown on every kind of food I eat without paying for a membership  ... including ground black pepper.


Since logging in my food into an app always seems to keep me from overeating and within some sort of boundary I will continue to log in my food because I want to make sure I am getting all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals I need. I will be taking a Vitamin B-12 supplement and shouldn't need anything else.

I also bought for the first time ever, some turmeric since I found out that just 3 tsp per day works much better than taking Motrin or Ibuprofen to decrease inflammatin.


As I went to grab a large bag of frozen berries in the frozen food aisle, I walked right by Ben & Jerry's ice cream. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. In fact I stopped to look and see if they had any non-dairy ice cream. I thought I had  bought some a couple of years ago. They had two different blends, non-dairy, but I never opened the door to read the ingredients label ... I walked away.

I started breaking myself in a little yesterday because I was that low on food. I never felt hungry, ate less fat, less protein and but more carbs since I added some black beans to my salad. It is not going to be a hard to make this lifestyle change.


I did read all I could on the Keto and Paleo philosophy. I know following those two diets you are burning fat instead of carbs for your energy but I could not find any medical articles that proved or even said the walls of the arteries would have increased plaque. They would always say fat is energy but nothing about reducing the plaque build up inside your artery walls. Did I miss something?

With this change I am able to start eating bananas and apples again, maybe a mango here and there. I can tell by looking at the list of foods that contributed to the high fat count, I have eliminated the ones at the top of that list for high fat content. Cronometer is great when wanting to see that type of information.


A few minutes before noon I had not only feed the hounds but had put alway all the food and was caught up on everything around the house. Saturday was 'cleaning hound ears' day. Luckily both of them enjoy that process.


It gets awfully quiet here with two hounds sleeping the afternoon away.

Stella was almost positive she had found the main scent of deer traffic, and followed it all the way to where we turn for home.


It might look like rain is on the way but that is looking east and by noon it was bright blue skies and sunshine.


The first picture was a little blurry so I was able to hold her jowls with one hand and take a picture with my other hand to show you ... yes there really are some eyes under all that loose skin when she has her head down or is sleeping.


There must have been some heavy animal traffic in the yard last night. From the time she took her first sniff as she stepped into the yard, to the time she was at the house, it took half the amount of the total time we took for the whole walk.

She is thorough when she is focussed.  LOL


We didn't do much in the afternoon. The weather apps said it was above 50° but it felt more like a very cold 44°. Neither hound wanted to go anywhere after lunch once they stepped out into the yard and felt the 'real' wind. I didn't feel like doing much either.


Heidi still might have a little ear cleaner left deep in her ears from yesterday. Shaking is a good thing because that cleaner is designed to work days later it will bring out any wax that is deep inside her ear canal.


After an afternoon of sleep I thought Heidi might be telling me she wanted to take another walk. While I walked to my computer desk she and Stella headed to the door wanting outside. By the time I grabbed a jacket they had not ventured any further than this.


I changed the camera setting from 'manual' to 'automatic' just to see what I would come up with in photo quality and color. Someone told me in January when I was having trouble getting the new Canon 9G X set up, that she thought camera's made today were made to shoot in auto mode. Maybe I'll give that setting another chance.


While I turned to let Heidi back inside I still thought Stella and I would get our afternoon walk in. Evidently she wants to walk later ... she was headed my way. As the door opened she walked nonstop back to her afternoon sleeping position.


Is this aerobic exercise or not ????


For some reason photos from the iPhone transfer into much larger photos once they are in WordPress's Media Library.

It's been a pretty relaxing day. Aren't all days in retirement relaxing? We might declare Sunday night as "movie night" or it will be a book reading marathon late into the night. I have been snacking on some food that bothered me in the past. So far so good without any signs of indigestion.

Spring feels like it is right around the corner here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. WOW! I am almost speechless here in Kansas City, MO. LOL
    AND I am positive that nothing is final for you! ;)

  2. Things were getting a little boring around here, I needed a new change. :) Cheaper than trading cars. :)

  3. kellyfrombayfieldMarch 17, 2019 12:25 PM

    what is the ear cleaning product ?

  4. kellyfrombayfieldMarch 17, 2019 12:27 PM

    forgot: the link for the article you found in old folder doesn't work for me.

  5. Thanks for letting me know ... it works now.

  6. Vet's Best Natural Ear Cleaner --

  7. Mr. Change, your posts are thought provoking for sure. Plaque is about 70% calcium and 30% small molecule cholesterol located between the inner and outer wall of an artery. Once it binds it is there, no magic diet or drug will break that bond. I have known 3 vegans who died young and now have a friend who has lived Keto for years who was taken to the emergency room for a heart attack last week. He is doing better now. I was a burger and fries drinking fool and had a 'widow maker ' heart attack 2,5 years ago. My Doc thinks I have 16 years left on this planet. I am amazed every morning I wake up. It appears to me that other than the quality of life ie walking, climbing etc. Any diet will end life. Just my observation.
    Suprised Heidi was able to walk today after her big exploration.
    For ear cleaning on myself, I use a cotton ball and hydrogen peroxide and put a few drops in each ear. One side at a time of course, as I can not shake my head like a dog.

  8. I am always happy to test your brain cells, calibrate them, drop check, system check ... LOL

    I actually agree with you that any diet will have the same results. I've had too many close calls not to believe that when your time is up, it will happen and it doesn't matter what you eat how much you drink or don't sleep. That is why nothing is 'final' in my life.

    I am sitting here tonight at 9:44pm, hungry and don't see anything in the house I want to eat. :)

    I've known 2 veggies die in their 40's and were workout addicts. My dad's surgeon told him that his first 20 years of live living on the farm caused his quadruple by-pass, not what he had done the previous 25 years.

    I grip a cotton ball with a pair of hemostats (?) and get deep into the hounds ears ... like a large q-tip. Their ear canal is different than a humans based on what vets have shown me over the years.

    Later ... I need a burger ... LOL

  9. Arrowhead GrammaMarch 17, 2019 4:54 PM

    Hearing of your "final" diet plan, my first thought was of the RVer's motto: all travel plans are set in jello and subject to change!