March 9, 2019

Lots Of Questions & Opinions Today

2019 Mar 09

It felt so nice this morning not having to bundle up in preparation for freezing wind and cold temps. It felt like a heat wave at 38° and for some strange reason the wind was from the east. Even Stella decided Saturday morning was a great day to start her walk by using the return path. She was not into eating deer scat nor collecting data for her brain cells ... sniffing deer scent was her purpose this morning.


We will have to wait and see if the afternoon walk is possible today. It is supposed to turn into terrible weather a little after noon with thunderstorms and high winds from the E/SE. That will give me plenty of time to stay inside and clean house, read a little, check out the ballgames and review the finer points of my food intake.

Yesterday I read a lot of different articles on each diet I have mentioned recently. Just like I said yesterday, EVERYONE has their own opinions, their own research, their own studies. In the comments section of each article I saw as much arguing as I see on a sports forum or on tv news. Does everyone have to argue????


Basically "my diet", the one where I make some slight modifications to all the diets listed as beneficial, is a pretty good way to eat. I've always been a fruit and veggies eater, I like fresh salmon or halibut more than chicken and steak. I cook with olive oil and most seem to agree that is a good thing. So really after looking over what I am doing, it's pretty good. I think the "Flexitarian Diet" the medical panel on US News & World Report is pretty close to what I do.


Speaking of food, there is one advantage for having hounds around. They can be in a deep sleep in the living room but can hear any time a piece of food may be dropped on the floor by me. I don't drop a lot of food on the floor but sometimes the end of that carrot I am slicing gets out of control and flies off the cutting board. Not counting the time it took a bloodhound and basset hound to sprint to the kitchen ... that piece of carrot was gone within seconds after they arrived.


With my return to tv and online news, it is just amazing the amount of stuff going on.  Does anyone follow the laws anymore? Congress included? I must be confused because I cannot grasp any legit reason an illegal immigrant should have a right to vote in US elections at any level, from small towns to the presidential election. I know why the Democrats proposed the bill and why they want all of them to vote ... they are not taking long telling the country where they stand on issues.


Does Elizabeth Warren even know how to turn on a computer? Yet she has the knowledge to tell Yahoo, Amazon, Google and even Apple how they should run their companies. LOL ... what a joke she is. That might not be as crazy as the state of North Carolina though ....

They want a new law where EVERYONE has to register THEIR BICYCLE annually for $10 per year or face a $25 fine. Being more of an "ex" bicyclist but with three bicycles here in the house, I'd tell them to go pack sand before I am paying $10 for a bicycle registration, even if I had only one. Are we going to be turning into a country of "the taxman" that The Beatles sang about on their Revolver album in the 60's ???? We will if the Democrats ever take back the White House.

One thing I WOULD NEVER DO is put any kind or any size of 'registration sticker' on my custom made bicycle. No way.


It will not be long before all of that brown will be nice and green.

Will Cory Booker ever answer questions about his policies, or policies of HIS democratic party ???? ... every time I have seen a short news clip of him he evades the question asked and moves to something or someone on the other side of the fence. He is another piece of work ... a total waste.

Adam Schiff ... you should go right to f******* jail, do not pass Go and you do not get a free out of jail card. He is the true definition of a lying congressman. How does he get away with all of his lying (lies on tape multiple times) ... or will he get away with his crimes?


Jussie Smollett is another one ... Can he get out of 16 felony counts to stay out of jail, or will the media put him in jail ???  His defense lawyer seems to think the media did all of this to him. The Chicago police probably disagree. Another waste ... and living proof why some animals eat their young.


There are approximately 55,000 people living on the streets in Los Angeles / Orange County area ... why is there any surprise they are finding a breakout of typhus in Los Angeles. I use to love going to that city when I lived about 90 miles south of it back in the 70s and 80s but today I would not get within a 100 miles of that place.

Where do all the illegal immigrants move to after they are processed and await their court dates, where they never show up??? Major cities, small towns, certain states or scattered??? It's a serious question.


Something else I am confused about with all of these newly elected Congress women, the Big 3 I call them. They make remarks and then backtrack after they are questioned or claim they didn't say that or was misunderstood ... but they were on tape when they said it. Those Big 3 make my blood boil.


How many $300M baseball players can one team afford?  It will not happen until after the 2020 season and right before the Players Union tells them to go on strike ... but it sure sounds that Mike Trout will or would love to play for his "hometown" Philadelphia Phillies. His from New Jersey but that is their hometown team. IMO he is a better player than Bryce Harper and will get more money than Harper did a few weeks ago.

Plus someone made the point, due to state tax laws Harper saved MILLIONS of dollars in his 13 year contract by choosing Pennsylvania rather than California when he turned down offers from the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants. Mike Trout plays for the Los Angeles Angels ...


Whenever I see something about the opioid crises I think back to March 2010 as I left the hospital to return home after my no-fault car wreck. (totaled car). I had a handful of prescriptions from the doctor and really no plans to take any meds. I even told her I didn't need/wanted any. Yet by the time I left my local CVS Pharmacy I had enough opioids to start my own store or turn into a drug dealer. The insurance company paid for over $600 worth ...

I didn't take any. I didn't sell or give away any. I waited for the annual call from one of the local fire departments, where I could take all of them, turn them in and they would destroy them. I never like flushing pills down my toilet. So with a story like that, is there any wonder they have an opioid problem in this country?


Any Minnesota readers out there? What do you think of your state's representative ILhan Omar?


I almost forgot that we change time 'tonight' or officially Sunday morning at 2am. I remember when the state of Indiana did not change time, it was great. Then one year they decided they would split the Eastern and Central time zones down the middle of the state. At the time my office was 12 miles away and in the Central time zone while I lived in the Eastern time zone ... now that ... was a real pain in the ass.

They had so many complaints, they changed the state back Eastern time except for Evansville and the Chicago suburbs.


The hounds will let me know when to feed them their lunch after the time change. I try to keep it the same time, 11am during the winter and noon during the summer. But they will decide, not the clock.


Zuckerburg's new plans for the future of Facebook brought a laugh the other day. Does anyone believe a word he says? He is another person I cannot not stand. The movie Social Media shows that he has always been a smug asshole.


Transgender athletes in High School sports ... no comment.


I don't care what anyone says (that small voice in my mind), I have a feeling I'll be buying a couple of containers of Ben & Jerry's ice cream today. As I said in December, I cannot eat just a couple of spoons of it nor a bowl of it, I eat the whole small container when I buy it.

See ... I really am a goal setter.  :)


It was at this point of the walk where my camera started telling me the battery was going to die. I got one more photo before the camera shut down on its own.

When I looked at that list yesterday of "The Top 5 Digital Cameras", I still preferred the one I bought ... the Canon G9 X Mark II.


Heidi never moved while Stella and I were out walking.

2019 Mar 09

I have followed the FBI investigation of College Basketball since it started last year. Three of the "middlemen" are headed to prison. The LSU coach is suspended by his school president, yet Arizona suspended their coach last year for only one game before backing off and letting him coach again. Both coaches are on FBI wiretaps, caught in the act of brokering a financial deal for recruits. Louisville fired their coach, Rick Pitino, last year for the same thing.

What is interesting, these three coaches all say what the Big 3 in Congress say ... I didn't say that ... yet, it's all on tape. WTF is wrong with these people??

Well that idea of cleaning the house today is fading fast. Ice cream is climbing to the top of the list like an F-14 going vertical. (plane shows how old I am). I am still a few hours away from feeding the hounds lunch and no trip for ice cream will take place until after they are fed. Stella is more relaxed after she eats and I leave the house.

One last question.

What do you personally do to handle all the "noise" on tv news or online news ... all one bag "News" ???

In the next 10 days I am now seeing two days where the high temperatures will be in the high 60's !!!! Today after it rains we might hit 58° ... pretty amazing weather changes.

Sanity prevails in "the tropics" of Southern Indiana today.


  1. Arrowhead GrammaMarch 09, 2019 6:34 AM

    I agree 100% with your comments regarding politics, news, etc. Believe I am older than you by perhaps about 10 years or so. With that said, never in my adult lifetime has politics been as bad as it is right night. Yes, Shifty Schiff should be held accountable for his actions. This "their way or the highway" attitude has got to be stopped before our country is destroyed.
    Don't even get me started on the immigration issue - the US cannot afford to take care of it's own citizens let alone all those who believe that crossing the border entitles them to be fully taken care by the US and it's citizens.
    Close friends live in the Hollywood Hills outside of downtown LA. It is a lovely and desirable area to live in, however, the homeless population is moving in on this area as they have all over LA. My friends are now wondering if this will be the long-term home they once envisioned.
    Just so very sad what is happening to our country.

  2. kellyfrombayfieldMarch 09, 2019 10:16 AM

    Keep those warm temps coming. We'll probably try to make Bayfield this coming week. I like how you and Karl at Market Ticker tell it exactly as it is. It's just insane what is going on.

  3. I just hope we can live our retirement before a socialist government takes it away from us. I try not to focus on the media news, yet like to hear about the weather and sometimes turn it on too early and hear the crazy ideas they are pushing. There was nothing like this when I was a kid. It appears the 1930's politics are back. Try to stay sane and enjoy the ice cream. It is 71 degrees and 37% humidity tonight and windows are open. So nice to be back at the Cabana again.

  4. Have a safe trip. Maybe you can follow behind the storms and sneak into Bayfield. Thanks, glad you enjoy it.

  5. I might have to go back to gambling for a living when they do that. Trying to stay sane but tonight the winds are howling up here on the hill.

  6. "Does everyone have to argue????" The thing is, very few people are actually *arguing* as in here are the reasons I support X, here are the reasons you don't, now let's discuss. Actual arguing is a good thing. Most days I attribute the current state of affairs to the fact that folks-- especially city and 'burbs folks-- do little to no physical activity that results in something to be proud of (going to the gym doesn't count). Instead of channeling energy into *productive* tasks, they channel it into destructive (to them) yacking. The more they do it, the more they destroy themselves. They'd be better off tilling up a garden plot or putting up a bluebird box. Or peeling their own carrots!

    [Steps down from soap box] Enjoy the good weather! Sunny and warm here today! Tornadoes yesterday to the north and south but we were lucky.

  7. I understand that but what I see and what I hear is noting but arguing. As far as those people in the cities looking for an outlet, I have a lot of weeds to pull out of my gravel driveway. :)

  8. I could use a farm hand, too!

  9. Maybe that is what I should do this year, hire someone to do and complete my ongoing to do list.