March 8, 2019

It's Life - So What ?

2019 Mar 08

Well it's Friday and it even feels like a Friday if you know what I mean. I don't get that kind of feeling too much since I'm retired, but today just feels a little different I guess. That puts me in the 'rambling' mood. Not so much because it's Friday but I recognize my brain cells are going through one of those periods where they are highly active. I have a lot on my mind, lots of questions and few answers today. So we will see where this goes.

2019 Mar 08

As you can see that prediction of 2" - 3" of snow last night turned into ground cover and not much more. Stella and I waited about an hour to see if it was going to rain or snow since it couldn't make up its mind from the time we woke up at 6:35am. The highway sounds said it's drizzling, the ground said snow. It didn't matter to Stella because it felt much warmer again this morning and I had to agree with her. It didn't feel like 32°.

A few of the long-time readers know that I have been known to change my mind. Some feel I change it a lot, possibly more than normal. I have no idea since I don't know how often other people change their mind nor do I know what the national average is. I guess I could search on the internet to get some idea on that. It doesn't matter to me one way or another. Just like life constantly changing, my mind seems to constantly change.


In today's world with so much information just a few keystrokes away, it's like information overload. How do you sort through that information and find the right answer, the right way, the right diet or the right camera .. or the right anything ???

I do see a trend where I start analyzing what I am eating, which way or which diet, when I don't feel good. It might only be caused by something I have eaten, which I find it's an isolated situation more than a diet decision over time. It happened during last night where I woke up feeling really sick. I thought back to what I had for dinner, which was nothing more than a snack of cheese, some raw carrots, a couple of spoons of yogurt, a pear and some olives. I really wasn't hungry for a full meal.


Of the food listed I suspect it was the yogurt, even in a small amount the caused my issue.  A few weeks ago I went back to low carbs, more fat and more protein. I had good results with that way of eating in the past and by the way I was feeling a few weeks ago, I made the change. I remember a few years ago when I tried the Paleo diet, which got rid of all my indigestion almost immediately ... it still bothered me eating all of that fat, red meat, bacon etc.

When I was younger I spent 8 years as a vegetarian and I still remember today why I went to that type of diet. I still remember talking with the heart surgeon after he preformed a quadruple by-pass on my dad who was 58 years old at the time. I remember just a few months ago where medical journals were announcing they had made a mistake 30 years ago and now they find that real butter, whole milk, more fat and more protein is good for you and not the other way around.


A panel of medical experts on US News and World Report comes out every year with their rankings of all the different diets and Keto nor Paleo are ranked high, in the 40 different diets they examine. My friend, a colon cancer survivor, says moderation is the best diet. Just like anything else everyone seems to feel their way is the best way. Who do you believe?

It doesn't matter if it is diets, cameras, computers, cars, trucks, lifestyles or sports teams, they all have different opinions. Different opinions are good, they are healthy but how do you choose?

Where am I going with this ???


Two topics ... This morning I have doubts about my diet decision from a few weeks ago. I also have been thinking about the news and my announcement I'd never pay attention to it again. Like Stella shows in this photo ... If you don't stick your nose in it how are you going to know what it is, what to choose or what to listen to. You can't hide from life, good or bad. Not all decisions are correct, mistakes are made or analyzed. Everything changes because that is how life operates.

Stella and Heidi are pretty good teachers if I pay attention to what they are telling me or showing me. They adapt with ease when changes are made. They have no stress because they don't have a reason to stress out. The outside world doesn't affect them, they go with the flow. Their routines change, sometimes every few weeks sometimes longer than a month. It's not a big deal to them. Life is what it is to them, even with both having bad experiences before I got them.


Diets ??? Doesn't matter to either of them. They like all food, mine and theirs.

So I woke up early this morning with doubts about my recent eating style. Questions from two or three years ago about different diets were back in the forefront of my brain. Such as, where does all of that fat go, where it use to plug your arteries, forming plaque and leading you to by-pass surgery? What changed inside the body to make that higher fat intake or eating red meat move in a different direction, away from causing damage and health issues, as proponents of the Paleo and Keto Diets claim?


I've always wondered, what happens 15-20 years from now if they find out the uptick in health issues, heart surgeries and cancer was caused by the two fads, Keto and Paleo? Then on the flip side that also confuses me, I've known personally strict vegetarians that even ran many miles or biked many miles for exercise, have early deaths ... not making it out of their 40's or 50's. Was it their strict veggie diets, or something else like hereditary that caused them to die?

I still think cancer is more DNA related than diet related. I know old neighbors that lived all their life in this area, lived into their late 90's and probably were not vegetarians nor did they care if they were drinking water from the water system from town. They never exercised, some smoked non-filtered cigarettes starting in their teens. Bottle or filtered water was never an option for them.

Those kind of thoughts raise questions. Thus finding that right answer even harder.


I decided years ago I would eat what I call 'my diet' ... the medical experts call it the Flexitarian Diet I added in my friend's advice of 'moderation' and added a touch of my old lacto-vegetarian eating style. The problem with the 'my diet' and all of these modification I made,I would gain weight not lose it.

Then I would remember just how fast I lost weight on Paleo a few years ago or Keto just last week, then I would think "what's wrong eating that way" ???


Well this morning as I turned on my computer I had a ton of emails from the blog. One reader had their first comment that needed to be approved. I read all comments and try to reply to all comments so it wasn't like I wasn't going to read her comment. Especially since it was right on topic ... the same topic I woke up thinking about.

She had valid points about meat based diets vs plant-based diets. It wasn't nothing new, I've known it for decades ... but it was a great reminder. It scrambled my brain cells just like that. I started pulling up old bookmarks that I had made when investigating all diet and what was the best way in 2018 or 2019. Her comment also made me go into the analysis mode about how I should eat, "Sure, you might look good on the outside, but what is going on, on the inside?"


So that story about eating, dieting, etc will be continued as I sort out what I am really going to do. I'd prefer not to be in constant change when it comes to my menus.

I spent all day during my waking hours yesterday fighting the urge to take a peek at the online news. I still had no desire to hear any kind of news commentary last night as I watched my ballgame. I never once checked a news channel during the game's commercial breaks .... but ... this morning I did click on CNN, FoxNews and Breitbart websites to take a look. I saw I hadn't missed anything.


So while Stella and I did our morning walk in warm tempers (32°) I thought a little about the decision I announced only a couple of days ago of boycotting the news. With each head turn, or pushing her nose under the snow, along with her leisurely pace ... I thought "what's the big deal if I look at the news or not" ... it's life. It is what it is, good or bad.

The strongest thought I had though was about me ... it was words I remember growing up when my mom would explain to me that I could NOT have everything my way all of the time. Funny how something said 50 some years ago is clear as ever today.

I thought about that and she was right. No matter how much I want things a certain way, that does not mean I get them that way no matter how much I bitch and complain. Especially things outside my control. For 16 minutes this morning Stella was showing me for the millionth time ... relax, take it as it comes, and quit complaining about things you have no control over.

Read and watch what you want, blog when you want and say what you want.


Now since I have admitted that I do and have changed my mind a lot since I started this blog in 2011 over on Blogger I will take a peek at the news headlines again and since I have been accused more than once in my life of being opinionated ... I will on occasion blog about my opinions on the news and politics.

Both of those topics are just a part of life ... whether I like it or not.


Before my news boycott the other day I either read it somewhere or heard it on tv, that news channels are no longer just news stations but news AND entertainment. Different reporters for each, where some reporters are not reporters at all, but just providing entertainment in a news format. It might be good for me to remember that in the future when tv news pisses me off over the limit.

Luckily none of it increases my pulse rate.  :)


Just like having all of these thoughts racing through my brain this morning, I am having recent problems with motivation. I mean my days are always open, with little scheduled. Plus I always have the option to be flexible, so it would seem motivation would never be a problem for me.

Just like habits are hard to break, so is my lifelong issue of procrastination. I always put things off until the last minute or until I have no choice but to do it or I'm in trouble. Again ... those are just part of life and I am not the only person in the world that struggles with either of them.


If you are older, do you remember January 1977 when the government announced that we as a country had a fuel shortage and everyone needed to turn their thermostats down to 55°, no matter what the weather was outside? Luckily I only had a few conversations in the living room while wearing my winter coats and gloves back then ... I was moving to the beach in Carlsbad California that month.

Well this year I decided instead of saving as much energy as possible, leaving a smaller footprint in the atmosphere by turning off my heat at different times of day or night ... that I would set my room thermostats to 65° and leave them there, 24/7. In my old house, each room has its own thermostat for the baseboard electric heat system. No furnace here.

My spreadsheet shows I just passed 2018 total kilowatts used for the year and I have two months left on my billing cycle. I use the budget plan where I pay the same amount every month and at the end of April the electric company and I balance the bill. They either give me a refund for overpayments for the year or I pay them what is needed to zero out the account.


Since I am in the mode to question everything I asked myself yesterday was it worth it? Is it worth paying a couple of hundred dollars more at the end of the year to stay warm 24/7? My brain and body screamed "YES" ... my conservative, accounting background, cheapskate said "NO". Just another decision I need to make. Nothing important ... it's just life and something that all people decide as a normal activity.


Before I bought the Canon G9 X Mark II in January I spent months doing research on all different kinds of cameras. Like I mentioned before, everyone has their own ideas which is best. Whether it's an individual opinion, a blog review with affiliate links, or a real camera dealer website that is giving their review ... every list "best of" or recommendation was different.

So in my Flipboard account this morning I receive a new article "The 5 Best Digital Cameras" ... my Cannon was not listed of course, like other lists showed last fall. No, this list made in January had 3 of 5 cameras listed, cameras that I either have or thought about buying. Go figure.


You can tell that Stella was positive she was on a deer scent and knew for sure they had been in our area just minutes before us. She did turn my direction though when I told her "let's go home" then passed me on a trot heading home.


I analyze things too much. I always have as far back as I can remember. I had to get to the bottom of everything and find the perfect answer or the best way of doing things. That drives me crazy just like it does or would do to you. I'm sure. How do I change that after being that way most of my life? Another lesson from Stella is to take things as they come.


She can tell it's getting warmer. For the 2nd day in a row she was running fast.


Maybe I'll feel better and not so confused after the time change this weekend. Not really confused but just having a lot of questions where I want some definite answers. Maybe if I know that Spring is right around the corner with that time change, my brain cells will throttle back, line up in the correct formation and I can get back to a more relaxed life. Really, I am relaxed ... it's just my brain that is overactive.


Stella cannot collect accurate data unless she has her nose below the snow. Otherwise she would just be guessing who or what had been there, what day or how long ago. She wasn't into eating frozen dirt today ... strictly data collection.


Another morning walk in the books. Temps aren't bad and it will be close to 55° tomorrow afternoon. She's content.


As you can see, Heidi moved just a little from the time we started our walk (top photo) and when we got back. She is the most sane living creature around here.

By noon the snow was gone and it was above 40° ... heat wave !!!

IMG_3556IMG_3557IMG_3558Version 2IMG_3560

I've lost my train of thought after all of this verbiage I typed this morning. No worries, I'll get it all figured out, hopefully sooner than later. I have a lot of reading to do today because I want to stabilize my eating habits once and for all. I have a gut feeling that "Flexitarian" is the way to go. It matches my mental makeup, giving me options with many choices to choose from. Yet, Vegetarian is probably the healthiest, unless I believe that medical panel on US News & World Report.  :)

Strict and regimented things or schedules have never worked well with me.

Good times here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana this morning.


  1. Arrowhead GrammaMarch 08, 2019 11:32 AM

    We had about the same amount of snow overnight that you did. Supposedly more coming overnight - guess we will know in the morning.

    Personally, I think dieting in winter is difficult. We are house-bound a lot, and don't know about you but crave comfort foods. Additionally since not being as physically active (except snow shoveling) and doing things, I think snacking plays a big part - something to do - eat. JMHO.

    Regarding staying hydrated, I have been told that drinking coffee and tea don't count - just water.

    Have a great weekend and hope there will be some good college basketball games for you to watch.

  2. Who is this wonderful person you speak of? Hahahaha.
    I'm a realist. I know there is no way in hell I can give certain things up, one of them being cheese. I think if you eat mostly vegetables and fruit and smaller amounts of animal protein you'll be okay. Genetics does play a lot into it as well. I ran into a lady yesterday who told me she hadn't eaten bread in three years and I thought she was insane. LOL. I don't want to give up bread!. Didn't God rain manna down from heaven? Even God made bread. Hahaha. Actually, what will kill you before anything else is stress. Just try and eat as best as you can without over thinking, play Zen music, run a diffuser with essential oils, place a few crystals and you, and enjoy hot baths. That's what I do. I believe we have a contract and agreed to when we will leave the earth anyway, so whether you have a piece of lettuce in your mouth or a cookie, when it's time to go, it's time to go.

  3. That was supposed to say, place a few crystals "around" you. Dang, there's no edit button.

  4. We have thunderstorms and high winds headed our way today. Should be interesting. I agree with you about winter eating. I practically live on water, fruit and salads in the summer. That is true about not counting coffee and tea as part of your water intake. I don't watch the same amount of games compared to college football. This FBI/College Basketball investigation continues to get really interesting.

  5. I agree about eating fruits and veggies and an occasional burger at 5 Guys, or a strom at Nick's. I love bread but have not eaten it in two or three weeks. Yes, bread is addicting. I haven't heard it said that way, "we have a contract" ... that's an interesting way of putting it, I like it.

  6. typing errors are allowed on my blog. :)

  7. I can't give up bread. I mean, I don't eat a lot of it but I like it with scrambled eggs.

  8. I wonder why they don't have an edit button? Seems kind of silly. It can't be that hard to add one.

  9. Give me a fresh loaf of bread and some Kerrygold Unsalted butter ... I lose consciousness. LOL

  10. That is strange because they do inside your blog dashboard when making replies.

  11. They need to be a little more liberal with the buttons. lol

  12. Can you give me the link to your trip to the grocery store blog? Did I read it? I'm tired from working so much, and my brain is fried.

  13. If you don't want to read the whole post, you will have to scroll down to read the store story. LOL