March 21, 2019

Heidi's Short Workout

2019 Mar 21

With 'March Madness' starting today there wasn't much going on around the homestead. I picked up my two books about a plant based diet from the library, plus another off the 'New' shelf. Heidi got in a short workout after her lunch by climbing the steps, dive bombing off the other side. She followed that up with some hill climbing, down the hill and a little trotting to the door.

That dirty bumper you see on the Mini Cooper is from Stella. She feels she either has to go for a ride all the time or inspect all groceries before they are unpacked and brought inside. That dried drool will be harder than hell to clean off.

IMG_4355IMG_4356IMG_4359IMG_4360IMG_4361IMG_4362IMG_4363IMG_43582019 Mar 21 – Version 2

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