March 5, 2019

Rambling At -2°

2019 Mar 05

With Heidi telling me not to wake her until late April, I decided for the first time this winter I would put on a pair of long johns even if I was staying inside the house all day. I didn't care. I wanted to feel warm, hot. I wanted to get to the point where I'd have to pull them off because "it's too hot to wear these" ... we'll see if that happens.

2019 Mar 05

The hounds decided they would continue to prepare for the time change this Sunday morning at 2am by waking me up at 5am wanting breakfast. Heidi was even awake and helping Stella wake me up with loud basset hound whining, not quite a bay. My watch told me it was 4°, the "feels like" was -7° and the storm door was frozen to its door frame.

What a way to start the day.

2019 Mar 05

Even with the heat on inside and most of my room thermometers telling me it was 65°- 68°, I still felt cold that time of day. At 5:15am getting my second cup of coffee I could see the neighbor to the south of me was warming up his truck and her car as they waited inside their house. I guess they don't have heated seats like my Mini does.  :)

With the hounds fed and back to a deep sleep 30 minutes after waking me up, I did my normal routine reading the internet, replying to a few comments on the blog, answering some texts and emails. I wasn't thrilled about another day being cooped up inside. Then I remembered last winter, when It was like this for over 30 straight days ... I wondered how do people in Minnesota put up with this kind of cold, especially since they experience colder weather than I have by 20-30 degrees.


From the time Stella walked out to the field to relieve herself and was standing at the door to be let back inside, she was outside only 1 minute 46 seconds beating yesterday's time. How's that for some aerobic exercise? I didn't have to remind her before going outside that we were not taking the morning walk. She figured that out on her own and I was happy I didn't have to go out in the field to get her.


At least it is bright and sunny just like Monday. The temps will crawl to the high 20's but it will take all day and maybe into the early evening to achieve that. When I looked at the "feels like" temperature for each hour it never climbed above -2° .... my day is cancelled !!


I did get a lot of reading done yesterday. I played a lot of games of Mahjong. I sat and wondered at times. Like ... if it is dumping snow in Arizona where they normally don't get much and tornadoes sweeping through the southeast and it's even colder the further north you get ... where does someone go to miss all of this weather? California? Down where the "OFM" is in the gulf of Texas? What about the southern tip of Florida?


I decided as I was taking off my down parka and commending Stella for making it back inside in record time that it might help to warm up if I could see some photos of summer. So I went into my Apple Photos program on my computer, typed "Jul" in my search block and had over 4,000 images to choose from, all the way back to the year 2003. I label each new photo of the day with the three-letter month abbreviation. Thus fining photos in my library by using Jul as the search topic.

Listed below are 20 some photos that may make you or me feel warmer, depending where you are located. These are not listed in any specific order but a few are from 2003 with Bertha and Arthur.


I'm going to ramble a little between all of these photos. There seems to be a lot going on in the world of politics, sports and weather. The 'dingbat AOC' had her second FEC complaint filed against her in the last two weeks. She is so busy trying to get to Trumps income taxes she forgot that someone would find out about that 1 Million dollars she has moved illegally from her campaign funds. You can read about that fabulous move here -- FEC Complaint.

No one has ever accused her of being the smartest puppy in the litter. In fact the founder of GreenPeace called her a pompous twit yesterday in the news.


I think it's pretty cool that SpaceX Crew Dragon test passed with flying colors. SpaceX Crew Dragon

I really feel the longer the Democrats spend time investigating Trump, which they will until he is gone whether it be in 2019 or 2024, will only seal a 2020 win for him. Have any of you seen a viable Democratic candidate yet, that has put their hat in the ring? I had friend tell me the other day that his wild ass idea is Michelle Obama will announce she is running at the last-minute, thus reminding me just how quiet her husband has been in the past few months. (Firming up plans????)


I can confirm that I am not the winner of the $1.5 billion Mega Millions jackpot and I have not hired a lawyer to take care of that for me. Although, it would be my luck that I'd misplace if not recycle my ticket as trash if I were to win a lottery such as that.   :)


Looking through the photos yesterday of the tornado that killed 23 in Alabama, it showed me we don't have a chance surviving one that strong. Houses were pulled completely off their foundations. So the theory of taking the hounds to the 'inner room' without windows, such as my bathroom ... wouldn't mean shit with 170mph winds.

I remember that June afternoon in 2008 when the local tv weatherman said "if you are in these locations take cover NOW!!!" I was trying to gather up a bloodhound and two basset hounds trying to convince them we were headed for the bathtub. We ended up having only straight line winds of 70-80mph and those were nothing to what Alabama experienced on Sunday. Sadie never liked gettng a bath and wasn't going near any kind of bath tub ... high winds or not.


I was disappointed to hear my favorite politician of all time (NOT), Hillary is NOT going to run in 2020. Also another favorite is not going to waste my bandwidth or tv time ... Eric Holder. In my book, I'll be blunt ... they are two pieces of shit.

This next bit of information I cannot even comprehend. A 100,000 in March rushing the border ???  WTF


I am in somewhat of a quandary today. It's freezing outside and I don't want to drive anywhere. At the same time I am getting down to the lower limits of food in the house. I stopped buying two weeks worth of food because before the more food I bought the more I would eat in a short period of time. The food never last two weeks. Sound familiar? Probably not.

So most of the food I have left I am not hungry for. LOL I don't want steamed broccoli or carrots with chicken breasts or baked salmon. I am still eating low-carbs so that bag of beans will not get cooked. I have cans of black beans and refried beans left for burritos but I don't have any salsa, cilantro, or even tortillas and too many carbs. I'm tired of salads. I'm out of fruit.

Where is that Amazon grocery delivery by drone when you need them?


Here is another story about the 'dingbat AOC'. I like to read different news from different website to get their point of view. I guess you could call that bipartisan reading.


Will Hillary ever shut her "pie hole" ???? Wisconsin Voters


So you realize how good that thermometer makes me feel right now? There's hope after all ... How many days until summer. Hell with Spring, that isn't hot enough.

2018 Jul 06

Over the past three and a half years, Stella has chewed and/or eaten my Cincinnati Reds ball cap and my IU Football ball cap ... worn for yard work or taking a hound walk on a hot summer day or any day warmer than 40°. Will the Sacramento State Hornets hat survive another summer? It's been a while, maybe over a year since she last destroyed something of mine.


Heidi does enjoy sunbathing but she still isn't out of bed yet today.

2017 Jul 18

This explains even more why Cohen is acting the way he has ... He Wanted A Pardon From Trump


To Stella there is nothing finer than a short afternoon nap under a hot sun, right after lunch and feeling those hot stones under her. Weeds and all, makes no difference.

It's great to see the NYC mayor and governor on their knees begging Amazon to come back. Did you ever picture things being so far out of control in the world of news in the US?


Stella is not the only one that loves ... LOVES ... a hot sun.


Do you know how many professional baseball players are still good when they are 39 years old ??? Not many if any at all. Just another example of why this is such a stupid contract. Yet they will justify it by saying Harper is not being paid for what he CAN do at 39 but what he HAS DONE in the past and all the BILLIONS of dollars our team will make in the next 13 years.


I'm still cold and it's 68° in my computer room.


Over 70% of voters polled the other day said they did not like someone over 77 years old running for president nor did they like anyone socialist. ... Bernie ?? "Can you hear me now?"


I cannot believe they finally finished the Highway 99 Tunnel in Seattle. That was only a dream when I lived in the area until 1994.


I remember those days of "office food". I weighed between 25-30 pounds more than I do now. During a work week from Monday to Friday it seemed to be a nonstop supply of food brought in for all to share from the co-workers kitchens. Of course Friday's the amount of food would top out and counter space was being cleared to hold all of it. EVERY MORNING there were the best donuts, bear claw's, breads, or pastries just like the photo in the article. Wash all of that down with Pepsi's after 10am (coffee before) and it's no wonder I weighed was much as I did.

Days like today would have been a line of crock-pots full of different kinds of chili, with everyone declaring theirs was the best. How much chili could one eat in the course of the day ... A LOT !!!!  :)


Ah yes ... dreaming of mowing the yard in July and cooling off as fast as possible afterward. I can almost smell the fresh-cut grass ... until I look out my window right now. DAMN is it cold !!!!!


Just one of the photos on Heidi's (Lucy) ad on the Basset Rescue site back in June 2011. I couldn't believe a basset as nice as she, was available for adoption.

As I finish this blog post I am not sure about today. Nothing sounds good enough to eat. No book sounds good enough to read. I don't want to sleep. I don't want to go outside. Even playing Mahjong seems over, at least for a few days. Both hounds are asleep mid-morning and hours away from lunch. Oh, I also don't want to turn on my tv and fill it up with political or news crap either. Movie?? Too early.

Still ... being retired is fantastic and every day is great here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. Okay, I'm going to stop complaining about the rain. I had a few weeks if snow in Arizona in January. Temps only down to the 20's. Now I'm in California with rain in the forecast. Stay warm ..

  2. kellyfrombayfieldMarch 05, 2019 9:46 AM

    loved this post, now I have to go back and read ALL those links. Thanks.

  3. Thanks I'll try. Actually it's been a pretty mild winter here.

  4. Nope, the 20 or so photos didn't make me feel any warmer. Not as cold down here as it is up there but still cold enough that I can't feel my mouse-hand anymore. Of course I could always move the computer from the unheated barn into the living quarters, but we don't have the heat on in there either. . .We turn it on in the evening but after spending the day outside, this time of year it takes me until about 9PM to actually get warm.

    We have one more night of below freezing coming up then I can put the greenhouse back outside (Actually that means hauling the big-box store buckets of various vegetables back out into the greenhouse two at a time. This cold shit is really inconvenient!)

    I haven't lost any lottery tickets, (hard to do when an old stick-in-the-mud like me doesn't buy any) but I have shredded more than one receipt that I needed later. . .Oh well.

  5. Yes, I am not a fan of the cold. Too bad too many people moved into San Diego County in the late 1970's early 80's and ruined my plan. LOL

    I don't buy lottery tickets either but I do play craps that the casino. At least I can win there.

  6. This post reminds me of Cabin Fever. That feared state of mind that happens to many Alaskans in Winter. It was a fun to read post and I enjoyed it. The temp at midnight here in Birmingham is 33 degrees with a 7 mph wind, feels chilly to me.

  7. Great post and so agree with the political comments.

    Stella is on to something, laying on the hot stones on a sunny day. You know some people pay lots of money to have a hot stone massage.

  8. We will be back in the 40's by Friday and 50's by Saturday ... that will feel like summer. Yes, cabin fever is a pain.

  9. We're on the upswing. But. Potential-- again-- this weekend for storms and tornado outbreaks.

  10. If you have a Twitter account I strongly suggest following U.S.Tornadoes ... they have up to the minute radar and updates. I just heard on the radio that I might get 1-2" of snow tomorrow (Thurs) and it will be 55° on Saturday.

  11. Stella is smarter than the AKC gives her credit for. LOL

  12. Thanks! I don't follow that site (yet) but I do all of the local emergency management sites, local branches of NOAA, tv stations, highway patrol, etc. But I'll go find that one, too. Plus I've got a very cool weather radio.