March 18, 2019

More Changes In Store ??


For the new readers I will warn you, I ALWAYS change my mind on things. ALWAYS. Some changes are good, others are out of curiosity or possible boredom and some have been quite expensive financially. Sometimes the changes are diet related, internet browsers, NEVER computer brand names, and sleep times. I know, not really interesting most likely. Late last night I was wondering if my latest diet change was going to work ... or last.


At 9:44pm I had a craving for a fast food cheeseburger so strong I considered driving 12 miles away to get one. Then I had doubt about the plant-based diet, adding grain back to my diet because I felt just a little indigestion after eating a slice of multi-grain wheat bread with natural peanut butter. A commenter reminded me by what he said ... no matter what diet you follow, death is the end result.

Like him, I also knew vegans, workout addicts that died young. I knew of old people that started smoking cigarettes in their teens and lived to their late 90's. There are heart attacks every day, some fat people, some skinny, younger or older. So it made me think for a short time about what I was doing but it did not take long for me to confirm what I was doing was the right thing to do. At least for me.


I may have misled some readers with the linked article about the study that showed reversing the amount of plaque in arteries. My commenter had a "widow maker" heart attack a couple of years ago. He knows about arteries and I am sure his surgeon updated him quickly on recommended eating methods. I remember in 1987 when a heart surgeon told my dad the same information after his quadruple by-pass surgery.

So let's say that medical study I linked was bogus and there is no way to reverse plaque build up in arteries ... diets can still make a difference in what happens from this day forward. Do I want to add to that arterial plaque build up by what I eat or do I want o minimize it by changing the food I eat?

I've read other cardiac doctors talk of tests they have proved reversal can be done. So who knows? Who do you believe?

I still wanted that cheeseburger.


I'll go back to what I said in yesterday's post ... bottom line ... a plant based diet will not hurt you, where a Keto or Paleo Diet could hurt you. Medical studies prove that. I just can't get over that paradigm that fat is not good for you.

So I am giving my latest food changes three weeks, until April 7th, before I even consider changing my eating habits. I might decide to put dairy, meat, seafood and chicken back on my daily menu. Then again, I don't plan to make drastic changes like that anymore. I know there will be challenges up ahead as I make this change.

I had my first night in many months last night, where I slept without getting up or waking up. The sleep app on my Apple Watch will even record if I sit up in bed or if I wake up while laying down, right down to the minute. I also had over 50% of my sleep noted as "restful" and positive sleep rhyme and heart rate dip. Those are different than my past sleeping habits. It was my second day of eating no dairy.


I had a bowl of oatmeal this morning. That in itself is a big 'test' because I will find out if I am going to have any kind of indigestion or not. I use to, sometimes quite intense. I will also be adding grains again today for the second day in a row and will find out if I have any negative responses to that.

POSSIBLE CHANGE ... the time of day that I publish my daily post. That was just a passing thought.  LOL


I use to do that a few years ago. It seemed like the right time to do it. Posting them after my morning walk and before lunch seems to eliminate a lot of Heidi photos or afternoon photos because I rarely post twice per day. I know this spring and summer while I work on my 'to do' list, I will not have time to post twice per day and some days will not post at all.

Like I have said before, when I post once per day I have too many photos in that post. Even now as I am writing this I feel like posting it as soon as I am finished and probably will ... LOL As you see I did post right after I was finished.


It's good to see my 10-day forecast showing a lot of days with high temps in the 60s and the overnight low temps in the 40's. So this heavy frost and freezing this morning may be our last time for really cold weather for the year.

I hope so. I'm more than ready for spring.


Will it take my body three weeks to get used to grains being back in my diet? There is a reason I asked that. I feel very slight irritation after having oatmeal two hours ago.


Not a cloud in the sky this morning.


I don't know why my neighbors tv antenna caught my eye this morning. That's an electrical rotor about four feet below the antenna, used to change the direction of the antenna with a controller inside that use to sit on a tv. Young readers will not have a clue about what I am talking about, older readers will.

Even today with HD signals ... that antenna pointed that direction will pull in CBS, NBC and FOX perfect on an older tv with an analog signal. The ABC affiliate is SW where the antenna is pointed NW. Mine worked perfect for years until they replaced the analog signal with HD. That changed the screen on my large Sony tv I had at the time.

The banner showing the scores of any ballgame in any sport was being cut off my screen, where I couldn't see the score or I would see only part of the score. I was forced to buy an HD tv if I wanted to continue watching games.


I doubt that he uses that antenna anymore, which has been up for over 30 years. I see a DishNetwork satellite dish in his yard so he probably found the same thing I did and was forced to change years ago.

Does anyone know how well a satellite tv signal works with streaming tv online? Maybe I need to make a call to HughGen 5 today and see what my options are again. I still have one year to go on my DishNetwork contract and I am not sure I want to pay the fee to break it with 12 months to go but I am really curious about streaming tv games through my internet signal.

I did this same research I last spring or winter.


As you see Stella still needs to walk as close to the house as possible ONLY AFTER the morning walk. In the afternoon she will walk down the center of the backyard to end her walk. How weird is that?

By Wednesday I'll be watching "March Madness" starting at noon. Those games will go nonstop over four channels late into the night. Back to those changes ... one might be a short intro paragraph and 25-30 photos for my blog posts this week. I guess we will see soon enough.

Mind is active, lots of thoughts, but things are okay this morning in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. Good luck with your challenge. As I was looking at the cattle on my wy to the office this morning I contemplated going vegan, but I know I wouldn't last more than 12 hours ;-) . I do think giving up dairy will be helpful with your digestion issues. If you still have trouble, try to eliminate (or cut down) on the amount of nuts and peanuts (including peanut butter) that you eat. That has been helpful to me.

  2. We have two antennas. When we put tin on the roofs the fellow wanted to know if he should dismount them & I said no. A while ago I saw an article about folks switching back....

    My thought is that you never know what's going to happen. So we kept the antennas! (Still have that roller washtub, too. And only your really old readers will know what that is!!)

  3. Here’s a site for ya…. It’s run by an Australian engineer (Marty) who took an interest in health and diet mainly due to his wife’s type 1 diabetes and his own issues. He gives lots of information (graphs, reviews, research, etc) about food, health issues, weight, and different diets (vegan, keto, paleo, etc). The main purpose of the site seems to be for a person to optimize their nutrition, health, and weight with whichever diet they choose. He appears to be pretty objective and good at responding to comments. Here's a review of Greger’s book he did a while back

  4. I bought my first jar of peanut butter, natural for the first time in three months. I'm not sure after today if I can eat that or not. Had to take a TUMS. I don't eat peanuts but have a little problem with almonds, so I went to sunflower seeds and those work better.

    I've read so much up to a few minutes ago that I have "information" overload. :)

  5. I guess after I get this diet stuff sorted out and March Madness is over (I could research between games) ... I'll look at my tv signal options. Thanks for the link.

  6. He made a good point in the review of Greger's book. How is he really writing for? Is he influenced by his position with animal organization?

    A lot of information covered. I'm tired from reading. I do like his views about optimizing nutrition. The lists of foods and their "ND" ratings was pretty eye opening.

    Thanks for the links.

  7. Mississippi State is a #5 in men's! And we kick butt in women's.

  8. I couldn't resist to reply. I don't care about women's basketball, happy when they do good but not a follower.

    Our men's still have FIVE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP banners hanging on the end of
    Assembly Hall Area ... 42,53,76, 81, 87 ... LAST mens team to be undefeated in one year to win the NC, over 20 Big10 Conference championships.

    Yes ... IU had a basketball history before Bob Knight. Although I'd like to have that YOUNGER Bob Knight back :)

    FYI .... you are a 5 SEED in the tournament, not 5th in nation. A SEED ... mens is 1-6 vs Top 25 teams and ranked 21st in the polls. Although I understand your excitement since it's the first time in the NCAA's in 10 years for the mens team.