March 3, 2019

Heidi Explores In The Snow !!


While living retired in the 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana you have to be flexible. Retirement allows me to be very flexible and the weather gives me plenty of chances to prove it. Like today. I was going to take photos every hour to show the progression of our small snow storm. There wasn't enough progression to note with a camera, so plans had to change. This was around 10:30am, about an hour or so after it has started snowing lightly.


A little later Stella and Heidi were not impressed with what they were seeing, smelling or touching. The idea of being warm and back inside the house seemed like the better idea. It wasn't even noon yet and plans are changing at a rapid pace.  :)


Heidi never got off the concrete, she decided she could wait to pee until later.


I sat at the kitchen table looking out the large picture window but it was barely snowing. I wasn't going to miss much if I didn't take photos every hour. Plus that early wake-up time at 5am was beginning to hit. I thought why not? Why wait until later this afternoon for that siesta I spoke of this morning? I was in the state of unconsciousness within minutes and didn't realized it was almost 3 hours later before I woke up.

My sleep app was happy. It didn't hesitate to let me know I had reached "their" goal of me sleeping for 8 hours in the past 24 hours. Remember flexibility is key when retired. :)


Three hours later both hounds were a little more curious than they were earlier. The temps were still borderline freezing so it felt warm. It had snowed an inch or more, maybe two, as the forecast said.

Off topic ... this blog design has a feature setting that helps tablets and phones load the blog faster. Let me know if you notice a difference on your device with my blog. In this post I have 42 photos, more than normal, so it should be a good test for that feature.


I could tell from what Stella was walking through the snow was really heavy and wet. Perfect snow for building a snowman or a snow cave but that wasn't going to happen. I'm a hot weather person if you remember. I am counting down the days until spring and the MLB baseball season starting.


With Stella tried to decide what she wanted to do, I decided I would sneak up on Heidi by walking along the back of the house to the north yard and see what she was doing. I was expecting to see her somewhere in the front yard, and possibly walking back to the carport to be let inside.


I was shocked to see her not only in the north side yard but up on the hill tracking something. There were no rabbits prints in the snow so I am not sure what she was interested in ... but she was focused and was on a mission.


If the snow had been frozen hard with icy conditions, she would have been sliding down the hill by now but since it was a wet and heavy snow she was able to show me her agility walking down what seemed to be a mountain to her.


She had enough fun and decided was time to get back inside.


By the time I turned the corner of the house and walked in the carport, both hounds were waiting for the door to open.


While I ate a low carb snack, caught up on emails, texts from friends and all of the basketball scores for the college games today ... Stella was acting as if she wanted to go for a walk. There was plenty of time to do that since it was just past 4pm. I also needed to get another walk today for some exercise. Snow boots on. Down parka on. We were off to see just how deep the snow was. It wasn't much that's for sure.


A walk is exactly what Stella wanted. She took off to get ahead of me.


This gives you some idea how deep the snow is ... not much. An inch or two of snow.


A very light snow while we walk but it wasn't going to amount too much.


Nothing like stretching a little in the middle of a walk. She was enjoying this walk this afternoon. As you can see the snow is a little deeper as we moved to the back of the field. Of course some of that is caused by the deep thick grass she is walking on.


That is the most energy with fast speed I have seen from her in a long time. Faster than a trot and zoomed right past me, moving my knee out of her way as she sprinted by me.


All this time I saw no signs of any kind of animal traffic since this morning.


Looking east ... that is where the storm is heading.


She was in a hurry to get back home. The photos make her look closer to me than she really was. I thought at first I might have to jog to catch up with her. What was she up to?


She wanted to take the 'old way' home and turned left at the "Y" of our two paths.


That wet snow is sticking to my boots and my jeans. Back inside with a hot cup of coffee was sounding like a good idea.


I heard this tree limb fall while inside my house one February night in 2008. I was watching an IU basketball game. I found out the next morning a small tornado had passed through the area, snapping a power line pole in half just two houses north of me.


Well it's been a pretty good day even while sleeping through three hours of it. I'm going to try again tonight to find a movie or two to watch.

I see while I was having a 'small' snow storm, down south tornadoes have been passing through different states causing damage. The U.S. Tornadoes twitter feed has been extremely busy today filling up my Twitter account with a lot of updates. It will track tornadoes from start to finish. Hard to picture snow storms in the northeast and tornadoes down south at the same time.

With the new blog design you might have noticed I added a few new blogs to the sidebar's "Favorite Links". These are blogs I use to follow and felt like following them again. Good bloggers with great photos and interesting stories whether they are traveling or are stationary like the hounds and I.

I can also see with the new blog design having all the links being more visible on the sidebar, is resulting in more movement around the blog. That sidebar is not only on the homepage but each page there is a post. Readers are clicking more of the blogs to read and more of my past blog posts than before on the other design. That is one reason I made the change this morning to the design. I wanted to make it easier for readers to navigate and see all the information the blog has to offer.

As I glanced around the outside of the house when I was sneaking up on Heidi, I can see this spring I am going to be busy using the high pressure washer on the house siding, the gutter and the fences. That power washer has been one of my better purchases.

Glancing through my Feedly and Flipboard accounts this afternoon I found a couple of interesting articles, related to politics. One is not a surprise and the other is a really long but informative article. She points out what my greatest fear is for this country. What concerns me is the American citizens will not pay attention to what is going on "behind the scenes" just like 9/11 and even as far back as Pearl Harbor. It's one of those situations where they think "it can't happen here" and that is exactly what the Muslims in power or in our government want.

It can happen and will happen if something isn't done !!

Here are the two links of interest:

Creeping Sharia is real

Bernie Sanders is always a surprise

It's normal to have snow in March and even in April here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. Lobe that first picture of the snow...looks like it should be on a postcard or something! Good to see Heidi got a little exercise in...she will probably be good for a few days now!! 😉

  2. This site uses cookies? That is a new banner, may have to quit reading your blog since I have an ant problem and have to just say no to cookies. We enjoyed a great Pink Martini concert in Nashville and today did not enjoy driving through heavy rain.

  3. LOL .... WTF ??? YOUR BLOG used and will always use cookies so what's the problem? I personally put that new banner up today by adding it to the widgets.

    Let me know how your blog or anyone else's can stop using cookies when they use Blogger or Wordpress and you can apply to be an IT expert.

    BYE BYE, nothing I can do about it so you can leave.

  4. Yes, we might not see Heidi outside again for a few days. She might request her kibble in bed for a few days so she can recover.

  5. Arrowhead GrammaMarch 03, 2019 5:54 PM

    What a surprise to see Heidi out and about enjoying her walk. That's the type of snow I like - 1" to 2" at a time to shovel instead of the 6" to 8" of the heavy wet stuff. Our lake should be full sometime this week as the level is inching up each day.
    PS - Naps are a great invention!

  6. Arrowhead GrammaMarch 03, 2019 5:58 PM

    Really like the new layout and additions. The photo of the "owners" is just spectacular!

  7. I was SHOCKED to see her where she was. Yes, 6"-8" of the heavy wet stuff is never fun to be around or in.

  8. Thanks. Before making the change I used a tape measure on the photos of this design and the past design that had the large photos. Even at 100% view they still looked like a decent size even with a sidebar. I thought the word "owners" was very appropriate. :)

  9. Whoa! Heidi! You go, girl.

  10. Heidi will shock people on occasion ... LOL

  11. We had an old hound, Suzi. Walker Hound. Made it to 19 years old.

  12. I'm curious ... what kind of food did you feed Suzi?

  13. At about 11 years, Suzi was looking pretty down & out. We were spending a year on the Shenandoah and Suzi couldn't make it up the steps to get into the cabin. So we took her to a little country vet who prescribed a baby aspirin, a glucosamine tablet, and a dollop of yogurt once a day. Within three days she was as spry as a five-year old-- to the point where she was escaping the deck and running down to the river!! Can't remember what food we gave her-- just something top shelf from the store. We swear by the aspirin and glucosamine.

  14. Thanks for that info. I use to give Winston a baby aspirin when his back was bad. For the past 6 months or so I've been giving Stella a glucosamine supplement. I'll check out that yogurt ... they usually get to lick the container out when I am finished but they wouldn't mind a "dollop" here and there.