March 4, 2019

Single Digit Temps Freeze The Hounds

2019 Mar 04

I had failed to remember that starting Sunday night, the arctic winds would start blowing my direction and drop the overnight temperatures to single digits. I knew as soon as I opened my eyes and stepped outside the warm bedroom that something was different. I had turned the heat down in the living room like I do every night and with it being 5° outside it was just a tad below 60° inside. It was colder when I opened the door to let the hounds outside to start our day.

2019 Mar 04

I tried explaining to Stella the morning walk was cancelled, no discussion would be allowed. I didn't see any reason to walk in single digit temps with the wind chill being -6°and a 10-15mph wind. Finally by 9:46am she had enough and needed to go back outside to do her thing. She started hydrating at her water bowl to let me know she was going outside.

Luckily she was finished in 1 minute and 57 seconds from the time we stepped outside and took our first step back inside the warm house.

2019 Mar 04

Doesn't it look like the "Frozen Tundra" ???

2019 Mar 04

It was so cold it took my breath away the first time I inhaled and as Stella started to walk she found it pretty hard to make the turn and hesitated.


At least she started moving in the right direction. I was hoping that she would go out in the field, dump her tanks and get back inside as fast as possible instead of wandering off down the path as if we were walking. I stepped behind the house to get out of the freezing wind that was blowing.


Even in 6° weather it's always good to stretch.


As she proceeded out to the field another thought occurred to me. I might have to walk out to pick her up and carry her back to the house if that icy frozen snow either froze her paws or got between her toes. If that were to happen, she would raise the affected paw up in the air and try to limp back home. 87 pounds was going to be a lot of weight to carry in icy conditions.


She had already peed but was looking for that special spot that dogs always do. She did a couple of figure eights and then ... decided the spot she was looking for was not out there.


She slowly took the path back to the house.


After making a right hand turn just before leaving the field, she did what she had to do in the field and then headed to the house without one word from me. For that type of reaction from her, she had to have known just how cold it was.


I could hear the snow 'crunching' as she walked. That is a sure sign it's damn cold !!!


Last night was 'movie night' ... while I watched A Dog's Purpose, Heidi was sleeping sitting up, keeping warm with Stella.


Yes ... she is sleeping, not just being caught between blinking her eyes. She was probably really exhausted after all of her exploration in the snow on Sunday afternooon.  :)


Stella was out for the night. She never moved even after I got up, turned the lights off and headed to bed.


Some have asked about the dark mode I spoke of the other day. The best example is the smaller screen in the upper left having the black/dark gray background. It is like that on my emails, and any dropdown menu. It really is easier on the eyes if you spend too many hours on the computer like I do. That is the desktop screen on my stand alone monitor.


I thought this Apple desktop photo was appropriate for a 'dark mode' ... Spring is on the way after these freezing temps leave by the end of the week.

Anyone else having problems with Firefox crashing unexpectedly this past week? It seems to be a regular occurrence for me lately. I tried that browser again last night and after the second time it crashed I changed browsers. I moved to Safari this time. It's been very fast this morning, automatically stops videos from autoplaying on news or sports websites without an add-on. I still have to use AdBlock Plus to block advertisements. With that add-on I get ZERO advertisements anywhere I go online.

Tom was complaining about this blog using cookies last night. I can't control that from my end. For those that don't know, you are the only one that control what or how cookies are used by changing your security settings inside of the browser you are using on YOUR computer.

The new banner at the bottom of my blog about WordPress using cookies set him off.
I personally added that banner to my widgets yesterday due to the amount of traffic I get from the EU countries and by law, that banner is required for visitors from EU countries. So I am just following protocol and using the EU banner provided by WordPress. I am being told I do not need this banner so in the meantime until I can confirm one way or another, I have deleted the banner.

We all have our own opinions about immigration into our country, whether it be legal or illegal. This article has the best ideas I have read anywhere. Too bad they are not in politics and could present their ideas. It's a good read for those interested.

If anyone thinks what Trump is doing or trying to do is something new .... this link will show it also happened in the Obama Administration. Scroll down to see it if you don't want to read the whole article.

It wouldn't make a difference if the blog author was in Congress ... there are enough politicians in both parties that don't  want any changes to immigration and want as many ILLEGAL immigrants as possible ... both Democrats and Republicans.

There are many steps in the process to impeach a president. Let's just say that last step would approve the recommendation for impeachment even after the next election, years from now. Do the democrats and some republicans really want Mike Pence as the next president? Think about that.

With the weather as cold as it is, I see no other option than a normal day here in 'the tropics' with a lot of book reading, many games of Mahjong on the MacBook Air on the kitchen table. While playing that game I glance out to the highway between games and am still amazed at the number of drivers I see drving the Toyota RAV4 ... on this US Highway in front of my house, that vehicle is a hands down winner of choice by a landslide.

As far as pickup trucks ... from my view, it looks like a tight race between the Dodge Ram and the Chevy Silverado pickup trucks, old or new models.

I saw in the Seattle Times this morning, a newspaper I read on a daily basis ... having a picture and an article about a new kind of ice cream you can eat late at night that helps you to fall asleep. How nice would that be? Would it be as good as Ben&Jerry's Ice Cream?

At least the sunshine is out and is bright today.

Up to 9° at 10:44am here in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. That is so funny...never saw a dog sleep sitting up before!! She really must have worn herself out !!

  2. Thanks for the shout Steve, It was supposed to be a joke as I do have crazy ants in my laptop. I suspect my snacking while surfing has crumbs between the keys. They are the cleanup crew.
    I do wonder about all the noise from the media if Trump goes we get Pence and that would scare the crap out of me, Been a cold day here in Nashville Tn.

  3. Arrowhead GrammaMarch 04, 2019 5:40 PM

    That Miss Heidi certainly has a unique way to getting her shut eye. Stay warm. Our rain starts again tomorrow. Lake is down less than 2 inches now! Hasn't been full since 2010.

  4. Sorry for my confusion. I had no idea you were joking. LOL I don't think Trump is going anywhere as much as the want him to. Nadler and him were battling I hear in the 1980's so there is some history between them. Pence was not going to win the Indiana election for governor at the time Trump picked him as a running mate. Just another few days of cold weather as we go to the 50's by Saturday, 40's on Friday. It will seem like a heat wave.

  5. I'm not sure how she does that but has since I picked her up in 2011.