March 3, 2019

Snow Storm ?

2019 Mar 03

We were warned last night on the local news that the hounds and I were to expect around 3" of snow today. Not only did they tell us the amount and the probability of it happening but stressed that most of the snow would happen south of I-70. That's us. In that case Stella planned to get an early start on the walk this morning before the snow would start.


With a slight wind out of the NW I could tell it was a lot colder than the 31° my weather app was telling me. In fact after a few minutes I was beginning to think I had not worn the right coat. My face was feeling like I should have put on the down parka instead of my lightweight down jacket. None of that bothered Stella though, she was into her routine of dumping her tanks early and then catching up with me.


We were out the door this morning like old times, a few minutes past 8am. With another
7 days to go before we move the clocks forward we will have daylight at 8am until then. What was I thinking ???  LOL Of course it will be bright daylight at 7am (EARLIER) because we are moving the clocks FORWARD !!!


I have a 192 movies recorded on my DVR, another couple of hundred DVD's setting on my shelf and still could not find a movie that interested me enough to watch last night. 250 channels offered on my DishNetwork package and I probably don't watch more than 7 or 8 of them. Instead, I sat for hours reading the book about Steve Jobs, then went to bed with anticipation of a lot of snow when I woke up.


About the time we made the first time I could feel it spitting a little snow. I could see some very small crystals landing on my jacket sleeve and the air is always colder once that turn is made. Stella was into tracking again today and not a lot of verbal herding was needed. I let her go on her own.


I know this is a weird angle for a picture but I was trying to get a picture of the difference in her coat, on top of her spine. My very first bloodhound Max use to do the same thing with his winter coat, where it is a little curly compared to the rest of her coat.


I think she noticed it was snowing a little harder ... she started walking faster with her head up, like she wanted to get home.


Not quite a trot but close. Was she getting colder? She trotted nonstop all the way to the backyard.


By the end of the walk it wasn't snowing that hard.

IMG_3344IMG_33452019 Mar 03

Of course with a light snow outside and temperatures that are cold enough to make my face and fingers feel frozen by the time we returned, there was no way Heidi was going to wake up to see what was going one.

Maybe that will be my plan for today. Watch the snow fly and take pictures every hour to show the progression. Of course 3" is nothing compared to what the northern states and the east coast got this weekend. No worries though, it is supposed to be back in the 50's by this weekend.

As you see I wanted an old style design for the blog. Basically I wanted a sidebar back on the right hand side on the homepage and the post page so you could see other links to check out without having to scroll to the bottom of the page. Plus I was in the mood for a different blog style. Luckily I was able to use all that data searching with my free data period before 8am. Stella woke me up again at 5am, not wanting out but wanting breakfast. When I finally woke up she was standing by the bed whining.

I already can feel that a siesta will be part of my plan of the day, later this afternoon.

It's only a light snow so far this morning in 'the tropics' of Southern Indiana.


  1. I like the sidebar! Very attractive. Thanks for the link. Much appreciated!

    I am sorry to hear about the snow. More rain here today and everyone is so over it-- and we aren't in the rainy season yet! We are driving to the 'Nati later this week for a conference. Who thinks Cincinnati is a good place for a conference in the first of March? Having lived there for nine years, it will be fun to revisit some old haunts and see some old friends, but seriously not looking forward to Cincinnati weather. Long john & wool sock. Yippee!

  2. No snow for us down here in Central Texas, but I do have to drag the vegetable garden into the barn for the next three nights which are forecast to be below freezing.

    Based on the gloom, grey, cold, and drizzle, this is probably the worst El Nino winter we've had here in 30 years. Of course it is the El Nino we're living through right at the moment which could be making it worse than it really is. . .

  3. Thank you. The more I look at the design the better I like it. The images are still a pretty good size depending what device you are using to read the blog. I may add some color to the top but not sure.

    Later this week the temps are going to be in the 50's. So your visit to Cincy should be good. We have similar weather to Cincy here in 'the tropics'.

  4. You don't hear those words "El Nino" on the national news channels anymore do you. Those two words use to be the rage in weather reporting. It will be back in the 50's here by Saturday, all is good.

  5. I find it amazing that we have all of these movies and TV stations and NOTHING is of interest, guess we just have to be in a certain 'mood' huh?? Same thing with books.... can go to library or Barnes n Noble and not find a single darn thing that piques my interest... i mean really?? nothing??? think we are spoiled. have short, little attention spans. (and i am speaking of me)

  6. No it's not only you with the short attention span. I'm sure you have read where all the studies on what social media and smart phones have done to everyone ... shorter attention spans. It is pretty amazing with all the movies online to 'stream', or a cabinet full of DVDs at home ... nothing. Then when you can't find a book to read, we are in trouble. When that happens to me, I go to bed early just to have something to do. LOL

    It must not only be us though, this past month Barnes & Noble closed their store in Bloomington. A college town with a large university and a good size population outside the university. I had not been there in over a year but remember that place being packed with people using their free wifi and drinking Starbuck's coffee. Some would be scatter throughout the store in chairs reading a book that they might buy. Sad changes.

    We probably are spoiled more than we realize.