March 26, 2019

Heidi Tip Toes In The Field


With the sunshine bright, Heidi didn't hesitate to head to the field once I mentioned we were going for a walk. What she did not realize was the path in that field was still saturated from the rain. She hates getting her paws wet and will do anything not to. She decided the best option was to 'tip toe' every step of the way. It may have been the slowest walk in history of hound walks the past 21 years.



  1. Arrowhead GrammaMarch 26, 2019 4:12 PM

    Well I will say again that Heidi is a real character and totally unpredictable. She has walked more in the last couple of weeks than in the entire time I have been following your blog.

    By the way, really like the font and "type" size you used in this post. Very readable!

  2. Bet those pilots never saw the other plane. It is amazing how ATC keeps every airplane separated. Nice pics of the contrails.

    I bought a cheap electric pole saw today and cut down three bird of paradise palm trees. They had become way too tall and big for our tiny back yard. That 20 X 25 yard seems nice again.

    Still not in the mood to post a blog again yet. Mine was more like a diary of my retired life. I find I take a lot fewer pictures since I took a break. I checked my wanna be wife's site and she has redesigned it and removed my blog from her favorite reads. She is Canadian. If I start back to posting it will be under a new name.

  3. I can go back and look in her photo file to confirm but I agree with you, she doesn't even walk this much during the spring and summer. Only one difference from last year ... remember in September she had three teeth extracted and one was assessed. What I thought was old age slowing her down was constant pain.

    Thanks for letting me know. I changed the fonts from their default and remembered about two blog designs ago that people said it was easier to read. I like this design.

  4. With a bright sun I could not capture just minutes later, THREE contrails. It is amazing how ATC works.

    How do you mow that size of yard?

    That is about all my blog is on the days I don't blog about the hound walk. I had a 'retired life' blog a few months ago, from my point of view, at my age but it didn't draw any interest. I deleted it.

    I agree on the amount of photos taken when you are not blogging. I found the same thing during my blogging vacations. I look forward to reading your new blog ... get back into the game. Ha Ha